A Melee Class mini Review []

Getting right to it, there's a number of interesting things I've noticed while leaving pre-Harmode, into Hardmode; about Melee Class [current main Weapon: Breaker Blade (Expert Mode, Not the Bees!)].
  1. Ditching Molten Armor [pre-Hardmode] for the next Tiered Ore Set [Hardmode] didn't "feel" like a direct upgrade, but more like an "optional" playstyle.
  2. If this wasn't directly the case, say Molten Armor for Palladium, it certainly felt that way going from Palladium to Mythril Tier'd Ore.
  3. If this isn't the case even still, there seemed to be some kind of trade-off for overall DPS, for more defense in some form or fashion.
  4. Lastly, the only direct upgrade that seemed to be a difference-maker was Titanium Tier'd Armor, which seemed to receive the same, usual trade-off of less DPS for more defense, with the drawback being made inconsequential due to it's special "Shards Effect".
Terraria Screenshot 2023.01.07 -

Molten Tier'd Armor, paired with the Breaker Blade, hit for thousands of points of damage at times, which wasn't as noticeable with other sets that come to mind, save for maybe one? Palladium's regen gimmick seemed rather... mediocre, but the higher defense bonus was certainly useful. Mythril likely won't get any complaints from me, it didn't seem worse than either of the previous sets, but I also can't really recall what it's gimmick was/ is. 🤨 🤷‍♂️

For the sake of context, I think it's important to note that I'm currently trying to defeat Queen Slime, after defeating a Pirate Invasion. I didn't get lucky with any Minion drops, so I'm still stuck with Imp Staff. I'm hoping to replace Imps with Blades Staff soon, so that I can move on to defeating the Mechs. Queen Slime wouldn't normally give me trouble, but crafting certain Potions on Special Seed Maps can be a bit challenging, for example, Blink Root and Daybloom are extremely rare [ingredients for Defensive Potions] on a Not the Bees! Seed, which won't really spawn much without special Player intervention.

In addition, Fishing is a much tougher option of progression without the assistance of the Angler NPC [who hasn't appeared yet], and there are no Spider Dens to be found, anywhere [Spider Staff, Queen Spider Staff]! Both my Sentries and Minions are pre-Hardmode Tier, and it's really forcing me to think outside the box! I've come pretty close to defeating Queen Slime twice, but the endgame gets pretty rough, especially using a Melee Weapon, as trading hits with Queen Slime is a bad idea!

Overall, it's been pretty entertaining and I'm really enjoying the updates [changes] so far. I've never really had much reason to go the Tier'd Ore path in the past, so seeing the game from this angle is quite eye-opening. I'm sure I'll "turn the corner" after Queen Slime is defeated, as a "tougher, Harder-Hitting Minion" is really feeling the missing link at the moment [continued from this Review and this Thread].

Current Fun-Factor Score: 9.5/10, the ability to Fish in the Ocean Biome was "fixed", in addition to a few other features.

Update 01/08/2023: Queen Slime was defeated, and I was right about Blade Staff!
I swapped Cobalt Shield out for Bone Glove, it's just waaay too risky being close to her during the final stretch!
Terraria Screenshot 2023.01.08 -

I'm just a spinning wheel of death now! :naughty:🗡️
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