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25 Million Copies Sold & 1.3.6 Spoilers!


The Destroyer
It's amazing to know that so many people play a game that I only hear about from my friends that play it. Also I love the new sound track, but is that NPC in the top left of the right building new? I took too long writing this and demizegg got there first -_-
The new sprites look awesome too.


Duke Fishron
Spoilers spotted so far:
  • New NPC in the top left of the right house.
  • New plant in plant pot
Very exciting, I know! I could be wrong, but unless I'm looking at the wrong plant in the plant pot, that's a Seaweed Planter. Also, what if that's not an NPC, but the player character standing there with someone occasionally pressing left or right? Obviously I hope I'm wrong, of course. I'd love a new NPC. :p

EDIT: Ah, I see the clay pot in the Painter's room. That plant looks like a random weed on a grassy surface though. They do that when there's nothing planted in them.

EDIT2: Ah, it seems there is a new plant! It's in the pot in the Merchant's room. My apologies.
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Slime Collector
Once again, a fantastic job with the music! And a huge congrats to reaching that milestone. You guys deserve it!
Keep working hard, team! I know you’ll never let us down!


Brain of Cthulhu
Looks like the falling star itself has a new sprite or animation effect? And the star background is also new. (Unless they've changed in the past but I haven't noticed them because I've been playing on old worlds.)
All of the plants are swaying in the wind, not just the grass/weeds that was shown previously.

What's that above the Angler, on top of the window?

New NPC looks like a golf caddy. I'm pretty sure that's not her purpose though!

Congratulations on the 25m milestone! I think I said this for the 20m milestone, but it would be interesting to know the split of Steam/GOG/other stores. I am surprised that console/mobile sales is higher. If there's 11m sold on PC, that more or less confirms 14m on other platforms (i.e. console/mobile). I guess people really like Terraria on the go! :)

New plant in plant pot
Were you referring to the plant pot in the Painter's room? Clay pots can grow a random flower/plant if left empty for long enough.


Brain of Cthulhu
Bottom left of the right house with the Merchant NPC (1 of 2 :confused:) looks like a new plant unless I am mistaken.
I think that's a random weed plant, like the clay pot in the Painter's house. Happy to be wrong though - new plants would be good too!
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