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PC 24kgoldring's Shop


Steam name: blakeriptor (although I already sent a friend request)

Offer: Random melee or magic stuff.

Buying: Lucky Coin, possible good ranger weapon/accessory, and tips. Yes I said tips. I want tips on how to defeat the pumpkin moon, duke fishron, or more, and what type of weapons or accessories I should use.
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Steam: UsedC

Offer: Platium Coins, Diamonds

Buying: Moon Charm, Jungle Key Mold, Flailron, Broken Hero Swords (Possibly even more stuff)
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Anyone who still needs a order filled, add me on steam. I had to purge my friends list of the strangers unfortunately.


What do you want for Mythril bricks and/or walls or gold bricks and/or walls? Or just mythril ore or gold ore.
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