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Unable to craft any fishing related items besides poles. No potions: crate, sonar, or fishing. No glow worms or any other craft able bait. Even though I have excess amounts of all ingredients required for each. They do not even appear in my recipes list...
it seems certain recipes aren't in this version yet like mobile and console, its lickly that we well sooner then later get thoes in a later update.
Since launch, we have become aware of various issues in the Nintendo 3DS version of Terraria. We appreciate your patience as we attempt to reproduce and fix these issues, but in the meantime this post will call out progress and workarounds in an attempt to keep your experience as frustration-free as possible.

We are working towards getting a chunk of the worst offenders fixed so that we can put out an update. The patch submission process on console doesn’t lend itself to putting out a quickfire barrage of ‘hotfixes’ like on PC, so we want the first update to clear up as many of the worst offenders as possible before we release it. We cannot yet give a date for the update, but will announce it as soon as we have it.

Duke Fishron does not spawn
The Duke is in there, but he’s staying hidden at the moment. We’ve found and fixed the issue that was preventing him appearing, so please be assured this is coming and try to be patient. No combination of bait will get him to appear yet, so please don’t waste any more time trying.

Angler text appears only in English
Again, we’ve found the issue and fixed this and it’ll be in the update. If you need localised Angler text in the meantime, we can put a post together telling you what you need to know. Although if you can read this, you’re probably not having any issues anyway.

Duplicate NPCs
A few of you have reported this, and we’re still trying to track down the problem. If you have duplicate NPCs appearing we apologise. It doesn’t break anything besides looking a bit weird, so please bear with us on that one. If you’re feeling cruel, you can leave the dupes to the zombies.

That Pedguin crash on the debut livestream
Not going to lie to you, this was the absolute worst thing that could have happened. The good news is that we’ve isolated the issue. In the meantime, please DO NOT move anything that has a specialist inventory slot (coins, arrows, ammo) into the main inventory. If you want to safely stow it away, move it DIRECTLY from the specialist slots to a chest. That should work okay, but won’t hurt to do a save game before attempting this interaction.

Health hearts behaving weirdly
We’ve seen a few reports of this, and we’re working on it. The good news is the issues are purely cosmetic, and the underlying health stats are working. A save and reload often rights it, but we’re working on a proper fix.

The fishing rods all show 1% power
Similar to the above, this is a visual error only. The text is wrong, but the underlying stats are correct. This is fixed and waiting for the update.

Mana goes into negative numbers
As above, a glitch in the text only. Fixed and ready for the update.

The range on spears/tridents etc extends with every repeated use
Yep, this is really happening. Enjoy it while it lasts (or not...) because this is GONE in the first update. Apologies, and hope it’s not unbalancing your multiplayer games.

Enemies still spawn in NPC towns
We’re not seeing anything odd here yet, but we’re still looking. Fences and walls should stop enemies appearing, and if you’re seeing otherwise please let us know the details. And check there’s not a gap in the background that enemies could be exploiting...

Hard Mode enemies spawning in Mushroom Biome
I’ve heard Mushi Ladybug, Fungi Bulb and Anomura Fungus mentioned, but I’ve only seen these on the surface which is normal. Is anyone seeing these underground? Is anyone seeing anything else weird in Mushroom that shouldn’t be there? Please let us know, if so.

Crash resuming after the 3DS has been in sleep mode
We’ve not reproduced this one yet, still looking. If you see this let us know, any info could help us track it. So far only one report of this, but we take crashes very seriously.

Crash in multiplayer with 3 or 4 players after 15 mins
We don’t yet see this one either, but if you have it then please let us know the details so we can narrow down the search. So far only one report of this, but we take crashes very seriously.

Problems with in-game music
We’re aware of a few issues here, and are looking into them. If you camera peek with the C-stick into another Biome, that music will trigger. Biome recognition currently works off what the camera can see rather than where the player character is placed. We’re attempting to make this work better.

