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10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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For the other category! I just turning Terraria into Resident Evil (Both games have a grand celebration in the same year!)

The video will be published on June 12, 2021 (11.00 AM ET.) So that should be in time submission!

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This is my first world of the Terraria, everytime I revisit it I feel happy about buying it on chrismass that night of..2020, I rember when i killed Moon Lord, it was like in the 24th try, it wasn't even on master mode, I was just bad, But who cares. Terraria sometimes tells us that there is always a solution even thought the solution is to reforge all your accesories to wardening and in term giving more money to the goblin tinkerer that will create class levels and in the rise of THE PROLETARIATS.Anyways, what i want to say with this is
Thanks Terraria For The Best Godamn Summer Of My Life


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My entry for the Art category. I've always wanted to make a 3D model of Plantera (mainly because ~tentacles~), so when the contest went up I said "screw it, let's do this". Unfortunately, I lost my tablet pen today so I couldn't quite paint over more details as I wanted to, but oh well. She'll be up for download as soon(tm) as I finish her little details (like rigging the chompy boys' leaves and making her first form/petal row.)

The image is 4K (I think) and the composition is intended to be suitable as a wallpaper for 16:9, 5:4, and 4:3 monitors (yes my monitor is 5:4).
Lil' backstory: This is supposed to be Plantera becoming enraged as she follows the player outside of the Underground Jungle. At first, I planned on rendering only Plantera and painting the background myself, but that didn't work out. So I made a simple cave background and gave it some grass. I wanted to give it a little waterfall in the corner but the fluid simulation didn't work out.

Plantera was always my favourite boss in the game. Hope I did her justice lol


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Here are some screenshots of a world that I haven't touched since the beginning of 1.3, just found it again while searching for a world to show off!

also I have no clue who Alfie19 is..


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Okkkk here's my entry for Art category! :D All of Terraria bosses in "balloon-y" form to celebrate 10 years of Terraria! I'm not sure if I did good showing they are baloons but I hope you will like my very first attempt to draw doodle art! :D <3I think it is obvious but I thought I'd better mention it's a traditional art! Who knows, maybe they later consider two categories for art, one digital and one traditional! :DDD
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Official Terrarian
Better go get the Bananarang...

This is a depiction of every foe encountered during a Solar Eclipse (minus Mothron's Eggs if those count), which is one of the most unique aspects of Terraria and, in my opinion, the best event of the game. So, I thought that drawing a scene of one would be a good way to celebrate Terraria's tenth anniversary. (This is for the artwork category.)


View attachment A Solar Eclipse Is Happening.png
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So, I was looking at the categories until I found the idea in the other category. In the examples, you have written that I can also add worlds on mobile. So I decided to send you my world folders. I hope it'll work! :dryadgrin:


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Dungeon Spirit

My entry *workshop: texture packs* my major work in progress pack, it's mostly focused on upscaled textures, some classic textures and some just completely redone. I currently have a fair few that are only partway progressed, as some i recolored and would then upscale, but i put them in for more content, and some textures are currently placeholders, but might be kept as optional files. (Relic item textures are placeholders with map icons for example)
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all framed items *should* be their upscaled textures.
food items have not been converted into game files yet, and some are not done. Music boxes are also default currently. Chests were just used to hold items.
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I might come back and reshape the pylon crystals to be a bit smoother, i get better as i go, and those are a bit older.
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