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Adding another character

Name: Cotrean
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Well so far I've been calling him a rainbow noodle hydra

Personality (Likes and dislikes also work):
I'll just say that he talks a bit oddly.
Lost heads will regrow, but extra heads will not grow along with them.
Light based abilities which rely on "charge" that is gotten from being in light. (essentially that second part just means their use is limited in the dark.)
Weaknesses (Must fill):
Mild claustrophobia and achluophobia (achluophobia is fear of dark)
Extra (You can put character themes or sources of inspiration here):

Identifier: #dcc90e
Name: Ciiph Delta
Age: Well, seems to be abour whatever the Kirhosi equivalent to a human in their late 30's would be.
Gender: Female.
Species: Kirhosi. Or is it just Kirhos?
Personality: All business, all the time.
Strengths: Good with technology, whether it be hacking, fixing hardware, or just general use of tech. But she isn't really an expert at anything.
Weaknesses: Fighting isn't exactly her strong suit, mainly the guns are just for defence, surprise attacks, and other things that rely more on stealth.
Backstory: Ciiph Delta originally was part of a business trip on Earth when she was much younger, but had to steal a ship to evacuate, as this RP seems to possibly be set after the events of Starbound? But either way, she eventually ended up on a small space station, where she commited some crime that made her have to steal a ship and flee, yet she's never said what that crime was. She then came to the planet this RP is set on, as it seems like space travel doesn't happen much to and from this planet, so she should be safer from any bounty hunters or authorities.
Extra: Leader of a small unnamed crime group in Phobos, and she owns a pair of small pistols. One seems to just be a regular handgun made to look more sci-fi, but for some reason it runs on batteries, yet still fires regular bullets. The other fires small pulses of extremely hot plasma, and runs on the same batteries as the other pistol. Also based off of one of my Starbound characters.
Text Colour: #A375B8
Name: Harris
Age: Unknown, but seems to be young.
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Wyvern
Personality: "Eh, let them bleed."
Strengths: Extremely strong, agile, and resilient, often darting around his foes and perfoming quick slashes in rapid succession. He's also able to breathe fire, and is somewhat resistant to fire.
Weaknesses: Really not good with other fighting styles, especially ones that don't involve swords. He also hates his scales being wet, to the point where he'll probably stop almost anything else he's doing to dry them.
Backstory: Harris worked as kind of just a sword for hire, whether that be for being a bodyguard, hitman, assassin, or really any other such job, on a small science outpost on a rather hot planet comprised of mostly deserts, and a few jungles, with quite a hit of volcanic activity. A few of his jobs had him leave the planet, including his most recent one, which brought him to the world of this RP. However, the transport he arrived on left without him, and he hasn't been able to get a ride since, so in the meantime he's been taking some local jobs.
Extra: Has an energy katana, and is based off of one of my Starbound characters.
Text Colour: #F35534
Name: Neytaal
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro Dragon/Elduu'khar
Personality: Can still be violent, but generally cares about people. However, she does dislike humans after years of oppression in Deimos.
Strengths: Is good with crystals, and even has some skills for fashioning crystals into various things. She can even eat some crystals as food. She's also resistant to frost, and can breathe out a cloud of frost.
Weaknesses: Honestly, despite how she has made killing members of the Deimos military her mission, she's still pretty bad at combat, and lacks a lot of experience.
Backstory: Neytaal originally lived in Deimos with her family, staying despite increased hostility towards dragons. Unfortunately, this decision cost the rest of her family their lives, leaving only her alone, and extremely bitter towards the Deimos military. Now, she wants revenge.
Extra: Based off of my Starbound character of the same name.
Text Colour: #60BD9D
All accepted, or whatever.
Ahzch screenshot.png

Also from the image spoiling it, I do plan on him getting a actual weapon that aren't his claws.
With a finished arc comes a new character sheet for the old.
Name: "Ethan Coles" (pseudonym, real name unknown)
Nickname (Optional): Eight (to already close allies), Lyuda (to those who only now know them)
Age: About 30-ish(?)
Gender: Ambiguous (currently)
Species: Changeling (Queen, ex-human)
Personality (Likes and dislikes also work):
Strengths: Still good at firearms, and still has somewhat good reflexes.
Weaknesses (Must fill): Constantly feels guilt over their past, and is hoping to bury it completely. Also isn't a particularly good leader, and is pretty bad at disguises.
Backstory (Optional): The only parts they remember about it (for sure) is that they got into some sort of incident that resulted in them getting forced into a spec-ops group for an extra-dimensional group for years, after which they disowned them and tried to go on their own path, which resulted in a long line of events that essentially resulted in him getting a species change, a slow shift to murderous hatred of their own species, until a combination of biological changes and realizations had him trying to atone for all their past actions.
Extra (You can put character themes or sources of inspiration here):
Identifier (Text code or just what will be used to specify the character): #c5b358
I think I'll close this RP for now. Either until scheduling improves, or I declare it dead within a week because of course I would.
Thinking of re-opening this RP yet again, but I have no idea if it'll work better now.
Maybe I'll start active advertising (just one profile post).
I'm closing it again because clearly, user activity is tied to whether or not I'm active.
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Because literally everybody ignored the fact that this RP is closed, it is open now.
That's funny
And also...
Name: Cream Alpha Wolfram (#ff00ff)
Birthday: 4/10
Age: 15
Race/Species: Human
Bisexual female
Likes: Eating chocolate, chatting with friends, etc
Dislikes: Getting spoiled by ink because she really HATES ink (except those which is safe to use), getting into a dark place (she feels not so lively there because that her mana and stamina won't regenerate so quickly as when she's in a bright place)
Personality: She's kind most of the time, but won't give mercy for those who did unforgivable mistakes. Also she may like getting petted? She's positive.
Wears a heart locket
May sleep A LOT
Weakness: Won't regenerate much mana and stamina when in darkness, feels pain when being covered in ink, has moderate acrophobia (fear of heights), words can hurt her mentally, can get a cold or hypothermia or any disease related to low temperature easily
Strength: Can use some kinds of magic, immune to icy attacks and ice-type damage (this is for some reason), can run very fast because she can [SONIC REFERENCE]

Excuse my art skill
Also I may not be so active here because of the final exam
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....Who are you again? Also, how would "inky" attacks even happen in an RP?
Ouch, my English being not good there qwq
Anyway lemme explain
"Inky attack" "Ink attack" refer to the attack using ink (Just... Bendy and the Ink Machine, you know that)
And who am I? I am Cream Alpha Wolfram herself. (Me as my OC's reference real)
...And I don't think that would be added anytime soon, considering who's in this RP.
Maybe some sort of alternative weakness, like... I dunno, can't heal very well?
...Okay, I think that'll work better, but I would like to mention that the most there is in terms of "game elements" is dice rolls for random outcomes that are not too common.
Really, it's more of just improvised roleplay rather than something like a video game RPG.
...Okay, I think that'll work better, but I would like to mention that the most there is in terms of "game elements" is dice rolls for random outcomes that are not too common.
Really, it's more of just improvised roleplay rather than something like a video game RPG.
I know right, having problems dealing with this
Anyway what else would you like to advise? XD
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