A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

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Our Imagine That In Mobile Blimey (of course Still Missing The 1.3 1.3.2 1.3.3) But in the future will have :D
Event summoning item?

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This is gonna be grand! OH SHOOT! updates for tshock that are gonna take a month and then the game is goona get a bug fix and then tshock will update again and aother bug fix and so on and so forth.

DPh Kraken

Has anyone noticed that the Dryad uses the Meowmere in DD2? White blade, pink inner blade, the distinctly curved shape, and even the cat hilt. Now only to see if it can spam Nyan Cat clones...


Whoa! i expected alot, but never a cross-over with another game!
While i have't read many good things yet about DD2, i might give it a try just for kicks ;)
Can't wait for all this fun stuff!


Well, y'all got what you were aiming for with this--just checked out DD2! Though it chugs my computer horribly, so I guess I'll be playing from the Terraria side...Still a cool looking new thing, and loving that an NPC is getting some love!

...What's with the evil costume switch though? Is our dryad a little more in tune with the Corruption than we thought? o.o And how did she get a Moon Lord drop!...I was playing with someone and they brought up a good point. Are they in league? :O
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I played DD2 in the past, I stopped because of the french translation (I wasn't good in english before and the game was not greatly translated), even though the game itself was good.
All of this suddenly makes me want to play DD2 again...
I always liked tower defence games...
You know what tower defence games remind me of? clash of clans. You know what Clash of clans reminds me of? Halo wars and airmech arena. Terraria RTS shall become a thing in the the future, this is what I am certain of.


Never played (or heard of) that game.. but I might check it out.

Once I finally get to PC, anyway (just 5 weeks left!)

Part time job hasn't some slow pay..


I'm really excited, especially for new defenses, I hope they're useful outside of the new invasion too

I'm curious though, what's the Dryad going to do now in Terraria? This "controlling the corruption" thing came outta no where I think, will she have new stuff or a quest?
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