Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

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The player you see is rocking some of the new starting cloth options. Lazure added several new starting outfits to the game. :p
Does this mean the return of the old female skirt then? would make for a nice kilt-like outfit piece provided that the Tam o' Shanter gets update to not make the player bald.
I read through all of that in a euphoric state of mind, I can sleep very soundly tonight.

Oh god... They're not all praying (or making a ritual for) for... Dare I say... Cthulhu?! Look at the tentacle mouth design! :eek:
Dat mini-biome. PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASE tell me it will make getting the Enchanted Sword easier. That thing is harder to get than a dozen Legendary Death Sickles! And that cult in front of the dungeon looks so awesome! I cannot begin to say how great this update looks already from what little you have spoiled! Thanks so much for everything you've done!
And some people wonder why we kill bunnies. If there are crimson ducks, I'll flip. :p
Keep it up guys. The update is looking promising.
If they're worshiping Cthulhu, then does that mean that a bunch of cops are gonna come and arrest them all and confiscate the idol, while an anthropologist asks some of the more civilized cultists what the chant was, who then later shares it with the nephew of some museum curator who died suddenly after finding out a horrible truth about one of the Great Old Ones, Cthulhu, which the nephew later finds out as well after hearing about some sailors from a Sydney newspaper who apparently found the great stone city of Rl'yeh, and was attacked by great Cthulhu Himself, and then the nephew writes about all his findings in a journal and presumably dies shortly afterwards?
Once again The Re-Logic team sparks the curiosity of someone who has logged 1561 hours into this gem already! Look out 2000 here I come!!!
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