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list, and we’ll update as we go. We have focused on what we perceive to be the biggest problems, and these are our focus for the time being. More minor glitches are further down the list, but we are looking into them.

EDIT 1: I'm monitoring this thread daily, but won't have the time to respond to everyone. I can't give an exact ETA on the patch, but we are aiming to have something out at the end of January. There's no way to shortcut that unfortunately: there is a fixed period of time that Nintendo need to test and approve the update, and there's the small matter of Christmas that shuts everything down for a week. As soon as I have a date I will update you, but it's likely that I'll only know a week from release.

Host items not being saved after quitting a Local Play session
We're looking into this one. Interested to hear more reports on this one, and in what circumstances you're seeing this. In fact, if you've seen an issue that's already reported in the thread, it's always going to help us to know your circumstances as well. Apologies that some of you are having issues with this - it's very high on our fix list.

Can you check you're able to save and retain items before the host terminates the session? If you're doing a save and continue, you shouldn't lose anything. Please let me know if you're finding this is not the case.

For the update we'll force the game to save when the Host terminates, but please try the workaround above in the meantime.

Since downloading the game i have made 11 worlds and none of which have had an ocean chest containing flippers. Also i have only been able to collect 5 souls of night in a week of playing (50+ in game days). I have this game on multiple systems and cannot wait for more content on all systems. I have been following Terraria since its start.
I don't think that Flippers are guaranteed or even likely to be in an Ocean chest on any platform; I don't recall finding one there on PC recently. The wiki says they are found in Chests, with a higher rate in Water Chests, and that can be anywhere in the world, not necessarily in the oceans.

That said, if they aren't being found anywhere at all, then that sounds like a bug or oversight.
Hello everyone! I'm here today to discuss the recent bugs or missing features that I have noticed in the AMAZING 3DS version of Terraria! Just so you all know these were discovered while playing Terraria (The downloaded version of course) on my New Nintendo 3DS XL! This is in case you're wondering if these bugs are due to the version of the 3DS as I know the Original 3DS has more problems with lag and such.

So before we begin I also want to note that some of these things may have already been mentioned, even by myself. However, I just wanted to gather it all up here for an easier read. So, let's begin!

Sonar Potions - Sonar Potions were introduced in version 1.2.4 but the 3DS version of Terraria runs on 1.2. However, Sonar Potions ARE in the game (I have received them as a reward for a fishing quest!) The problem with them are that they're not craftable. That's right, we can get them but we can't make them yet. This is as will all potions that require fish as ingredients. I'm fairly sure you're all aware of this (It may have even been intended) so let's move onto the next one!

Bugs Almost Never Spawn! - This one has already been mentioned but I wanted to compile it here as well. I believe they may have fixed this already, or are working on it, and hopefully our bait will appear more often!

Designated Jungles? - I was in the Hallow the other day which used to be a Jungle. There were no more than 30 background Jungle Walls still left in a random spot and whenever I passed it the background changed to Jungle for a second or two. This happened even though a TON of Hallow was nearby. I also noticed this a bit with my snow biome which is near my jungle. I just feel like the jungle is taking precedence but I could be wrong. Worth double checking though!

Fishing Crates - I have not been fishing long but I have found that fishing crates don't drop. Maybe I just need to fish more but if you guys haven't found any either let me know!

Vanity Accessory Slots - On PC they have vanity slots for accessories as well. In fact, they have five of them! I think that it would be AWESOME if we had these to because then it would make it SO much more convenient for changing accessories. I don't have to put a different accessory in a chest and then remember to grab it before a boss fight. Instead, I can just move it from the vanity slot and switch it with a different item for easy switching!

Naming Chests - This is possible in the PC version and I just hope that we get it soon! It would come in handy :D!

Music Boxes - The wizard sells music boxes, which is great! But did you know that if you try to buy one it doesn't actually display a price? That's right, you can buy as many music boxes as you want, FREE!.... But all that fun is gone when you close your inventory or try to place the box because as soon as you do they all magically disappear from your invetory. Quite weird if you ask me!

