1. Dark-Assassin

    Dark-Assassin Skeletron Prime

    A* Pathfinding
    This mod adds Pathfinding to NPCs.
    That means they will be smarter and navigate the world and try to avoid obsticals to try and get to you.
    Only enemies are currently supported.
    This mod is completely server sided and single player only, however not much testing has occured on a server.

    NPCs will only search for a path within a distance of 120 blocks as they will usually despawn outside that area.
    They will also not search through areas they cannot normally nativate, such as sky for gravity NPCs and outside the water for Fish, and places they won't fit through.
    Some however will jump up platforms to get to you. Some can't go through platforms at all. (I'm looking at you most Demon Eyes)
    Slimes and Jellyfish are excluded as they are considered dumb.
    Bosses and NPCs that go through tiles are also excluded.
    Any modded NPC that does not use a vanilla AI style that's allowed in this mod, they will be excluded too.
    AI Styles that are allowed: 2,3,5,14,16,17,22,25,26,38,40,44,49,62,85,90,91,96,97,92

    If you have Mod Settings Configurator enabled, you are able to show the paths and nodes for debug purposes.

    Planned Features:
    Known Bugs:
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  2. Alucard3598

    Alucard3598 Steampunker

    Oooh nice a pathfinding mod! Nice to see a mod that does this.
    On that note I would not like to see the magic missile changed as I prefer moving it with the mouse. Perhaps you could add a new weapon that does that instead?
  3. Dark-Assassin

    Dark-Assassin Skeletron Prime

    Either new weapon or a config option. If a new weapon, it'd be based off Chlorophyte and be crafted with the Magic Missile.
  4. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    now this is how you do an enhancement mod
    toughens the game, but not too much
    makes it realistic, not painful
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    btw download's :red:ed
  5. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    Seems very interesting!