A plethora of suggestions for 1.4.5

Bringing them from my topic in Steam Community and giving them a polish and a cleanup:
  • Vanity stacking (elaborated at another thread by mistake).
  • More defense for Ranger, Mage, and Summoner.
    • Doesn't need to be a huge buff, only enough to make their respective armors better compete with Melee in aspects other than functionality alone.
  • Zenith Weapons variant for Ranger, Mage and Summoner. The only one I envisioned so far:
    • Zenith GunBow: Shoots a multitude or arrows and bullets or musket balls containing multiple, if not all, the combined ammo type effects. Right-click to Zoom Out like with the Sniper Rifle or Sniper Scope.
  • Other Bottomless/Infinite/Endless ammo options and infinite MP accessory for endless MP.
    • When it comes with Endless Ammo, I meant for Flare, Rocket I, Poison Dart, Fallen Star, Gel, Sand, Seed, Coin, Stynger Bolt, Candy Corn, Explosive Jack 'O Lantern, Stake, Ale, Snowball and Nail. Name suggestions and, in some cases, features for their endless equivalent:
      • Flare Kit.
      • Rocket Pack.
      • Dart Belt.
      • Super Star.
      • Thick Gel Ball.
      • Pocket Sand: 'They will never see it coming!' Cannot create "Sand Blocks", when used by itself to create a brief cloud of sand in front of the player that causes 1 point of damage and inflicts Blackout for 3 seconds.
      • Seed Satchel: Can also be used to grow normal grass, like Staff of Regrowth, but only works on dirt.
      • Trick Coin: 'A gambler's favorite for coin flip.' Cannot be used as money nor to place coin stacks, prioritized by the Coin Gun, randomly shoots any coin value from copper to platinum, chance for higher valued coins are based on how many of them you have in hand or banked. If used by itself the player flings a coin in the air which prompts "Heads" or "Tails" at 50/50 chance once it lands.
      • Stynger Assembly Unit.
      • Candy Corncob: 'Not safe for consumption.'
      • Pumpking Elemental: 'No Lost Souls here, thankfully!'
      • Stack 'O Stakes.
      • Portable Tapper: 'Drink responsibly.' Can be used by itself to obtain the debuff Tipsy for 30 seconds.
      • Permafrost Snow Block: 'Ice to meet you!' Can be used on water to convert it up to 5x5 sphere of Thin Ice layer on, but won't be actually placed.
      • Nail Drum: 'Not for your house improvement.' Can be colored Tin, Copper, Iron, Lead, Tungsten, Silver, Gold or Platinum Bars.
  • Alternative ways to obtain boss and invasion summon items. My proposals for this one:
    • Errant Cultist: A NPC that can arrive randomly at night after the Lunatic Cultist has been defeated at least once in the world, and leaves at the crack of dawn by teleporting out. Similar to Traveling Merchant, their inventory is random and depends on bosses, invasions and moons cleared (as long as the player beats at least Wave 10), consisting of boss, invasion and event summoning items, sometimes even a vanity related to a random boss. Attacks enemies with homing fireballs similar to the Lunatic Cultist's. If shimmered their robe changes from white cultist to blue cultist.
    • Traveling Merchant: The simpler solution is to have said items be included in the Traveling Merchant's inventory at random.
  • Make it possible for the Skeleton Merchant to move in to a house. Provided he has been Shimmered back to having a flesh on his bones.
    • That makes hunting for specific items he sells way less of a hassle. And not require as much wait as usual. And yes, I actually waited for an HOUR once, boxed with him underground, to be able to buy the Magic Lantern.
  • Add an electric-type ranged gun, or a taser dart/arrow. The proposals are as follow:
    • Tesla Cannon: 'UNLIMITED POWER!!!!' Doesn't use ammo, deals extra damage to anything submerged in water, Town NPC and critters included, even when you normally can't harm them.
    • Lightning Arrow: On impact creates a lightning bolt that bounces up to three times on nearby enemies.
    • Taser Dart: Leaves a trail of harmful electric sparks, inflicts Weak for 5 seconds.
  • Improve interactions with the Angler. There's two ways I can see this done:
    • When turning in a quest, allow the player to pick their reward via a prompt, similar to how Torchlight handles Quest Rewards that have multiple possible rewards. It must always be 1 vanity (set), decoration, and functional (armor, accessory, fishing rod, bug net, wings, etc.), and consumables like baits and potions will always be included regardless of choice.
    • Allow the Angler to run a fishing shop after a certain number of quests have been turned in, with the inventory changing on a daily basis and always containing at least bait.
  • Implement a right-click function for the Shellphone similar to the one included in The Grand Design.
