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Sprites A Little More Love for the Ice Golem

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by Bry-ccentric, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    Ok, before you say anything.
    The mini-bosses in this game are pretty "Meh", even for being Mini-Bosses. There's only 3 in the game, and they're kinda there for a minuscule amount of time.
    I'm not saying Redigit should make the Ice Golem essential for progress or anything; I just want the thing to not be completely irrelevant after 4 kills in early Hardmode. So here I am.
    Now I've got 3 changes I wanna make. What I hope to accomplish here with these changes is to make the Ice Golem a constant challenge, but at the same time manageable.
    1st Change: Stats
    First off, something I'd like to suggest for both the Ice Golem and the Sand Elemental (obviously focusing on the former, though) is that their stats should beef up the further you get into the game. Specifically, every Hardmode Boss you defeat will boost its stats by an amount that I'm going to specify in a spoiler that's coming up shortly. The reason for this is that, well, there are only two Mini-Bosses in the game, and you kinda fight them both at the same point in the game. Having the Mini-Bosses get more difficult as you get more difficult would make them more interesting, I'd think. Kind of has a "rival" vibe to it, like in the Pokemon games (though I guess the word "rival" isn't very accurate at all in this scenario, is it?).
    If you want nothing to do with stats, I'd suggest you skip this spoiler.
    Okay, so here are its normal stats in-game. The numbers in parentheses are Expert Mode stats.
    Damage Max Health Defense Knockback Resistance Inflicts Debuffs
    1 60 (120) Contact, 64 (128) Frost Beam 4,000 (8,000) 32 95% (96%) [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 45 (90) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (20% from Frost Beam, lasts 1 (2) seconds)
    And now, here are its stats after every boss that is defeated.
    Boss Damage Max Health Defense Knockback Resistance Inflicts Debuffs
    1 1st Mech 67 (134) Contact, 67 (134) Frost Beam 4,280 (8,560) 33 96% (97%) [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 46 (92) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (21% from Frost Beam, lasts 1 (2) second(s))
    2 2nd Mech 74 (148) Contact, 70 (140) Frost Beam 4,560 (9,120) 34 97% (98%) [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 47 (94) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (22% from Frost Beam, lasts 1 (2) second(s))
    3 3rd Mech 89 (178) Contact, 77 (154) Frost Beam 5,120 (10,240) 36 99% (100%) [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 50 (100) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (25% from Frost Beam, lasts 1 (2) second(s))
    4 Plantera 103 (206) Contact, 83 (166) Frost Beam 5,680 (11,360) 40 100% [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 55 (110) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (25% from Frost Beam, lasts 1.5 (3) seconds)
    5 Golem 125 (250) Contact, 93 (186) Frost Beam 6,520 (13,040) 44 100% [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 60 (120) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (29% from Frost Beam, lasts 1.5 (3) seconds)
    6 Lunatic Cultist 134 (268) Contact, 102 (204) Frost Beam 7,120 (14,240) 48 100% [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 60 (120) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (33% from Frost Beam, lasts 1.5 (3) seconds)
    7 Moon Lord 164 (328) Contact, 115 (230) Frost Beam 8,680 (17,360) 56 100% [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Frost Beam, lasts 75 (150) seconds), [​IMG] Frozen (33% from Frost Beam, lasts 2 (4) seconds)
    Duke can be defeated at any point during Hardmode. Because of this, he instead grants a static boost to the Ice Golem's stats, wherever they may currently be on the table above.
    Boss Damage Max Health Defense Knockback Resistance Inflicts Debuffs
    1 Duke Fishron +10% Contact, +10% Frost Beam +15% +10% No bonus [​IMG] Chilled (Now also inflicted on Contact, lasts 7.5 (15) seconds longer), [​IMG] Frozen (+7% chance from Frost Beam, no duration bonus)
    2nd Change: Expert Mode Frost Beam
    The other thing I'd like to suggest to make fighting the Ice Golem a little more interesting is giving its Frost Beam an additional asset in Expert Mode: a rain of icicles that behaves very similarly to the Cursed Dart's lingering flames, except for the "lingering" part. The icicles fall faster than the cursed flames, but they shatter on contact with players or blocks, inflicting a new debuff called [​IMG] Snap Freeze if they hit a player. This new debuff is just Webbed and Frozen mixed together: you're completely immobilized, AND you can't use any items. On top of that, you take a solid 50 defense-piercing damage upon breaking out of the ice, which is dealt to the player as if it were a Damage-over-Time debuff. The duration of Snap Freeze would be the same as Frozen; the only two differences are that you can be suspended in the air, and that you take guaranteed damage after the debuff wears off.
    If you're inflicted with Frozen, you'll be immune to Snap Freeze, and vice versa. Shouldn't be that big of an issue, since the Ice Golem won't be able to extend the debuffs' durations by hitting you again.
    Frozen and Snap Freeze now increase damage taken from cold sources by 30% (the polar opposite of the Warmth buff).
    Actually, another thing that is sorely needed (thanks for bringin' it up, @sharkman0101): The Frost Beam should really be able to go through walls. All you need is a little hidey hole and you've got a nice little Ice Golem farm.
    Type: Debuff
    Effects: Completely immobilized; cannot move or fall, use items, or take knockback.
    +30% damage taken from cold sources.
    Essentially[​IMG] Stunned, but with damage at the end.
    Tooltip: Immovable, weakened to cold attacks
    Immune Enemies: Enemies that inflict Chilled, Frozen or Snap Freeze (they are now immune to all cold debuffs, especially Frostburn)
    Sand Elemental and Bosses are not immune, but debuff duration is reduced to 10% of what it normally is
    With that out of the way, I can start on my favorite part.
    The new items.
    3rd Change: New Frost Core Items
    Yes, I'm adding in new items.
    In fact, I'm adding in several. Mostly weapons and ammo, but there's a few other items that you can make. I'm debating adding a few more weapons for later in the game (Post-Plantera, probably).
    Funnily enough (and to the dismay of many, I'd imagine), none of these items inflict Frostburn.
    I wanted to give Snap Freeze more than "Only inflicted by one enemy in Expert Mode".

