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PC A bit late, but Hello!


Greetings folks, I'm MindsEdge!

Only got into Terraria about 2 or so years ago after one of my friends was kind enough to grab me a copy, but I've become more and more addicted to it as time has gone on, and it's easily become one of my all-time favorite games.

I mostly do single player, but more often than not I'll pop onto a friend's server or open up my own. I have my own style I suppose, and tend to be a bit tidy when it comes to chest placement and sorting, just the way I am. I always enjoy starting from scratch, strangely enough, and rummaging through a world to build up a brand new place to live.

In any case, I enjoy art as a hobby, work in retail, and always like to sit down to a game of Terraria and enjoy the soothing sounds of mining blocks.

Ahhhhh, chk chk chk...so relaxing.


No worries, you're not the only tidy one. I'm really OCD when it comes to sorting things properly. :confused:
People I play with/have played with probably think I'm nuts, but I can't handle seeing all those items tossed randomly into chests. How the heck will one ever find what they need in such a mess?

Anyway, welcome aboard. I like your avatar. :D
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