1. MemoryVoid

    MemoryVoid Skeletron

    Not really, but then again they haven't said anything to us since the December update
  2. Termina Moon

    Termina Moon Terrarian

    I'm going to go off on one here and probably upset some people but, what the hey, I'm within my rights to display my distaste.

    The 3DS version should never have been made. It's been nothing but a display of greed from the developers.

    The original developer of Terraria was asked about whether it could run on 3DS, YEARS before it happened and he said no. This system cannot handle it the way it's supposed to be run.

    We've then been told it can handle it. We've been sold it, and it's been a complete joke. It was rushed out of the door to hit holiday sales. It had key features cut. It has so many bugs that it's just unacceptable. Have fun!

    We've not even heard from the devs for months.

    Hardly builds confidence in whatever they do next.
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  3. thedragonking

    thedragonking Terrarian

    Hey there needs to have dresser functions and character clothes variations
  4. TheJoekster

    TheJoekster Terrarian

    Is it strange that I'm replying to a three-month old post? Probably lol.

    I mean, I completely respect your opinion and vocal protest to this, but I'd like to note that some of my online friends and I seriously enjoyed (and still enjoy) playing the game on 3DS despite its very clear flaws. There were definitely some mistakes made throughout production that took time to patch after release, and its success in the 3DS and Terraria industries (if you will) were dubious. However, there is still a considerable community of 3DS users who continue to play and enjoy the game to this day - and take from that what you will.

    I'm going to maintain my optimism that the developers are hard at work making a Switch port of this awesome game, and have learned from their mistakes when making the 3DS version. Until more information is released, that will be my mentality.
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  5. mpgYT

    mpgYT Terrarian

    so, basically, for me just bug fixes as im not rich enough to buy the new 3ds... mean.... i dont believe the n3ds is worth it as its the double of the price of the original, they just add some RAM and thingys that dont matter like the colors of the buttons and dare to call it "new console", also the SNES virtual console games are "exclusive" because nintendo says that "only the mighty n3ds can run them" but i modded my old one for an emulator, dumped an original SNES cartridge (im not a criminal) and THE CONSOLE RAN IT AS FAST AS THE CONSOLE, IT HAD FASTER SAVESTATE LOAD AND IT EVEN HAD MULTIPLAYER HABLITY, THAT MEANS THE MODDED VERSION FOR THE OLD 3DS IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE ONE FOR NEW 3DS AS THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE ONE HAS NOT MULTIPLAYER, I SAW THAT AND FREAKED OUT, WAS IN THAT MOMENT THAT I WASNT A NINTENDO FANBOY ANYMORE, ALWAYS THE SAME THING, THEY DO A GOOD THING, THEY THEN MAKE IT BIGGER AND SELL IT FOR THE DOUBLE OF THE PRICE AND EVEN DARE TO STOP SELLING THE ORIGINAL, THEN DEPRECATE BOTH OF THEM, IT HAPPENED TO GBA, IT HAPPENED TO THE NDS AND ITS SADLY HAPPENING WITH THE 3DS STOP IT NINTENDO :mad:
    next step: buy ps4 pro
  6. This is not the place for rants about Nintendo. Plese take those elsewhere.
  7. Wolftrainer21

    Wolftrainer21 Terrarian

    Can 2ds get anything good out of this update?
  8. AlexTheKoalefant

    AlexTheKoalefant Eye of Cthulhu

    No. Only New 3DS gets the larger worlds, whilst
    older versions get bug fixes.
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  9. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    It seems this thread has finally slowed down. This version has been finished for some time now.
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  10. AlexTheKoalefant

    AlexTheKoalefant Eye of Cthulhu

    Well unfortunately for this port, there isn’t much to really do here especially for the old users... upsetting for some but to be honest here (though i still enjoy it myself) this port wasn’t going to ever surpass anything. That was kind of obvious from the start. The systems both old and new lack the requirements for a much bigger and better update such as 1.3+ (1.3 and up). Anymore and the poor system will struggle... much harder than it should; than it has to.
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  11. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    I got this from the start and always had a pleasant experience playing by myself and with friends. This is still a great option for people who haven’t experienced Terraria.
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  12. AlexTheKoalefant

    AlexTheKoalefant Eye of Cthulhu

    Hm...I disagree with the “great option” but I will defend ed that opinion as it is yours. ;)
  13. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    Of course I wouldn’t recommend it if it were really buggy, but I seriously haven’t experienced anything like that, the game has worked perfectly. This is also with friends.
  14. Afterburn

    Afterburn Terrarian

    Is there actually going to be an update
  15. TheJoekster

    TheJoekster Terrarian

    3DS has discontinued updates. Nothing much they can add without making it unplayable anyway. Sights are set on the switch now to my knowledge
  16. Afterburn

    Afterburn Terrarian

    Dang =/ so there is nothing I can do on the game now. Oh well. I was hoping for improvement like less glitches but whatever I basically got all the best stuff in that version
  17. TheJoekster

    TheJoekster Terrarian

    Yeah. Once you get everything there's not much to do on that version, as is the case with any Terraria version. It looks like that whole thing was a big experiment, like a test run for the Switch. It made the game quality suffer in some respects but hopefully it'll be worth the investment whenever Terraria Switch decides to roll out.
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  18. Afterburn

    Afterburn Terrarian

    Ooff I feel offended on so many levels now but yeah I hope it is good. But then again nothing will top smash 5
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  19. AlexTheKoalefant

    AlexTheKoalefant Eye of Cthulhu

    Trash 5

    Now with:
    Lord Faarquad
    James P. Sullivan
    Miraculous Ladybug
    Will Byers
    Steve from Minecraft
    Steve from Stranger Things
    Lucas from Stranger Things
    Alex from Minecraft
    Angry German Kid
    Spyro (and not the horrible hit by an 18 wheeler Spyro)
    Vicar Amelia
    Father Gascoigne
    Phoenix Wright
    and Shrek
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  20. Afterburn

    Afterburn Terrarian

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