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Pixel Art A Storm Diver's random pixel art + other art.

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
Hello there, it's everyone's favourite lunar event enemy, below is a compilation of all Terraria pixel art I've made with Piskel or edited together using GIMP, so erm yeah... enjoy.

How Derplings hold items

Why Derplings shouldn't have access to weapons


Omega Derplings favourite weapons and accessories

Storm Diver with the best gear


I hate the Solar pillar, especially the Selenians

Onwards noble Steed

Derpling Babysitter

Derpling growth

Storm Diver Sitter

Evil Derpies


All the Derplings and the Lunar people

All the Derps

Vortex Pillar

Scandrone attack

Bug net
Unused sprites:

Vortex pillar buff:

Rod of Discord sprites:

New Mythril mask:


Shroomite weapons:

New expert drops:

Enchanced Expert items

New Mechanical Soul items

Vortex Cube









Starling Minion


Moon Lordling:


Enchanted Swordling:


Companion Sphere:

Derp Diver



Alien King:


Gatling Hornet:

Front facing Storm Diver:

Front facing Derpling:

Fishling and Wormling:




Weapons comparison:

Derpling plane:

Cultist LAZOR:

Derpling jump record:


Really old sprites:

My first ever Terraria sprite (It looks so terrible)

I've also made quite a few non-Terraria sprites, if you'd like to see them I could make another thread in the non-terraria category.
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Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
I used Piskel for that too, for the charge up I just rotated a sprite 90 degrees every frame, for the release I just placed random pixels around for each frame, then for the laser I just used this tool that can change the brightness each frame.
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