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Adventure A Terraria Adventure: The Legend of Zelda - Two Worlds


Idk if it can be help but I recently got to the Temple Jungle and was trying to get the cannons. Myself and others have a problem with the Cannon we can clearly see in this video that the cannon ball should arc.
The problem is for Myself and others is that it doesn't arc if this isn't a bug and you just changed the map or puzzle I would like to know how to complete it. If it can't be fixed I could cheat it but if it can be fixed I would love to know how
Please check out the post right above you. I've managed to fix that exact bug. :)


I really wanted to love this one. Great visuals, smart puzzles. But some of the puzzles were a bit too much for me and it was too easy to get lost.

I couldn't figure out one or two of those flail switches for example. I always have items on me so I can save myself some frustration; ended up Lunar Flaring some of them.
The platforming required a bit too much precision at times as well. Maybe I'm just an old git with poor reflexes, but at times I thought to myself: Would it have killed them to lower this platform by just one block or move that block a little closer?

The worst thing for me was the confusion though. There's no story told here, no direction given, and there's a lot of running back and forth. Teleporting to the other world made things even more confusing for me and I was often scouring the map, trying to find a spot that I hadn't been to yet or where that gap was that I couldn't jump before. This map took me a long time to finish, which normally wouldn't be a bad thing, but the backtracking and searching frustrated me.
Too much linearity is also definitely a bad thing though, so I can totally see how this might have to do with my personality.

So, yeah, I think this IS a great map. A lot of effort went into it, the puzzles are smart and the scenery is very pretty. People who like to get lost in a world, to explore, not caring about getting stuck or needing to backtrack lots of times, then this'll be a great map for them. You can spend a LOT of time playing this map.
I think I just lacked a tiny bit of extra patience that this map required. Some fake npc's (mannequins) giving some vague hints where to go would have made things a bit easier.

So yeah, if you have more patience than me (and there's a 99.9% chance that you have), definitely give this a try!
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