Quick Sell Items - I would LOVE it if we could somehow quickly sell an entire stack of an item to the NPCs. Maybe it could be a box we click on the screen to quickly sell whatever is selected, it could be that we click and drag it to the sell box to sell the entire stack, or click the ZL button (but that's N3DS only). However it could be done I would LOVE this! I have a statue farm and it takes FOREVER to sell 999 goldfish. Like over 3 minutes for one stack! :D

Disappearing Character - When you view the world map, it shows your character's icon on the screen! This is neat and all but only when it works. Unfortunately, while wearing the moon shell (an item that turns you into a mermaid when in water and a werewolf at night) your character's icon is invisible when you're a werewolf. It displays correctly as a mermaid but will be invisible as a werewolf. Hope this can be fixed although it's very minor! :D :D

Traveling Merchant? Where are you?!?!? - It seems that the Traveling Merchant doesn't ever appear. I haven't seen him and I haven't heard of anyone who has... D:! Then again, I read this was version 1.2 and he was added in 1.2.3 so could we get a better confirmation of what version it is because it seems a ton of stuff after 1.2 was added, even if it wasn't fishing related... At least I think XD!

UpsideDown Slopes? - I know this one is a stretch but it's something I really loved about the 1.3 update that I am DYING to see in the 3DS version, even if we could get it before all the other 1.3 stuff! With a hammer you can make slopes but I think it would ROCK if we got the upsidedown slopes too! Just crossing my fingers here!

GlITchY WoODDeN PlaTFOrmS!!! - If you have a sloped wooden platform next to a platform hit by a hammer once, it shows pink pixels of glitchyness. You can view that here: http://imgur.com/W1dMqbp

Favorite Items - Can we please please please get the favorite ability in asap, even if before all the other 1.3 stuff? I feel like it's one of those things that would be beneficial to have sooner. I can't tell you how many things I've accidentally thrown away. I just threw away a True Excalibur which is an AMAZING sword... ;-; rip...

Canceling Buffs? - In the PC version if you right click a buff you can make it disappear. So if you use a gravitation potion but then don't want to use it anymore, you just give the buff a click and it's gone. Could this be added into the 3DS version? Maybe it is and I'm just unable to find it but I think that if we had the option to "scroll" through buffs and click a button to stop them it would be great! Just don't break the game and somehow allow us to disable potion sickness, poison, slowness, or any other negative buffs that enemies can inflict :p!

TOO MANY WIRES!!!! - This one is REALLY weird. If you have too many wires and actuators on the screen at once, it starts glitching out. I don't know if it's just from too many wires, too many actuators, or a combination of both but it's freaky. Icons will starts disappearing until you either unequip a wrench (or any tool that makes wires/actuators visible) or move further away from the mess. My health display and mana disappeared as well as my entire bottom screen! I can still click as if it were still there but the icons disappear! Here's some pics of this glitch.


Please read the descriptions underneath the items as they'll tell you a lot of what is wrong! NOTE: This only happens when there's a TON of wires/actuators on the screen. And I mean a LOT!

Oh and also to note I think it's the Actuators that are the problem more than the wire with the glitches above!

I would also like to add that if you place an actuator on a block BEFORE you place a wire on it, the actuator will be invisible until the wire is placed over it. I am not familiar with PC terraria so maybe this isn't a bug XD?

Now, one thing that I would like to point out that I have not tested yet is that it COULD be possible that this only occurs near the edge of the world (Where my character is is in the ocean biome, I just drained all the water). I haven't tested this but I thought that maybe, for some odd reason, it could be the reasoning behind it.