    Crafted with 2 Frost Cores, 13 Adamantium/Titanium Bars, and an Ice Blade.
    Doesn't exactly get any size improvements from its previous form, but the new projectiles'll make up for this at least somewhat.
    This blade launches 4 icicles in a preset pattern in front of you as you swing. One after another, the icicles fly out in a 60-degree spread, each travelling in a long arc and shattering on impact. The icicles have a 100% chance to inflict Chilled for 10-20 seconds, as well as a 10% chance (20%, if the enemy is already Chilled) of inflicting Snap Freeze for a second. As for the blade itself, it inflicts Chilled AND Snap Freeze with a 35% chance (the latter's chances again being doubled if the target is Chilled), which can help you if you decide to get close.
    ...Now, uh, this is all cool and good, but there's the problem of the Frostbrand existing at around the same tier as this thing.
    Damage: 42 (Melee)
    Knockback: 4 (Weak)
    Critical Strike Chance: 3%
    Use Time: 29 (Average)
    Velocity: 8.5
    Tooltip: Fires chilling icicles at foes
    Inflicts Debuffs: [​IMG] Chilled (100% from Icicle, 35% from Blade; lasts 6-12 seconds), [​IMG] Snap Freeze (10% from Icicle, 35% from Blade; lasts 1 second)
    Rarity: Pink
    Sell: 6 [​IMG]

    Crafted with a Frost Core and 4 Adamantium/Titanium Bars.
    A rather small boomerang. Thankfully (again), its ability mitigates this issue.
    The Iceflake is a stackable boomerang that flies about 14 blocks and moves a little slower than the Ice Boomerang.
    When stacked, all boomerangs in the stack will be thrown at once, each one's angle being about 15° apart. With a full stack of 7, you'll have the initial Iceflake, along with two more 15° on either end, 30° on either end, and 45° on either end. This kinda makes a little Iceflake "barrier", though the Iceflakes don't pierce enemies, so, really, it just eliminates the need to aim.
    Of course, to compensate for this, its damage is kinda low.
    The Iceflake, like the Slicicle, inflicts both Chilled and Snap Freeze, and the chance of Snap Freeze inflicting is also doubled if the target is already Chilled.
    Damage: 36 (Melee)
    Knockback: 5 (Average)
    Critical Strike Chance: 2%
    Use Time: 42 (Very Slow)
    Velocity: 9
    Tooltip: Stacks up to 7, entire stack is thrown at once
    Inflicts Debuffs: [​IMG] Chilled (33%; lasts 5-12 seconds), [​IMG] Snap Freeze (7%; lasts 1 second)
    Rarity: Pink
    Sell: 2 [​IMG]

    Crafted with Bottled Water and a Frost Core at an Imbuing Station.
    For the next 20 minutes after drinking this, melee attacks inflict Chilled (100% chance) and Snap Freeze (5% chance; 10% if enemy is already Chilled).
    Use Time: 16 (Very Fast)
    Tooltip: Melee attacks chill and freeze enemies
    Grants Buff: Weapon Imbue: Frostbite [​IMG] (20 minutes)
    Buff Tooltip: Melee attacks chill and freeze enemies
    Rarity: Light Red
    Sell: 1 [​IMG]


