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  1. Deanzor

    Deanzor Developer 505 Games

    We continue to work to improve the Terraria 3DS experience, and your feedback is invaluable to us.

    To submit bug reports, please use this form. Filling out the form in its entirety is the most effective way to report bugs to the dev team. For other issues, please consult the 505 Support Portal: http://support.505games.com/support/home

    Patch history:
    1.01 - Released February 2016, fixing high priority issues with the launch version
    1.02 - Will be released June 2016 (NOA). Adds content and bug fixes, full list below
    1.03 - This is the same as NOA 1.02, and will be released in June.

    • Multiplayer doors bug fixed for NOE
    • Frost Moon content added.
    • Save slots expanded from three to six.
    • 10 more inventory slots.
    • Auto equip removed.
    • "A" to interact now works relative to cursor position in Manual Aim.
    • Stack speed improved.
    • Quick stack ignores all hotbar items.
    • Buffs can now be cancelled on the Equip screen.
    • Save games refactored so the issue of long save times no longer occurs
    • Addressed a number of crashing-related issues
    • Items in the Trash stay there when you leave the UI screen, making it harder to accidentally trash a wanted item.
    • Players can sell items with no value to shops so you clean inventory quickly.
    • Dungeon Worldgen re-worked to provide properly expansive Dungeons
    • Spawn rates in dungeons rebalanced to fit a more authenitic threatening experience
    • Rules for surface fishing reworked, so you can fish much smaller ponds
    • Bosses now de-spawn 100% if you die – mirroring the PC version and adding challenge
    • Precision screen UI tweaked to add fishing items to left hand pane – tap to toggle
    • Player no longer glows like it’s wearing the Miner’s Helmet by default. Ore glow also toned down. It’s going to get dark out there guys...

    Other Bugs Fixed with this Update:
    • Slow moving projectiles
    • Items becoming invisible when hung on wall
    • Can’t use any item for 10 seconds after using Godly Tempest Staff
    • Bug Catching Net accuracy (can only catch at feet)
    • Lihzahrd temple has no traps
    • Biome Spread too slow
    • Skeletron Prime’s arms each drop potions/hearts
    • Ice Golems not appearing
    • Crystal Shards are very rare
    • Crafting Adamantite/Titanium/Chloro Bars causes unusual slowdown
    • Imp fireballs explode into Goblin gore on destruction
    • Grasshoppers can't be killed
    • Dungeon biome constantly changing to Underground; ruins spawns
    • Flesh Grinder/Meat Grinder naming issues, sprite issue
    • Living Wood/Leaf Wand have some oddities in calculating wood total
    • Holding in Smart Cursor Hammer for backwalls always hammers the first block
    • Building near NPCs frustrating due to interaction conflicts
    • Unusual Recipes Unlocked at worldgen
    • Underworld Biome has way too many Imps spawning. UW spawns overall should be toned down.
    • When going down on a slope in a minecart and using items, the item is pointed the wrong direction.
    • There is "player disabled pvp" spam anytime someone leaves or joins a game.
    • Lots of problems with music and crossfade.
    • Game thinks the player is in a cave when they are in the dungeon.
    • The dungeon being shrunk is causing balance issues.
    • The center of the world needs to be completely flat, so that the player can build there.
    • Some items can only be made from Iron when they should also be made from Lead.
    • Items the player throws go up and slightly to the right, no matter which way they face.
    • Keep finding Magic Mirrors and Bug Nets in chests where they shouldn't be.
    • Reduced corruption sizes are causing problems getting items.
    • Floating Islands treasure chest loot is not distributed correctly.
    • Meteor Hamaxe is 35 bars. Should be 20.
    • Game was not switching into Meteor Zones when near a meteor.
    • Meteorite spawns do not give enough materials.
    • Enemy caster AI is broken.
    • Mana crystals need to be 3 fallen stars, not 5.
    • A large majority of the time when you are fishing, the bobber is shaking and you click but nothing will be caught.
    • You cannot see the fish you have caught on the line when you reel it in.
    • Fishing zones are being picked up incorrectly (i.e. Underground Fish everywhere bug)
    • Bug Nets don't catch critters most of the time.
    • Remove damage from all vanity pets.
    • Autodig should not target a block you are grappled to.
    • Using a grappling hook does not reset jump accessories.
    • Monsters continue to spawn in player towns.
    • Zombies repeatedly jump facing backwards at doors instead of banging on them.
    • Duke Fishron trophy does not spawn
    • Text error for the Valentine Ring tooltip
    • Can't catch surface fish. Game seems to not classify 'surface' areas correctly for fishing
    • Tempest Staff, multiple issues
    • Discount card not working as intended
    • The use time for the bucket is WAY too short.
    • 'Take all' from chests misbehaving
    • Eye of Cthulhu has the wrong boss music.
    • Dryad isn't reporting the rate of Crimson spread
    • Zombies should be able to open doors during a blood moon
    • Unable to create biomes.
    • Sometimes buckets won't collect or dispense water
    • Player stuck in "jump/fall" animation when standing on a sloped tile.
    • Flippers spawn rate is far too low
    Last edited: May 19, 2016
  2. Deanzor

