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A long needed introduction.

Quick question.

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Brigadier Bread

I have been a member of this community long enough to have gone so unnoticed. So I have created this late, late, late introduction for myself.
I have played Terraria on both mobile and PC, primarily computer. Though I would like to learn how to sprite, I cannot, but to make up for that I am quite well at writing.
(By writing, I mean stories, poems, thoughts, etc.)
I play many games other than Terraria, mostly FPS, and am a large fan of The Doctor
(Doctor who, any simpletons) , Hetalia, Halo, and other things.
I have a few different views of myself, though for the most part my roleplay is in some branch of Doctor Who lore.
I am not human. I may or may not be completely sane. And I have green eyes.

Skipping over a few things I am a jack-of-all trades sorta weapon guy. I use whatever kind of tool I want to whenever I want to, but my limit is overly large and clanky tanky things.
I am quick on my feet, good with a gun, and overall a pretty mysterious fellow.

Thank you for reading this. Maybe I will actually get a reply.
P.S. Pirates are going to rule the universe whether you want it or not, because I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SPACESHIP.


Hello there. Based on another introduction thread, I wonder why no humans or sane people are writing on this forum. Where are all the puny mortals?

Nevertheless, be welcomed to join us in this insanity. Perhaps you can weaken the madness by writing your beautiful poems and stories which would nurture our minds and souls. But don't bother to cast your poetic might upon me, my friend. I'm already a hopeless case, a lost soul who wanders the threads in order to find his forgotten sanity. It exists no more. :golem:


Duke Fishron
Hi! Tip on learning how to sprite: Make/find a picture that you want, shrink it, fill out holes by copying colors that belong in spots. :[]
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