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A brief haiku to, introduce my splendor to those, few who never knew.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Elate, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Elate

    Elate Terrarian

    Why hello there, you're a very attractive forum goer. I'd like to ask you to read the hoooottest introduction. I see you have a lot of other threads to read, allow me to make my case.

    This poster plays Dota,
    But I once carried an entire tournament by myself.
    This poster is a artist
    But I can paint an entire Lourve exhibit shelf.

    That one is a developer
    But I already coded all programs last week
    And if that's not enough lemme ask
    When was last time one of these :red:s killed a mother:red:in' mythical beast?

    Impressed? Good, because I ran out of ways to continue that.

    I'm Elate or El8 if you'd like to incorrectly enumerate. I used to be on TerrariaOnline back in the day, I made some videos, it was fun. Some folks here already know me from the Starbound forums.

    I like memes, space, being an immortal deity, long walks on the beach, the destruction of planets, and party buses.
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  2. Mainia

    Mainia Skeletron Prime

    Hey hey nice intro. Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your stay, and major kudos points for the Jayne sig. Firefly rules.
    Elate likes this.
  3. Elate

    Elate Terrarian

    Much thanks, I made said signature. This place seems quite dandy indeed.
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  4. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    *flips hair* so attractive! *accidently trips*

    Anyways. Welcome to TCF Elate c:
    Elate likes this.
  5. Elate

    Elate Terrarian

    A* for effort. And thanks /o/
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  6. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

  7. Qui Devorat

    Qui Devorat Terrarian


    Who summons me?
    And for what purpose?
  8. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

    A new poet among us
    Something to see
    A new user who has
    The same skillset as thee
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  9. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    Your Haiku didn't end in "It's snowing on Mt. Fuji!" D:

    Jk, welcome!
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  10. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Yeah, I definitely remember you from the Starbound forums. I definitely hope you'll have a good time here on TCF, the place is just wonderful. To start you off, and because I knew you quite well, here's a follow. :)
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  11. Dire Sigma

    Dire Sigma Skeletron Prime

    Eyyyy! I'm glad to see you on here bud!
    Elate likes this.
  12. Elate

    Elate Terrarian

    'Ey, sent you an invite to the Consortium by the way. We spread our tendrils.

    Oohh, what was your username over there?

    The Elate is known to overly elaborate on sentences in order alliterate or incorporate a rhyme structure for no other purpose than to obfuscate.
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  13. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    I'd rather not share out my alias, I hated the stuff I did on there.
  14. Elate

    Elate Terrarian

    Well damn, now you've got me curious.
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  15. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Welcome and greetings, entrepreneur of sesquipedalian vocabularies, endearing poetry and other assorted doggerel. :)
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