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IC A Tale of Two Countries (IC)

Chrysalis Σ

Torch God
"Not really. I'm not sure you'd fit into the group, since I'm pretty sure she didn't meet anybody like you. Oh, right. Forgot to greet you."
*He'd hold out his hand*
"Name's Hans Denfure. With a "ure" at the end. People keep thinking it's Denford, and it's the most annoying thing yet."

Chrysalis Σ

Torch God
*The document is mostly about how in case of further injury, attempts to deal with them will be made, and if lycanthropy is contracted, they will have every right to cure it*

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
"I'm Wisteria." She'd attempt to do a handshake. (Between her small size and the fact that she's a griffin, I'm not sure how well a handshake would go.)
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