Hopefully you guys read this and some things can be fixed! The BIGGEST thing that I would like to be read if you literally were told you could only read one thing is the wire problem. Again, that can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/Ztyo4

I hope everything can be fixed and I hope to hear from someone soon! Thanks for reading! I'll update my post or make a new post if I remember anything else. Thanks :D!
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@TheDetective13 , I was just having the exact problem you were experiencing with the large amount of wires and actuators on-screen. I was building a--quite large--crystal shard farm in the middle of the world, and that began happening, along with malformed wire activations, most likely due to a wiring limit of some sort? I have also noticed that Rune Wizards spawn way too often, along with spider caves and poison staffs: https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/ss/WVW69iv8YQUJ2kAm3f
Aside from that, I too miss gemspark blocks and upside-down slopes and why is there a fourth and useless slope possibility for blocks?

EDIT: I forgot to attach the screenshot(s) of the erroneous wire problems:
Top Screen: https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/ss/WVW69iv9htc9giQe31
Bottom Screen: https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/ss/WVW69iv9gqgrOCoTWZ

EDIT2: Also, actuators need to be usable in build-mode, as in visible along with other blocks...
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Few bug reports: Cactus turned into dirt block on one arm but acted like and dropped cactus (meteor hamaxe used on arm once on bottom, Eater ran away for no clear reason after Worm Food summon, Burning effect from meteor happened underwater. (Stupid ocean meteor!) Oh also, Health won't display right (shows 5 hearts instead of the insane amount I have)
It is supposed to be back in.
I knew it!
If a timer is wired directly to a torch above or below it, during each activation pulse either the timer or torch becomes invisible for an incomprehensible reason.
I found a glitch with the slime staff were if the baby slime is attacking an enemy the player cant attack the enemy
that Is not a glitch , that happens In pc, console, mobile and 3ds. @GoldenTerrabyte never experienced what happened with console's first 1.2 update, didn't update terraria for over a year till I obtained a chance and at the same time and day 1.2.2 came out, I updated terraria. Sounds like it was a bad time for people. Didn't figure out till some time later how lucky I was to update after the buggy 1.2 version.
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From what I see on the wiki, Golem laser shots should only be doing ~56 damage before defense. Even in mage Chlorophyte Armor, you should only be taking around ~36 damage per shot from the lasers, which would take around 13-14 hits to kill you from full health.
It's my understanding that bosses were given nerfed health and buffed damage in Mobile and thus 3DS, but that does sound extreme.
i cannot craft the naughty present ?
Frost moon hasn't been added yet :)
Reading other people say that they can't find flippers, I decided to create and explore many worlds (did this for around 2 hours last night and 2 hours this morning). I have opened every chest that I have ran into but was mostly aiming for the chests in the ocean as quickly as possible. Still haven't seen any flippers. Found tons of water walking boots and all the other loot though.

The RNG God probably just hates me though. At least I found a load of other cool loot while doing this though.
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I found atleast 5 jungle temples and none of them have any traps other than spikes.
Plus ive defeated 10 golems so far and none have dropped the pick axe.
And lizhard enemies womt drop power cells
try locking on his hands ad break them. After that kill head and the body. I sugest using spectre armor and magnet sphere. Don't forget to never stop moving
That helps alot i ended up useing some wires and actuators to move the shrine
To the surface now i cant seem to get the golem to drop the picksaw
Reading other people say that they can't find flippers, I decided to create and explore many worlds (did this for around 2 hours last night and 2 hours this morning). I have opened every chest that I have ran into but was mostly aiming for the chests in the ocean as quickly as possible. Still haven't seen any flippers. Found tons of water walking boots and all the other loot though.

The RNG God probably just hates me though. At least I found a load of other cool loot while doing this though.
Yeah i did the same thing for flippers i ended up giving up and just made neptunes shell
I found atleast 5 jungle temples and none of them have any traps other than spikes.
Plus ive defeated 10 golems so far and none have dropped the pick axe.
And lizhard enemies womt drop power cells
That helps alot i ended up useing some wires and actuators to move the shrine
To the surface now i cant seem to get the golem to drop the picksaw
First to help out, first and only so far on my temple I found super darts and spicky ball traps, he does drop the pickzaw keep trying ;). If your having problems with getting power cells you could always make them, recipe is like 25 fallen stars, 10 meteorite bars and can't remember the last one.
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