    Deanzor Developer 505 Games


    NOA 1.03: June 13 2016 0900PT
    NOE 1.03: June 10 2016

    PLEASE NOTE: Version 1.02 was not released in North America. We withdrew the patch from submission, and the next release will be 1.03 for all territories to avoid confusion.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
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  3. Deanzor

    Deanzor Developer 505 Games


    For all of the issues listed above, you will WILL NOT need to start a new saved game to see the benefit. We'll patch it and, for example, you'll then be able to spawn Fishron in your existing world.

    There are issues we've been working on that aren't in the list that WILL need you to start a new save file. There's at least one report in this thread of a malformed dungeon, and there's nothing we can patch in that'll fix issues with the initial worldgen. We are addressing a few worldgen issues, so to see the benefit of those you'll need to create a new world.

    But back to the good news: everything else doesn't touch the save data, so your progress to date won't be for nothing.


    It seems that 3DS consoles are particularly susceptible to interference from other devices. If you've got a phone with bluetooth enabled, don't have that sat near the 3DS. Other wireless devices can interfere too, so please try a change of room if you're experiencing issues with connections with other players dropping.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2016
  4. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Appreciate the updates @Deanzor - keep them coming! :)

    Hopefully you guys can get these fixes out relatively quickly and further polish what is a great version of Terraria! :)
  5. Oleg34518

    Oleg34518 Official Terrarian

    So you can't fight Fishron, but the truffle worm is present, right?
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  6. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Hey Deanzor, I have question for you about this.

    Just from my interpretation of this description, it sounds like enemies on the 3DS are prevented from spawning in town by backwall/fence placement, and that having a gap in these defenses would allow enemies in. On PC, enemies are automatically prevented from spawning (even outside, with no backwall) by the presence of enough NPCs (with the exception of invasions).

    If the mechanics are entirely different between the two versions, and require people to build additional walls for protection, it could be leading to some bug reports by people who are traditionally PC users. Or perhaps I'm just reading into it too much. ^_^ Some clarification could be insightful, however!
  7. RamLeeSoPretty

    RamLeeSoPretty Terrarian

    Are we able to craft abeeminator in this 3ds version? cuz i cant craft it :(
  8. mickylovefist

    mickylovefist Terrarian

    I got this from beating Plantera

    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 15, 2015, Original Post Date: Dec 15, 2015 ---
    Yeah, honey blocks, stingers, obsidian, bottled honey, crispy honey blocks and hive block at a demon alter. I've done it on this version so I know it works.
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  9. Novaros

    Novaros Terrarian

    If you're playing local multiplayer and the host closses his/her 3DS, the other players in the world get's kicked without saving their progress.
    I also had my game (as host) shutdown due an error, but then it seems that the other players in the world are kicked WITH saving their progress.

    Oh and I don't know if this is suppose to be possible but:
    I found a Hamdrax pre-hardmode in a shadow chest. I'm not really happy with it because it skips a lot of gameplay if I use it...

    EDIT: I dont know if I made it clear but:
    The "I also had my game (as host) shutdown due an error" was another occassion!
    I just wanted to show that during an error, the game treated guest players with more care (by saving) than the time I putted my N3DS into sleepmode, which is programmed to close the game then. (by not saving)
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2015
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  10. zekam11

    zekam11 Skeletron Prime

    Invasions only work when its night, I've encountered this bug every time i do the (goblin invasion, pirate invasion) but with the exception of the frost leagion which works perfectly fine, what i mean is when its day the music goes all over the place and usually takes min before a pirate or goblin to spawn (very low spawn rates).
  11. pirsquar

    pirsquar Steampunker

    Bugs I've found (on Original flavor 3DS XL):
    • Crash on wake: seems to be tied to how long since you last saved. If you save and then sleep, it seems to be fine.
    • When riding a minecart and switching to a torch, the torch will sometimes fly up and away from the character's hand. Switching to another item and then back (using L/R) causes the torch to reset, but it may fly away again.
    • Hard-mode enemies in the Mushroom Biome. Every. Time.
    • Fire Imps seem to be impossible to kill with melee weapons (they teleport away) Not sure if bug or feature.
    • Rotting Fork sprays all the way across the screen, sometimes even leaving the character's hand.
    • Vultures kill Scorpions at the edge of the screen. I've seen many, many scorpion gibs, but only one live scorpion.
    • Candy Cane Blocks are the only thing that drops from Presents. Although 'drops' is the wrong word; they go flying into the air and then drop.
    • Wall of Flesh was summoned in the Underworld, with a Voodoo Doll, but without Lava.
  12. zekam11

