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PC A small issue about having too much money

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by felis, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. felis

    felis Terrarian

    I found that when having more than two stack of platinum coin will make the game treat you as if you have no money, the nurse will refuse healing, can't reforge or buy something.
    But, when the money increased to five stack, everything will be OK now. And further increasing will cause this happen again.
    Also, if there is some money in the piggy bank, no matter how much, this issue won't happen.

    And another similar bug is that the money show will sometimes now right:
    I throw 3 stacks of Platinum Coin, and shown like above when I pick them back(what I actually picked is right though).

    Finally, if more than 1000 Platinum Coin in piggy bank, it will be shown as 999 P 99 G 99 S 99 C, I think it's not very likely a bug, but report it anyway.
  2. ShadowBoo

    ShadowBoo Terrarian

    If you most - all of your coin slots are used up, the game cannot break down your Platinum coins into Gold, Silver, then Copper to heal or reforge as it will automatically favor the coin slots when doing so.

    Your second part seems either confusing, or contradicting. I assume you mean that the coins you pick up will sometimes not be shown correctly on the pickup text, but will still be collected on the correct value in your inventory. The last part I am unable to replicate as I don't have that many Platinum Coins.
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  3. felis

    felis Terrarian

    Thanks, I guess it was because my inventory is too full, tested again and not have no problems.

    Yes, I mean the number shown are not right.