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why cant we zoom in and out like on xbox?

Technical reasons, is the short answer.

The more you zoom out, the more the 3DS will choke in terms of framerate because you're having to draw more stuff. The second issue is that because of the limited screen res on 3DS, there are certain set zoom levels which are a workable multiplier of the resolution of the original graphical assets. If you go outside of that, you get what are called scaling artifacts. The visuals downgrade. You lose sharpness etc.

On the much higher res console version you barely notice this, but on 3DS you do.
Is there everything from 1.2 or are some things missing? Also is there a technical reason why we cant have online play? sorry to moan about such a stupid thing but does the map have to be such bad quality? i also think the faces of npc's should be smaller:)

The map quality is a tradeoff between how much memory we want to reserve for the map versus how much we need for the main game. I think it's good enough to do what it needs to do. The reduced power of the console means we had to find a trade off we were satisfied with.
Also, online multiplayer. It was said in the past that it's not impossible forever, is that still true? Is there still a chance of getting it later on?
Yeah. I think the music it has kinda works better for the way the title screen looks. The regular title screen music would make it... weird.

My personal view is that the title screen on the other console versions isn't very inspiring. I wanted people to get an immediate reminder of why they loved the game from the moment they switched it back on. Obviously it's not so critical that we were going to waste months on it, but I think it's pretty nice.
Also, online multiplayer. It was said in the past that it's not impossible forever, is that still true? Is there still a chance of getting it later on?

We've got a long wishlist of stuff we'd like to add, and online multiplayer is on there for sure. We're in the process of of working out what is most important - the game is still pretty fresh in the market. After the interim bug fixing update, the first 'proper' update will add new game content. What comes after that is still under consideration.

So yeah, what I said on this before still stands. There is definitely still a chance.
Hey I noticed something I'd like to point out.

Shroomite armor is unique in that when you are not moving it turns your invisible. However, I've noticed that on the 3DS version it makes you invisible all the time, even when you're moving. Unless this armor has changed and I'm just unaware, this is a bug. Hope it can be fixed soon!
[DOUBLEPOST=1452126611,1452126285][/DOUBLEPOST]Quick thing to add.

Would it be possible to be able to sell and buy items quicker? It seems to take forever to to buy 999 or sell 999 of something. I'd love a button that let's you buy/sell like 999, 99, or 50 or some other amount at a time.
Another random thing. If you're hovering over your money slots and then you close your inventory then immediately reopen it, you are still selected on the money. This happens with all items so that's normal but the not normal thing is that for some reason when you reopen it, you can't move your selected box left or right, at least until you click up or down.

So in other words, go to your inventory and hover over your gold coins. Close the inventory then reopen it. You now can't move your marker left or right until you click up or down. Hope that makes sense?
On the PC version it is possible to make power cells with glass, fallen stars, and adamantite bars. On mobile they made it so you can substitute the adamantite with titanium if your world didn't spawn with adamantite. Think you could add that possibility as well?
it should be green thread hence it being green hero suit. Which should be made out of grass seeds.

Yes it SHOULD be but as of now the recipe requires purple thread. I believe this is because mobile gets a purple hero outfit due to copyright stuff but we get green on 3DS due to Nintendo owning Zelda.
Yeah, I guess there was a programming oversight so the thread uses the wrong recipe. Which wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that Mushroom Grass Seeds don't drop for some reason.
I really like this version of Terraria, and I'm very excited to see what is added to it in the near future. I've pretty much played the heck out of it, and noticed a lot of things, so here is my bug/curiosity list if anyone cares to read it.

I'm aware Duke Fishron can't spawn yet, but I have also spent a lot of time looking for truffle worms and it seems they don't spawn either.

When fighting the Solar Eclipse, the ground enemies such as Swamp Creature, Eyezor and Frankenstein don't spawn long enough for me to fight them. If I keep running back and forth, some will stay on the screen, but most despawn before I can reach them. This makes it quite difficult to get broken hero swords, as I have fought at least 7 eclipses and only gotten one sword piece. I often use the map while fighting, and I see the enemies only show up for an instant before disappearing. It happens very frequently.