    Crafted with a Frost Core and 175 Wooden Arrows. Makes 175, as one would assume.
    Guaranteed to inflict Chilled, with a 15% chance of Snap Freezing enemies (30%, if the enemy is already Chilled).
    Damage: 13 (Ranged)
    Knockback: 1.25 (Extremely Weak)
    Velocity: 1
    Pierce: 0
    Inflicts Debuffs: [​IMG] Chilled (100%; lasts 7-12 seconds), [​IMG] Snap Freeze (8%; lasts 1 second)
    Rarity: Light Red
    Sell: 17 [​IMG]

    Crafted with a Frost Core and 175 Musket Balls. Makes 175.
    Second verse, same as the first.
    Damage: 9 (Ranged)
    Knockback: 1.25 (Extremely Weak)
    Velocity: 1.75
    Pierce: 0
    Inflicts Debuffs: [​IMG] Chilled (100%; lasts 7-12 seconds), [​IMG] Snap Freeze (7%; lasts 1 second)
    Rarity: Light Red
    Sell: 7 [​IMG]

    Crafted with a Frost Core. Makes 175.
    Leaves a trail of frost clouds that lingers for about 2 seconds before fading away.
    Damage: 8 (Ranged)
    Knockback: 1 (Extremely Weak)
    Velocity: 0
    Pierce: 4 (Shatters on the 5th enemy hit)
    Inflicts Debuffs: [​IMG] Chilled (100%; lasts 5-10 seconds), [​IMG] Snap Freeze (5%; lasts 1 second)
    Rarity: Light Red
    Sell: 0 [​IMG]

    Alright well that's kind of it. Thanks for readin' through that.
    Feedback would be appreciated for the Ice Golem's stats, if possible, as well as for the usage of Snap Freeze on the items. I'm well aware of how overpowered it could've gotten so I did my best to account for that.
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  2. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    Haha wait I'm an idiot I posted this in Items instead of NPCs & Enemies.
    ...I have not been doing so hot these past few months.
    EDIT: Oh yay someone moved it for me. Thanks, unnamed person.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  3. sharkman0101

    sharkman0101 Skeletron Prime

    While I love the new weapons you suggested, the stat scaling and the new attack doesn't solve how easy he is. Those higher stats and that attack won't stop players from hiding in a hole or behind a wall and cheesing him with yo-yos or other weapons like a Daedalus Stormbow. I suggest that those icicles from the frost beam should maybe go through walls, in order to stop players from hiding out and taking his precious Ice Cores.
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  4. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    Ok, glad someone else noticed it.
    [EDIT] Done and dusted.
    Also, I've been thinking of adding something else to the laser, either with the icicle part or replacing it: a trail of frost that lingers for around 3 seconds before disappearing, guaranteed to inflict Snap Freeze for 2 seconds.
    Mainly wanted this to further limit any camper's moving space, and making them a sitting duck for other lasers. I'm thinking it might be a little much, though.
    Opinion, if any?
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
  5. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    Really well thought out! I like it!
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  6. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    I'd love to see this in the game, but it would suck in PVE on the Pedguin server. Great things require great sacrifice, I suppose.
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  7. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    I agree, the Ice Golem needs more love. 100% support!!!
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  8. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    Don't the Paladin and Red Devil count as mini-bosses??? If they do, then there'd be 4.
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  9. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    I- You know what? I totally didn't even consider the Paladin. I don't think the Red Devil really counts, though; it's more of a Hardmode version of the Demon (not to mention its low health compared to the other mini-bosses).
    Make that three, then.
  10. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    I was more thinking of the tridents...
  11. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    If we're going by damage, then the Giant Tortoise is a mini-boss, too, which... isn't exactly the case.
    The Red Devil's more just a normal enemy with a strong but easily-dodged ranged attack.
  12. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    Ohhh... Ok. Looks like I just misunderstood... either them or you, no idea which :p
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  13. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    I think there's more than 3 mini bosses: Ice Golems, Sand elementals, Wyverns, Paladins, Biome mimics plus all the event mini bosses; Goblin summoner, Flying Dutchman ect... But I fully support this idea, we need more frost items in Terraria, plus these sprites are... cool. I'll see myself out.
  14. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    Huh, I kinda considered Wyverns to be normal enemies, if only because they're the only other enemy in the Sky besides Harpies. I forgot about the Paladin and Biome Mimics, and I also considered the event bosses as a separate category, for some reason, so I think the logical conclusion is that my brain functions weirdly.
  15. NBRI

    NBRI Eye of Cthulhu

    So does mine!!!
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