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PC A ranger's guide to Terraria

Danny Ω

The Destroyer
"Ready, Aim, Fire."

Let me describe the ranger class first.

Rangers (or Snipers) are basically the element of shot. They are all about aiming in the right way. If you do it right, you can get insane DPS. If you do it wrong, you get killed.

Progression Summary

Rangers have a pretty tough start – They don’t get any class-specific armors till the Dungeon, which is like the second-hardest biome in Terraria. Once hardmode starts though – hehe. Rangers get good weapons, good armors, and INSANE accessories. We literally get WEAPON. SPECIFIC. HELMETS. That’s INSANE.

Weapon Summary

There are three kinds of ranger weapons:

  • Bows: Bows generally have the lowest damage, but that doesn’t mean they are weak. Bows make up for it with cool abilities. Some shoot 4 arrows at once, one LITERALLY MAKES YOUR ARROWS FIRE BATS LIKE WHAT THE FU-
  • Guns: The highest DPS and damage. They shoot fast with bullets, but don’t really have that many cool abilities other than autofire.
  • Launchers: The ones that are hardmode exclusive
Once you spawn, mark your spawn point. Then cut down enough trees to gather 50 (boreal) wood. Get 20 stone and craft some arrows. 250 should be good. Collect a LOT of gel, maybe 50. Make some torches with all the gel, giving you 150 torches. Craft flaming arrows, and then walk over to your snow biome and get ice to make some neat frostburn arrows. Craft a wooden bow and then use your new shiny weapon and cool arrows to collect 10 ebon/Shadewood and craft a bow from that.

With your shiny new bow, go collect 75 cacti. Make armor from it. Now you are set to go underground. Build a quick house for your Guide then proceed to find grass caves. Look out for the following in the grass cave chests:

  • Radar
  • Aglet
Go down one with your torches, cactus armor and ebonshade bow and then its time for day 2.
Now, its time to Mine.

There are four ore tiers in which you can craft armor from at the moment, let me discuss them.


Iron/Lead: Keep these, but not for armor, for utility. Once you have 5 bars of this, make an Anvil, then proceed to take as much of this ore as you can find. You’ll need it for a grappling hook, chests, and much much more.

Silver/Tungsten: Silver is good enough for armor, but Tungsten is better for armor. It’s worth it, but if you have enough, skip to the next tier

Gold/Platinum: Holy grail. Use the first you get to craft a bow, then a watch. Then, anything left if you have enough should be used for armor.

While down mining, take any life crystals you can find and use them. At 180 health, stop. Save the rest for later, k?

Look out for the following down there:

  • Magic Mirror: Invaluable item which allows you to return to spawnpoint at will
  • Depth Meters, Compasses, and Metal Detectors: Gotten from killing cave monsters the metal detector from the rare Nymphs.
Now, with your Tungsten+ armor, your gold/platinum bow, and frostburn arrows, return to the surface then prepare your base.
There are five main components of a base:

  • NPC quarters
  • Storage room
  • Crafting room
  • Bedroom
  • Garden
NPC quarters – your NPC houses. Keep them organized, and simple so you don’t waste materials.

Storage room – CHESTS ALL AROUND. You must use signs to organize especially when the time comes where whenever you go down for spelunking you return with a full inventory.

Crafting room: Just throw all those crafting stations in there. Here are the ones you should have by now:

  • Workbench
  • Furnace
  • Anvil
  • Sawmill
  • Loom
  • Bottle ON that workbench
  • Cooking Pot
Bedroom: Place a bed and mark your spawn point there. Also, make your nurse live there for quick healing.

Garden: If you have any dart traps from underground and the caverns, this is where you use them. All you can do for now is just to place dirt, mud, grass, and snow in neat lines and well-spaced to plant here.
So, you’ll have to do some preparing for the first boss fight. While you do this, use the nights passing to collect Fallen Stars, used to craft Jester Arrows, amazing arrows, both piercing & doing insane damage & looking cool.

What’ll need for the fight

200 HP

Silver/Tungsten/Gold/Platinum armor

Gold/Platinum Bow

Frostburn & Jester arrows

Flare Gun (with Flares) (it can be good)

Potions (Lesser Healing or Healing)

Not required

Potions (Archery, Ironskin, Swiftness)


He’ll do two things. Summon minions, and dash.

For the minions, use your jester arrows. For the dash, use both your frostburn arrows and your flare gun to inflict both frostburn and on fire.

