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A Full-Game Guide to the Old One’s Army


One more recommenadion, but please test it yourself, if you have time
Summon, T1 – Imp Staff – it worked for me, aganst all regular mobs (Vampire frogs are better vs dark mage). Has some really lucky piercing shots and ignites everyone
Optimal strategy was 3/3 or 2/4 or 2/3 imp/frog

Magic, T1 – Book of Skulls, here it is a bit worse as it pierces 3 enemies (water bolt – 10, demon scythe 5) but is fine nevertheless
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Eye of Cthulhu
I moved Clinger Staff and Nimbus Rod to the things everyone should have ready. I really underestimated their preformance at keeping things down. I also added note of how much more manageable multiplayer makes the event, and tested and added @qwerty3.14 strategy to lure Betsy with the crystal.

I also put Magical Harp back in the t2 list. I don’t know why it felt so bad last time I tried it out, but it is actually one of Mage’s better choices for the tier. I also threw in Imp Staff and Life Drain, and removed the text sayinf that Water Bolt can bounce back and hit the other side (its pierce is only 10 - it can’t. I thought my limear aim was atrocious or something.)
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