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  1. hyperhippy92

    hyperhippy92 Terrarian

    I've gotten the mushroom biome music to play, actually. You just need to make the biome rather large. Like, try spraying dark blue solution over a decent-sized area of surface jungle. The background's super dark, though. Like, so dark that i cant see the mushrooms. Not sure if thats intentional though.
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  2. Hell Hound Gwyllgi

    Hell Hound Gwyllgi Steampunker

    id like to report a minor bug, the Brain has spawned in the corruption while the Eater of worlds has spawned in the crimson
  3. Derpytheswaggy

    Derpytheswaggy Plantera

    When will binoculars actually have a use? They do nothing.
  4. Master Yuso

    Master Yuso Official Terrarian

    Welp. You were right. Biome detection at its finest here. Murp.
  5. Staffofdoom

    Staffofdoom Terrarian

    I submitted a ticket as my game crashes 100% every time I play but at different times. I'm on the original 3ds. Also when fighting any bosses, if I use a gun or projectile it lags to the point of freezing and being unplayable. I am annoyed as I paid for something I can't play, but am patient and also have it on xb1, tablet, 360 and my kids have it too! Looking forward to the update.

    Edit: Also have found the drax loads of times in chests pre and post hardmode.
  6. PlanteraBlade

    PlanteraBlade Spazmatism

    The update for the game that's just around the corner does address lots of crashing issues, so hopefully your problems will be fixed after that.
    The Drax is meant to be found only in Shadow chests in the Underworld, and is a Mobile-exclusive thing. Are you finding it anywhere else?
  7. DrakeBlackward

    DrakeBlackward Terrarian

    So yeah...submitted a bug report earlier for the wrong thing. Essentially, I've come across a horribly game breaking bug. Each and every time after I start my game, it crashes after about forty seconds of completely normal play It has only been doing this for about a week now, and I've made significant levels of progress I don't wish to lose. I've got the first patch Terraria version on the New Nintendo 3DS. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, the game simply freezes up for about three seconds once it happens and then crashes to restart my system, and I've no idea why. I've not hacked or done anything I wasn't supposed to...yet this just sorta happens.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 9, 2016, Original Post Date: May 9, 2016 ---
    Didn't read the last post at the bottom, apologies for that. Didn't realize other people had the same issue, ignore that.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 9, 2016 ---
    I assume it's the same thing happening with their game as it is mine, but for different reasons. Mine doesn't have any requirements and just sorta...happens, even if I'm not doing anything.
  8. superza

    superza Skeletron Prime

    The crashes, which has never happened to me, I have heard about. The laggy projectiles is a new one. Tell us the weapons, ammo, and possibly the amount memory left on your 3ds.
  9. PlanteraBlade

    PlanteraBlade Spazmatism

    That is very true. Biome detection is not just problematic with the Mushroom Biome, though.
    According to this image, I am in a Jungle, because of the background and the music. But there are Hallowed grass blocks all around me, and as you can see there are Hallowed enemies spawning. I did, at one point, find an Arapaima in the lake just to my left, which also has Jungle-colored water, might I add.
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  10. hyperhippy92

    hyperhippy92 Terrarian

    Strangely that happens in front of hallowed or corrupted grass walls. Crimgrass walls dont do that, though.
  11. Staffofdoom

    Staffofdoom Terrarian

    I only remember finding it near hell but on multiple occasions.

    I have around 1200 blocks free on a 4gb card so not sure if that helps. The lag tends to be on mini and mega Shark, shotgun. Also with chlorophyte bullets, arrows, crystal bullets. And normally against bosses like the twins and the destroyer, eater of worlds but not queen bee, eye of cthtulu or brain. Also had it with light discs in 1-5 stacks, chlorophyte spear (can't recall name) and that's all I can think of.
  12. Deanzor

    Deanzor Developer 505 Games

    Okay guys, I have some bad news to report.

    European gamers will get the patch later this week, but we hit a last-minute snag with the American version. I know you guys are sick of hearing about delays, and I want to be totally transparent about what happened.

    As the update adds new content, the save games cannot be be backwards compatible. If you have a 1.02 save and you roll your game back to 1.00, the save game won't work on the older version. It can't: if your save game has v1.02 items, the 1.00 game won't know what they are. So save games not being backwards compatible is expected - and necessary - behaviour.

    Unfortunately, we didn't 'future proof' the 1.00 code properly. Instead of it saying 'that save is from a newer version, I can't load that', the game tried to load it and encountered a fatal error. Nintendo of America needed us to implement this differently so that the fatal error was avoided.

    Fixing that is tricky, because we can't go back and add code to the 1.00 version to handle this better. That version is out there and on carts. Instead, we had to change how 1.02 deals with save games.

    So now, when you update to 1.02 the game changes the save games so that a rolled back 1.0 version no longer recognises them as save games. So if you roll back, you get nothing.

    When patching, we already had a warning in place saying that unpatching would render the save games unusable. So all of this behaviour is intended.

    There should never be a reason to roll back on the EU version, but if you do the saves will not load.

    Rolling back on the US game means you will not see any saves - but they will be there for you again when you re-update.

    It's absolutely on us to have handled this better, and we were happy to work with Nintendo to find a solution. I'll keep you posted on the progress through submission and the go-live date once I get it.

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  13. Staffofdoom

    Staffofdoom Terrarian

    In simple terms, are you saying that saves we have at the moment may not be able to load? As in, we will have to start again? If that's the case, it sucks but I'd rather start again and have a stable version than not be able to play at all which is what I'm currently experiencing.
  14. Master Yuso

    Master Yuso Official Terrarian

    That's not what he's saying. Basically, if you update to the patch that isn't out yet and later down the road you decide to delete the update data or re-download the game... (digital games don't come downloaded with latest updates, you still have to download the latest update, in this case being the patch we're waiting on.) upon re-downloading the game, it will be back on 1.0, so having a 1.2 save files load up on 1.0 will make the 3DS crash, the really bad kind of crash. If you just update the game to 1.2 (the patch we are waiting for) and just keep on playing from there on out, things should be fine.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 10, 2016, Original Post Date: May 10, 2016 ---
    Holy crap man. That is really tricky indeed. I can't even wrap my head around that when shooting hypothetical solutions. Best of luck to the dev team coming up with a solution.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] <- Lucky charms ;)
  15. PlanteraBlade

    PlanteraBlade Spazmatism

    While I do understand what you are saying, I do not quite understand why this doesn't seem to affect the EU version. Why only the US version?
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  16. Maskedman39

    Maskedman39 Terrarian

    So I don't know if this is a bug or intentional but, the multiplayer options are blurred out on the options screen for some reason. Why so?
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  17. Master Yuso

    Master Yuso Official Terrarian

    So... wearing things that lower mana costs can make the description for certain magic weapons say the mana usage is 0, when it clearly isn't. Is this a thing or am I just a part of the 1% out there?
  18. Thibbs

    Thibbs Terrarian

    It does affect the EU version, but he says there should never be the need to roll back. The fatal error is present but I think it means NOE have been more lenient, or less thorough, in their certification process than NOA.
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  19. Staffofdoom

    Staffofdoom Terrarian

    Thanks Master Yuso.
  20. Deanzor

    Deanzor Developer 505 Games

    The NA and EU versions are different games. Only very slightly (languages are the only differences) but each has to pass a different submission at Nintendo.
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