    • Cycling among destinations via right-click is too slow, a destination wheel would work better. Left-Click should always result in "Return to Bed or Spawn Point" as the default.
  • Fix Chester's pet routine so it sticks closer to the player, isn't caught in the Smart Cursor, and has lower priority over all else.
    • As is, Chester can become a hindrance in bases and towns, where it may get in front of chests, switches, doors, and NPCs.
  • Default to sending stack-able items straight to the Void Bag if there's at least one of stack of said item not full.
    • This is a bit self-explanatory. Imagine you are hoarding specific blocks in your Void Bag and don't want them to be in your inventory. Wouldn't it be better to send it straight to the bag?
  • Add the ability to send an item to a nearby chest by Shift+Clicking, provided the chest is in range.
    • While Quick-Stacking is convenient for sending multiple items to nearby chest at once, at times it is better to just send some of them and keep the others in inventory.
  • Improvements to the Guide's Crafting:
    • Add "Shimmer Conversion" to the list of "Crafting Station", so the Guide can tell what the item will turn into when thrown into the Shimmer.
    • Add the ability to see the components used in creating an item shown to him, as sometimes a player may have trouble finding what items were needed to create something they already have but need more of.
  • Improve the Mage's arsenal both in pre-hardmode and post-hardmode, specially when it comes to crafting.
    • Fallen Stars, Mana Crystals, and Life Crystals, could be used in some formulas, as well as Shells, Pearls, etc., instead of only gems.
    • Give it the same overhaul treatment that Melee weapons got, since craft-able wands are all basically "slow spark shoots in a line" pre-hardmode. Have some of them shoot in an arc for a higher damage, shoot projectiles that seeks only for a brief moment for less damage, etc.
  • Make pre-hardmode Summoner more interesting, here's a couple ways to:
    • Giving more summon drops, as early pre-hardmode seems to hate summoners, and late pre-hardmode hates summoners in water.
    • Have new summon items that can be crafted by combining critters with something else.
  • Add some more NPC drops, like a Syringe Gun from the Nurse that can heal players and NPCs, but harms and poisons monsters, or Nature's Spellbook from Dryad that allows the player to create a weaker version of the Dryad's Blessing, and even some hardmode equivalent.
  • While Thrower Class has been deprecated and merged into Melee and Ranged, having something similar to Castlevania SotN's "Duplicator" could be interesting to add
    • So to explain: something that allows consumable items and ammo to have infinite uses, however crafting them or relying in some passive like the Mana Flower will still cause the items to be used. Due to how insane that would be, Have it be obtainable from Empress of Light if fought entirely during daytime on Master Mode.
  • Implement Minimalist UI as an option with each of its features toggle-able individually. To elaborate on it:
    • Player health and mana bars right above the player and shrunk. Similar to how some RTS games handles showing non-highlighted Hero and Caster units.
      • Additionally, HP and MP numbers could be shown in the top right corner without their bars.
    • Hotbar shows the currently selected item at normal size, and all other items and their boxes shrunk, so they occupy less space.
      • Alternatively only flash the hotbar for a moment and then only shows the currently selected item on top left corner.
      • If the currently selected item has limited uses or uses an ammo, place the counter to the right of the item on the Minimalist Hotbar to make it more visible, or right under the player.
    • Make it possible to place the minimap on the top middle at default 75% opacity and without visible buttons.
  • Make it possible to right-click a death marker out of existence in the map.
  • Implement an item that can be placed to allow recurring pings to be made.
    • This should be helpful to flag specific items on the map without having to constantly ping it. Of course, the host should be allowed to put a cap on how many of this type of ping should be active.


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A lot of these things are awesome. Amazing things that fit the game well. Some feel like they go against some other systems set in stone forever ago… I don’t know if some are in either category… good suggestion.


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Add the ability to send an item to a nearby chest by Shift+Clicking
I'd assume it would be changed to ctrl-clicking if Left Shift Quick Trash is enabled? Asking because I usually have it enabled because I'm more used to it.
In general these are cool suggestions, support!
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