    zekam11 Skeletron Prime

    The hamdrax that you can find in a shadow chest is a mobile exclusive loot, since they used mobile as a starting point (people believe it to be) for the 3ds, and that how you found it.
  13. mickylovefist

    mickylovefist Terrarian

    Another couple of bugs I found, mimics sometimes drop light discs. And shadow hammers have been dropping 3 hellforges or 3 golden chandeliers.

    Oh and also about my other post, the Itemname 5075. My wife beat plantera and also got the same item.

    The flower pow makes the game lag so bad I cannot use it. It makes the screen go black.
  14. RamLeeSoPretty

    RamLeeSoPretty Terrarian

    Oh yeah haha ugh i got the wrong material and its the obsidian stone that i mined in the houses down below the underworld lol thank you :D and i just beat the queen bee :)
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  15. Novaros

    Novaros Terrarian

    Ah, alright thanks for the reply! Still think it's unfair though, It's way too overpowered to get it so early and so easily...

    Oh btw, I found another bug:

    -When looking at the "Band of Regeneration" in my inventory it states: "Set bonus: Space gun cost 0 mana".
    It seems that it states the set bonus from the armor you're weaing (in my case meteorite armor) as if it's the effect from the band itself. This bug only seems to trigger when you have a free accessory slot.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
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  16. Spectra

    Spectra Skeletron Prime

    The actions I took the initiated the glitch have worked twice, so I know of a way that apparently reproduces the problem. Duplicate NPCs seems to be the product of another glitch with housing-assignment detection. I'll describe the situation as precisely as I can:

    When standing within valid housing of the minimum size of 6x10 (4x8 in terms of open air blocks) that is located directly below valid housing of identical size that is already occupied by an NPC, the housing-assignment interface, when used in the lower of the two houses and when the bottom house is unoccupied, the lower house's interface will show that the NPC from the house above it is already selected. You can work around this by selecting a different NPC to live within the bottom house, which will actually clear the NPC banner from the house above. After this, I would go back to the house above and reassign the NPC that was living there. Less than one minute later, a duplicate of the NPC living in the above house spawns.

    I hope this information is useful to your investigation.

    The only gaps in my walls are the ones located behind solid blocks, which could potentially be the issue, although these gaps should not matter, as they're already covered up. Strangely enough, I find the only place enemies spawn in my house are inside of the houses inhabited by NPCs, and nowhere else. It would also appear that the presence of NPCs does not decrease enemy spawn rate. It's still as high as ever with 7 friendly NPCs living in my base, when enemy spawns should stop with 3 NPCs under normal circumstances.

    My underground mushroom biome is incredibly dangerous, due to those aforementioned enemies, so they are spawning in the underground, yes.

    Also, I'd like to note that sound does not seem to carry appropriately, making some things inaudible when only a quarter of the screen away going horizontally. For example, Fallen Stars can't be heard unless directly next to them when they impact, and giant worms don't appear to make any noise at all (which is quite vital to combating without complete guesswork). And yes, I always wear high quality headphones when playing my 3DS, so it's not a matter of 3DS speaker quality.

    EDIT: And another glitch I just remembered: If you're wearing a full armor set, and thus receiving the set bonus, equipping and then removing an accessory will incorrectly display that armor set's set bonus, at least while in the inventory. Equipping it again, even with the armor still on, will remove the text until you remove the accessory again. The accessory in question (Shackles) no longer shows this text when stored in my chest, but I can't be certain whether this is because it was stored away, or if the glitch does not persist between play sessions.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
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  17. mr.terraria

    mr.terraria Skeletron Prime

    That`s the zapinator.... was removed from other versions of the game
  18. zekam11

    zekam11 Skeletron Prime

    Bug to report, how am I able to get souls of night on the surface crismon?
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  19. Dacta Dacta

    Dacta Dacta Terrarian

    I'd like to put this here as well, i've summoned EOW maybe 3-4 times. Of these times i've only been able to successfully spawn and fight him once. The other times he will spawn, attack me for 5~ seconds. Then drill downward until he despawns.
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  20. zekam11

    zekam11 Skeletron Prime

    Nothing bad happened when I put my coins or ammo in the main inventory. I'm using a N3ds.
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