10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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I like to make biome bridges! I use them to top off hellevators or stop biome spreads. Here are a few of mine 😄
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biome bridges.png
Ancient relics


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This is my entry for the art category.

The concept is that my current Terraria Avatar is visiting my old world - the one that I built when I was young while playing this game with my mother - because backups got messed up when I changed computers. Drawing this was a hit of nostalgia, and it reminded me of how much I appreciate this game.

Thank you Terraria, and happy 10th anniversary.

My Forrest Pylon / Starter Base / Custom Dungeon Entrance / Trophy Display
With and without the cultists
Good luck to everyone else and thanks, Re-Logic, for creating a game that has brought me joy for 8 years!
Submitted for the 'Screenshot' Category


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Catagory: Steam Workshop - Texture Packs
Entry: Slim Terrarians

I've been working on a little project since Oktober 2011, you may have seen it?

as back in Terraria 1.0.6 when i started playing Terraria, the only difference to the player sprite was the hair and "Ugh" or "Ouf" sound when getting hurt.
Which pretty much started with me making a Female version of the player sprite

and then added a few Female NPC variants and Townies in the "slim" style
Female Player sprite, Then (2011) vs Now
The Nurse, Then (2011) vs Now
Zombie, Then (2011) vs Now

With 1.1 and an actual an actual female player sprite, it didn't stop me from continuing with my "slim" style
The Guide, Then (2012) vs Now
Skeleton, Then (2012) vs Now
Goblin, Then (2012) vs Now

But also kept updating My pack and alternate add-ons with every update for Terraria, by re-fitting the new armor/vanity in the content-update to fit my player sprite, but also making new things throughout the years.
Llihzahrd, Then (2013) vs Now
Witch Vulture, Then (2013) vs Now

I even hid my Female Stardust Guardian for 5 years (with no preview nor mentioning of her, aside a few vague hints)
so that she was a surprise for other Summoners that completed endgame or played with a Summoner Friend who had

♀ Stardust Guardian (2015)

(There are many more Previews for every part of the TexturePack on the Workshop)
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This is my entry for the Screenshot Category

I present to you my simple, yet (for me at least) cute town: The Windy Villa.
Hope you guys like it!

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I made a Resource Pack for the "Steam Workshop - Texture Packs" category. It aims to change up how certain biomes look (therefore the name "Redone Biomes"). It's not supposed to look good, just interesting.
A couple examples:

The forest and caves are now monotone and with bigger pixels (to evoque more of an old school vive)
Graveyard related mobs and certain tiles are now golden.
Corruption is now spookier and inspired by Bloodborne, but with a more "corrupt" look than in that game.
The Crimson and its creatures are PewDiePie themed.
The Hallow is Rayman-eske in the sense that creatures don't have middle limbs, just the end parts.
The sky and its mobs looks like they were taken from a debug room of a 3D videogame.
The dungeon is more musical than ever, and so are its inhabitants.
Bees are now the best cheese (especially for WoF if that wasn't nerfed, I did not check).
The Marble biome is more modern looking and with modern creatures living in it.
The Granite biome is now Sci-Fi.​

I hope you have fun with this Texture Pack, it was a lot of work that I had to do since the first day this was announced all by myself. If you don't mind, I'm going to take a nap. It is a complete Texture Pack, so no updates or even fixes. Maybe someday I will make a complementary Pack that changes bosses, or even one that changes up more biomes, but I am done for this one.

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