A Pause Button - Making Pausing the game more convenient

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by SzGamer227, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    I would like the addition of a "pause" button in some future update. The autopause setting can be inconvenient at times and it would be a great help to be able to pause/unpause at any time. My suggestion is to have a control which toggles between pause and play mode when in the inventory. This would make the autopause setting much more useful, since the player would be able to pause the game instantly when the need arises (such as rearranging the hotbar or being AFK) while also being able to unpause the game to use items directly from the inventory (which I find immensely useful when building or taking buff potions.) Both have their own ups and downs, but being able to have the best of both seems to be the best option.

    Here's the simple version: If you have the autopause setting turned on, then you can't use items that are inside your inventory without moving them to your hotbar first. But if you turn it off, then you lose the advantages of being able to pause the game. A pause button would solve this problem by allowing you to switch while playing vs. having to dig through your settings menu while you're probably at risk of getting mauled.

    Pausing Servers
    Another use for the pause button would be to have a "universal pause" feature in multiplayer which the host of a server can use to pause everything on the serer simultaneously. The power to pause would rest solely in the hands of the host of the server.

    Since instant pausing for everyone on a server might be inopportune for some players at times, a 15 second delay can be included before the pause to notify everyone who happens to be playing. (That amount of time can also be used by the game to sync everyone's games so that they actually pause at the same time, but that's for the developers to work out.) During that time, everyone on the server could be allowed to "veto" the pause via a vote. Every player could would have the opportunity to vote once for him/her self, and if that limit reaches a certain percentage, (around 60% perhaps?) then the pause is canceled, and gameplay continues.
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  2. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    Hmm. Wouldn't it just be simpler to allow players to use buff potions (and anything that's activated with the buff hotkey) during autopause?
  3. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    You still couldn't place items directly from the inventory though, or use tools, or the Magic Mirror, or Binoculars, or any number of useful things.
  4. Xmayne

    Xmayne Terrarian

    Always found this a bit annoying too. There should definitely be a separate pause feature. Autopause takes away a huge feature of the building process.
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  5. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Official Terrarian

    Yes, oh yes, absolutely. An actual keyboard pause button would be phenomenal.

    Specifically, it should be a toggle for autopause.

    So much yes.
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  6. Blacklawn

    Blacklawn Terrarian

    YES. It's extremely inconvenient to have to use autopause in the dungeon or during an invasion, it's strange that this wasn't implemented yet.
  7. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Although you don't have to exit the world to toggle autopause anymore, I agree that I would still appreciate being able to pause the game in an instant and work with my inventory open. I'm not sure about pausing in multiplayer though.
  8. TCRanch

    TCRanch Steampunker

    amen to all of the above. and still no pause button. maybe 1.3.1?
  9. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    It's not even 1.3 yet...
  10. TCRanch

    TCRanch Steampunker

    I know. just being silly. lol :p
  11. FlakMaster

    FlakMaster The Destroyer

    I'd like for there to be some sort of cooldown, so you don't go all pause-maniac like I do to combat 6 Hardest difficulty AI's in Age of Empires 2: Conquerors.

    Then again, being afk is the only reason I see a need for a pause button; I like having danger during management of inventory/hotbar. *shrugs* Expert mode I guess it would be disabled *faint, hollow cheer*
  12. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    I'd suggest 'P' Press it to toggle auto-pause on and off.
  13. towerator

    towerator Terrarian

    I support. I think this is annoying too
  14. TCRanch

    TCRanch Steampunker

    also SHIFT CLICKING INTO CHESTS!!!! would be sooooo handy!
  15. kkfenix

    kkfenix Terrarian

    We need this so much. There should be an on-screen button for clicking and a keyboard button and/or combination of multiple keys for pausing. For exaple, we could set SHIFT + TAB to pause and P as well.

    P.S. These smilies are awesome! :redmunch::redspin::red::red2:
  16. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Spazmatism

    Totally not off-topic. >_>

    You can just put that in a status update, you know. ;)
    These smilies are awesome! :redmunch::redspin::red::red2:
    Just copy and paste.
  17. dresden88

    dresden88 Skeletron Prime

    you have by full and undivided support, i've been wanting this for a long time.
  18. TheGreatB3

    TheGreatB3 Official Terrarian

    I've been thinking about this. I don't want to give up control while in the inventory, but I don't like to have the game continue while in Settings or the full screen map. If there was an Autopause setting that made it so that the game pauses when you lose control of your character, that would solve a whole lot of problems.
  19. Soberstoner

    Soberstoner Terrarian

    +1 on this feedback! The autopause feature limits a lot of my inventory management on-the-go. I would love a PAUSE keymapping ability added that is separate from the autopause preference. The ALT-TAB approach works just fine when I'm going AFK, but most of the time I'm in a heated battle and I just need to pause for a moment to gather my senses and rethink my strategy. Or another situation is when I'm running a blitz to my corpse (Mediumcore) and need a moment to reequip and sort my inventory. There has unfortunately been so many times where I get to my corpse only to realize I forgot to enable autopause before hand and I end up dying almost instantly because I'm fairly naked or with crappy back-up gear. Speaking of which, would be sweet if, for mediumcore, there was some sort of memory retained of my gear/inventory pre-death, so when I get back to my corpse it auto re-equips previous gear and restores inventory sorting (that's for another thread though I guess).

    Multiplayer has its complexities when it comes to pausing, so lets just start with solving this for singleplayer could we please? I'm no programmer so correct me if I'm wrong, but how time consuming could it really be to add an ability to map a key for a pause feature that functions like autopause, but doesn't directly toggle the autopause preference itself?

    With all that being said, this game is freakin awesome. Screw big business and their money-hungry half-assed game production where shareholders come before gamers.
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