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WIP A Dryad that is in fact a druid because it's my job.

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature and Music' started by Gaia the Druid, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Gaia the Druid

    Gaia the Druid Terrarian

    Hello, mortals. I am a Druid... as well as a Dryad. If you have not already been acquainted with a Dryad- we are nymphs, or spirits of nature- often taking humanoid forms and protecting what is ours which would be the tree of which we were born from. A lot of Dryads are merely concerned with protecting their forest from wandering humans and other harmful creatures, but there are a few of us that seek some more.... proactive methods. For example, there are the infamous Dryads of Heroes. Most of you are likely well-acquainted with these... traditional females. They often dress in... very little. But they are well versed in their job nonetheless.

    My job is a little more... low-key. I am not an emergency standby but a first responder- I am a purger of the dreaded Corruption. No, i am not a hero, an explorer, or an adventurer; I am just a Druid doing her job. I do not seek fame nor recognition, but Ash (my guide) recommended that I "Take a break" and practice using "the internet". He believes I am overexerting myself. He calls me a "work alcoholic" or something along those lines. Anyways, where was I? Ah, yes; I am a Druid that purges the corruption when the need arises. There is no cure for the virus that is the corruption; so it's up to me, and others (I think) to prevent the spread before adventurers arrive.

    I personally have no problem with humans or adventurers, but they tend to get a little too... enthusiastic, about their chosen occupation. They start out alright- but then next thing you know you have mass murders of guides and civilians due to the wall of flesh sweeping through- and angry cultists running around as well. Needless to say, things get messy real fast. So I try to be quick with my job before any attention is drawn.

    But the current lands I'm in.... They aren't normal. Well- correction- I underestimated what the lands would throw at me. Now I am facing what I believe is a Corrupted Dryad (a MALE at that) who seeks to spread the Corruption and eradicate me in the process- I have also sensed the presence of the Eye of Cthulhu. At this rate I will have to take an Adventurer's course of action. But i will do it because it is my job.
  2. Gaia the Druid

    Gaia the Druid Terrarian

    Ugh, so, Ash doesn't know how to add another post without making an entirely new thread, and apparently I shouldn't do that. I am not really sure why humans are all over this technology thing- It's so overly complex and too distracting by far. Then again humans are easily distracted.

    I've been on this island for about a month, and then the Eye of Cthulu shows up! Okay, I am lying. I summoned the Eye of Cthulu. No. Don't tell the other dryads, because they would never let me live it down. Allow me to explain: it was the only option available to me. There are no adventurers here. Simply I and that blasted Corrupted Dryad, as well as some locals, are the only ones on this island. If I wanted to banish Cthulu, I would have to do it myself. It may also bring me one step closer to dispatching the male dryad. He is a pompous oaf. I can't stand him. Every time I step into his land to get across to the desert, he sends his hoards of soul eaters after me so he can make the most flamboyant entrance and then proceed to miss me with his axe ( I believe it is called an Axe of the Night). While I appreciate his horrible aim, it is absolutely pitiful. That is why I have built a mine cart track above his lands- for mine carts are much too fast for even him. He tries his very best though- it is rather comical.

    I did something I never thought I would do- I got my hair cut. Now given, my hair is more 'vine like' than human hair, but I happened to save what you call a hair stylist- from certain consumption by cave crawlers. I think it looks quite nice on me- I forgot her name but she told me once she was finished: "GURRRRRL, You look as fly as a firefly in the summertime, and you're about to light-up-the-night!" I have.....very minor understanding of that statement, but I believe that it was fine in terms of emotional support.

    The Arms Dealer- He reminds me of the corrupted Dryad in that he is very arrogant, and I am unsure why my nurse, Katie, enjoys going on dates with him, but he uses a lot of slang as well. He calls me 'thorns' because apparently i'm "thorny" which I am not even sure I fully understand.

    Anyway, Ash said I needed to write this down because I "keep everything in". Dryads don't function like humans. We don't feel, or, we are not as emotional as humans- we just are not. Anyway, I am not sure who reads this, but I'm sure I'll be writing more in the future if that buffoon of a Dryad does not kill me first
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