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That question is asked a lot. I tell them no all the time, if you have an older world, then starting a new one would be good if you want to see the full benefits of the update. My first world is almost hollowed out, so I doubt any update will fix that haha! I plan on starting a new world once it drops, I want to see all the changes!


please fix the lack of shackles and the incorrect spawn rate of under water and ice biome chests as well I always receive presents instead of rare drops

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So.. has this happened to anyone else when using wire/switches?



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Minor update:

When the NOA patch is released, the game version will update from 1.01 to 1.03. We did this deliberately to sync up the NOE and NOA version numbers, so it didn't look like the NOE version had newer content.

Version 1.02 does not exist for NOA territories, the content is all rolled into 1.03.

I still don't have an update on the date. We're shooting for June 10, but that is not confirmed.


The chests, the jackoliers, the trophies and extractinator. A portion of their sprites get cut off when switching the jackoliers off.
That is rather odd. Wiring and light sources seem to have some strange effects when connected together. I would assume it doesn't affect how you interact with the chests?


I know that a meteorite crashed into my asphalt bridge, and it made my heart lantern on it disappear, but I still get the heart lanterns effects there.
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