I don't know if I should point this out, because it makes reaching hardmode MUCH easier, but the Wall of Flesh appears to have a very low amount of health.

Fishing seems to be quite bugged. In most biomes excluding the caverns, ice biome, and jungle, all I can catch is bass. When I fish at the ocean, tuna, shrimp, trout, red snapper, swordfish, and whatever else you're supposed to catch there doesn't show up. There are no crates, either. I also can't catch a single fish in honey. The only biome I've been able to find quest fish in so far is caverns. Also, about 80% of the time, the bobber will be pulled under the water as though I've caught a fish, but I'll reel it in and catch nothing. Granted, I haven't yet gotten the high test fishing line, so my line may just be breaking every time, but it seems to happen too often for that to be the case.

A couple of trophies I've placed became invisible and then when mined they turned into paintings. Kinda sad about that Ocram trophy, which turned into a gold painting called "Impact".

I cannot craft a watch, glass kiln, various other furniture items, or naughty present as their crafting recipes do not show up even when all the materials are in my inventory.

Other than all that, the game has run pretty well, save for the low frame rate which I understand due to the old 3ds tech. Haven't had a single crash yet, either. Got the Zapinator, that was pretty funny. But yeah. Thanks for the 3ds port of this great game, and I can't wait for those updates!

EDIT: Oh right, a couple of other things I noticed.

When King Slime is defeated it drops iron pickaxes and dirt blocks along with ninja gear and gels.

I've seen duplicate NPC's(two merchants and two dryads), and I cannot buy a music box, which for some reason is priced at 0 coins, and when I check it in my inventory after "purchasing" one, it will say I have 0 in my inventory and when I close my inventory it disappears.

Some NPC's have mixed lines. The Nurse quotes the dryad, the steampunker does the same thing, and the painter sometimes quotes the clothier. I've seen others too but I can't remember them all at present.

If the Angler dies I have to find him at the ocean again, instead of him moving back in on his own.

Also, it's still Christmas! When will it end?
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Great post ^
The wall of flesh is easy, presumably because the worlds are tiny and as a result you have way less time and space to fight it in.
Fingers crossed they can at least bring the world size up to that of a 'small' from PC
Actually, one important point there. The Wall of Flesh is too easy. Now, for most bosses, that can technically be a good thing, but this is bad for the Wall of Flesh, because it runs the risk of people entering Hardmode without knowing, and without being prepared. The Wall of Flesh is the only boss that IMO should be made harder. It's kinda too easy to kill on accident, which is bad because the Wall of Flesh is meant to be tougher than the beginning of Hardmode, so that if you can beat it, chances are you can survive Hardmode well enough. This is kinda broken.

Also, on a different subject, let's talk about buffs for a second. Now, a lot of people have mentioned that canceling buffs would be helpful, and so I'm assuming this note has already been taken, but there's one other thing I think should be changed. The icons are just too big, they take up a lot of space on the UI. They should be shrunken down to a pixel-to-pixel size, like the Health and Mana bars.
I don't know if this has been mentioned.

I have noticed that certain mobs like the Fire imps and Goblin sorcerer have a certain particle bug with their abilities that they use.

I've seen it happen a lot during goblin invasion and when you actually break the Chaos bolt that they send, the particles that flies out aren't pieces of Chaos bolts but instead pieces of goblins.

I haven't seen much about the Fire imps Burning Spheres yet since i've only seen one yet ( still pretty early in the game)

Since i mention the Goblin army, I've also noticed that Goblins sorcerer teleports nearly instantly when being hit, compared to the PC version that I've played much more, I don't know i this is intentional but just in case i'll mention it.
One last thing about the goblin invasion. I don't know why but the music kept cutting in the middle of the fights and honestly the Goblin invasion consisted 80% of Goblin sorcerer 20% of the rest.
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