PC A much larger "Small hanging garden" & A rope bridge

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  1. Moh.M@gdy

    [email protected] Terrarian

    Capture 2019-06-14 21_28_15.png

    So I'm a relatively inexperienced builder, and I just built this
    It took me roughly 8-9 hours of continuous work

    If you're wondering about the title, it in reference to a thread I made yesterday (Which was my first thread here)
    I had some extra time on my hands today and decided to build something much bigger and more detailed

    Still planning on replacing the Sunplate island house with something better and more fitting, but I don't know what to build there yet xd

    All feedback is appreciated `:happy:
  2. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Looks great!
    For the sun plate house, I would just make it overgrown or something.
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  3. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Terrarian

    Not bad, not bad at all. How did you manage the pipes? I don't recognize the block.
  4. Moh.M@gdy

    [email protected] Terrarian

    Palladium Column blocks and walls
    Same block for the sides of each garden except in the gardens it's painted white