Xbox One A funny problem relateing to a piranha

Discussion in 'Console Bug Reports' started by Amalgam, May 18, 2019.

  1. Amalgam

    Amalgam Terrarian

    Apparently when an enemy despawns with the piranha gun's piranha attached to it, your character cannot swap weapons or move items in the inventory.

    There is an obvious way to fix the glitch and thats either to wait till you die somehow or save and exit.

    (Thanks alot Martian madness for this glitch occurring)
  2. Unit One

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    Ohh that’s a unique one @Amalgam, thanks for sharing. If you haven’t already, I suggest sending this info straight to Pipeworks (the console developers). You can do that using this form: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form

    They probably won’t reply, but they do look over every message they get.

    Also, was your broken world that would only load to 99% fixed with the latest update?