On his second phase, use the same strategy of both types of burn. With that, you should waste him.

Once done, you get these:

30-87 pieces of Demonite/Crimtane ore

20-49 unholy arrows (corruption only)

1-3 corrupted/crimsoned seeds

Let me run through the three:

Ore: priceless. Smelt immediately. Once you have 8 bars (40 pieces of ore) make into a Bow. If you didn’t get enough (which I find hilariously unlikely) battle again.

Unholy arrows: If you want. It gives you 2 more points of damage of off jester arrows for the price of piercing only 5 enemies, unlike the jester’s arrows unlimited piercing

Seeds: don’t plant in your farm without proper quarantining. These need a different small box lined with sunflowers to plant safely.
Now, go over to your local evil biome and smash two of the respective object (Shadow orbs/Crimson hearts). You are guaranteed to get a gun on the first try, so both the Musket and the Undertaker are intensely good weapons.

Now, go head over to the arms dealer that should have moved in and buy some musket balls. Go to your fallen meteor and bomb it for meteorite to craft meteor shots.

Now, prepare for the next bossfight.


What you’ll need:

200 HP

Demon Bow w/ Jester arrows

Musket w/ Meteor shots

Healing potions

Not required

Switness, Ironskin, endurance, and archery potions


What you’ll need:

200 HP

Tendon Bow w/ Jester arrows

Undertaker w/ Meteor shots

Healing potions

Not required

Switness, Ironskin, endurance, and archery potions

When you’re done with this fight, you’ll get either more of your evil ore, then Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples.

All you need these for is to craft an evil pickaxe. If you want, you can craft Crimson armor, put its not required.
Now, plop yourself into the jungle, look for a boomstick, and proceed to the hives. Collect the honey, and kill the larva. The queen has awoken.


360 HP+

Crimson armor/gold/platinum

Boomstick /w Musket Balls

Demon bow /w Jester arrows

Best to battle her IN the hive. Stay in the honey from time to time. When she’s shooting stingers, use your jesters. Use the Boomstick to dispatch her bees.

Once you’ve killed, farm her for a bee’s knees.
Requirements (for the dungeon & fight with the tron of skeles):
400 HP

Crimson/gold/platinum armor

Bee’s Knees /w Wooden Arrows

Boomstick /w Musket Balls

For the Skeletron fight, he’ s actually stupidly easy. With your Bee’s Knees paired with Wooden arrows (which turn into bees) and a meteor shooting Boomstick, this is easy. If you like, you can destroy the hands first, but it doesn’t really matter.

Finally, in the dungeon. Collect BONES. All you need from the dungeon chest wise is the Handgun, Cobalt Shield, and Shadow Keys. Once you have enough bones (about 200 to suffice) collect a similar amount of cobwebs. Use these to craft Necro armor.
Alright, down in the Underworld. Collect Hellstone (make sure you bring some Obsidian Skin potions or a pair of Lava Waders, maybe just a lava charm) Before the Wall of Flesh fight, let me give a list to all you’ll need for the wall of flesh fight and early hardmode in general:

400 HP

Necro armor

Molten Fury (15 Hellstone bars)

Phoenix Blaster (10 Hellstone bars)


The arms dealer

Ammo Box (bought from the travelling merchant)

Molten Pickaxe (20 Hellstone bars)

Obsidian Shield

Lightning/Frostspark Boots

Flower Boots (if you want to do serious gardening)

A nazar & bezoar

A magic mirror/cellphone

A hellavator

A house in the jungle

Pools of all three liquids

In total, you’ll need 135 Hellstone, and 65 Obsidian to craft those ones.

And, if you want, spend hours upon hours of fishing to gather crates. Don’t open.

Now, time for the Wall of Flesh. If you don’t have Lava Waders, use a Water Walking potion or two. Just keep shooting it with your Molten Fury and Phoenix Blaster.

Once it’s done, farm for a Ranger’s Emblem and another random one. Also, for a Clockwork Assault Rifle. Now, its Hardmode.
Bring out your Molten Fury and Phoenix blaster. Move STRAIGHT to your evil biome, dodge the tough new enemies, and smash 9-12 altars. An insane amount of Wraiths will spawn, so just warp back home. If you want, quarantine the hallow and evil, but I see it as a time waster but that's just me.

