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25 Million Copies Sold & 1.3.6 Spoilers!


.......WAIT am I misreading this?
Is Re-Logic FINALLY RESUMING work on Terraria?
If so then I can become a chair potato again for hours on end! YAYYYY!!
Please be true....


Hello Terrarians!

We are super excited to share another look at the upcoming 1.3.6 PC update with you to celebrate over 11 million sales on PC and 25 million sales overall! It has been an incredible experience so far and we can't wait to bring you more!

you you plz make updates for android/ios


Looks great! I can't wait for release date :)
Excuse me for offtop, but there is any chance what in 1.3.6 will be included GOOD 1440 resolution (and 144hz) support?
Because currently 1440 (with lock zoom level on 133%) looks really ugly :*(


So, If there is a Town Night track, there is a Town Day track? :D
Edit:. Only seeying the video comments now and watching the video again I noticed the two Merchant npcs in the town.

Beside that look's cool and I did suggest something like that before, it seems that will need some npc variation too. :(

Edit2:. The person in the center of the video isn't a player, is it? Maybe It's a npc, or you can place a playable character to live at your town? Also, the npcs can make their eyes blink? Beside the frequence is quite too low for that to happen...

Edit3:. I might be exagerating at analizing that character on the center of the screen, at least characters can blink their eyes, I guess?
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The Warlocke

Skeletron Prime
I thought Red had given up his physical body and become a spirit inside the computers working on Terraria forever

How could he use a yo-yo without a body?
:nymph: No, even for a digital being, StarTropics and Terraria don't count as yo-yo simulators! ;)


Official Terrarian
Besides improvements to some effects, I can also see there's now a theme for your town at night. Great. I was already sick of the usual night theme.


Eater of Worlds
What an amazing milestone! :D

Spoilers spotted so far:
  • New NPC in the top left of the right house
  • New falling star animation
  • Pink moon
  • E.O.C / Wandering Eye in the background
  • New plant in plant pot
  • New track :p

Can't wait for more!
2 merchants.


For those wondering if this new NPC might be the player because they are the only one that blinks.

It isn't the only one that blinks, notice that the Nurse also blinks near the beginning of the video.
Loving all the spoilers I've seen so far! Though I'll agree with some above, that blockswap is revolutionary and I'd been happy with just it as a stand-alone mini update.


Skeletron Prime
I think my favrouite thing coming so far is the block swap, as it will make my life easier at making new rooms for my epic house.
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