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Mobile A Number Of Problems


Hey guys, I just bought Terraria for Windows Phone, and I love it! Keep up the good work!

However, there are a few problems:

1. The crafting menu lags like HELL and crashes my game a lot
2. The game crashes randomly (rarely)
3. There are about 7 demon altars in the whole world and I just can't get the adamantite that I need (even when grinding through worlds)
4. When I auto-equip armor or vanity it always goes on the equip slot not vanity slot, and always deletes what was there before!

Please Reply,
Windows phone version is kinda new so they are probably going to fix the lag soon. As for vanity,never seen that before,wierd. For three, you need to break demon altars to get adamantite,and to break demon altars you need a Pwnhammer,which means beating a boss called the Wall of Flesh. Or did you know that already?


Yeah I know that lol just bad wording. Anyway I just used enough spelunker potions and went mining for two hours and got enough lol! I have Adamantite now

I've been playing terraria for like 2 years now so ye you could say I am an expert at terraria so ik what wof is lol but thanks for the help :)
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I had the same problem with the item vanity slot. Do you know guys if the WP version will get the events like Oktoberfest? Hope we dont end with the same version forever!

Milady Lyndis

Just move your armor over the equipement section icon and keep it here until the equipement screen apparaers and put your armor in the armor slots... ;)
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