Once warped home, buy a Shotgun from the Arms Dealer. Just keep it somewhere. Then, now go to your bad biome. Go to a bad desert and kill evil mummies for 2 Dark Shards, then keep them.

Now, start mining.
There are six ores, but only three appear in your world per time. Let me discuss them first.
Cobalt - Use the first ones you get to make a drill and repeater, then the rest is selling fodder
Palladium - Same with cobalt, use the first ones you get to make a drill and repeater, then if you are confident you can dodge a lot, use the armor too, its Rapid Healing buff is INSANE.
Mythril - Use the first you get to make a drill and anvil. The armor is pretty much selling fodder as well
Orichalcum - Same with Mythril at first. But, the set bonus is good too. Its definitely an option.
Adamantite - Make a forge with your first ore, then the armor is VERY good. Use it.
Titanium - Same as Adamantite. The armor, make a forge, stupidly good buff.

Once you have your armor, go down to the biomes to collect the following:
10 Souls of Night (or a full stack of 'em)
(maybe: a stack of souls of Light)
A LOT of ichor/cursed flames/crystal shards
Unicorn horns
5 shark fins
Magic Quiver (from underground archers)
Leaf Wings (teleport that Witch Doctor at night to the house in the jungle. Buy them for one platinum. Then move him back, then make a Surface mushroom biome for the Truffle.

Let's discuss the stacks of souls. SO many souls. You'll need them for farming mimics if you don't want to do that in their respective biomes.
With your crystal shards, make crystal bullets. With ichor (on crimson worlds) make Ichor Darts/bullets. With cursed flames, make cursed darts. With the unicorn horns and pixiedust, make Holy Arrows.
Now, from the mimics, get these:
Daedalus Stormbow
Dart Rifle/Pistol

And finally, craft this one:
Onyx Blaster
Now, this should be your setup for the mech bosses.

Daedalus Stormbow /w Holy Arrows
Onyx Blaster /w Crystal Bullets
Dart Rifle/Pistol with your evil liquid's darts

Now, the Destroyer.
Just rain those holy arrows with your sweet Daedalus stormbow. He won't last long.
I highly suggest farming him for Hallowed bars and Souls of Might, so you can craft Hallowed armor and a Megashark.

Next, Skeletron Prime.
I suggest using that pistol. Also, use your Stormbow.

Finally, the Twins.
Kill Spaz first. Use an Ichor based weapon. You will need that defense drop. Then beat Retinazer. He's easier.
Now, onto Plantera. These should be what you have right now.

Megashark /w Crystal Bullets
Chlorophyte Shotbow /w Holy/Ichor Arrows.
Flamethrower /w Gel

Hallowed or Chlorophyte armor (I suggest Hallowed, store those Chlorobars for Shroomite)

As it sounds, Plantera will die to a Flamethrower. Don't use it only though, all three reccomended weapons are good.

Now, go striaght to your mushroom guy and buy an Autohammer, then convert those bars to Shroomite. Make Shroomite armor. Make all three helmets. Save some Chlorophyte for bullets.
Golem destructionating setup:
Venus Magnum with Crystal bullets.
Grenade/Rocket Launcher with Rocket IIIs.
Piranha Gun.
Pulse Bow or Chlorophyte shotbow with the aforementioned arrows in the Plantera section.

Golem is easy. Use the piranha gun to disable his arms, and use your launcher to obliterate them. Then, use your piranha gun to dispatch his head, then alternate between the three weapons to destroy him.

Farm Golem for a Stynger, and an Eye of the Golem.
For the Frost Moon, we're gonna farm the Santa-NK1 for his Chain Gun. The Chain Gun is horrifyingly powerful, but its pretty inaccurate, so get yourself from Chlorophyte Bullets. Then get a Snowman Cannon, the only good launcher. It can home, dammit you need this thing.

Martian Madness: You can do it if you want the Electrosphere. It's pretty good for the pillars. If you don't want wings and want an extra slot, you can get the UFO too.

Then, Fishron. For Fishron, use either your Chain Gun or the Cannon, really a pick your poison situation. Farm for a Tsunami and Wings if you don't have the UFO.

Time for the Pillars. The Cultist is super easy.

Just remember to not fly in solar and you should be fine. Now, before you continue, let's do a check on all your equipment.


for the first phase,
for the second.

For that deathray.




depending on the weapon.
Buffs: The basic ones, Ironskin, Regen, etc.
Archery, Ammo Reservation
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