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A thread-worthy compilation of all my thread-worthy ideas. (100+ and counting!)

Discussion in 'Portfolios/Multi-Topic' started by SzGamer227, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    Sorry for taking so long with making my next suggestion. I want to do the sprites myself before posting the thread, so that's why.

    To make up for it, I'm going to make like Re-Logic and post a spoiler:
    Solar Sentry Action.gif
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  2. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Some sort of droid, perhaps a pet?
  3. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    :naughty: I'll just leave you to speculate until I post the suggestion. :p
  4. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Don't you Re-Logic me!
  5. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

  6. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

  7. iDuck

    iDuck Golem

    It looked Lihzahrd to me!
  8. FragBombGames

    FragBombGames Cultist

    I think you should underline the suggestions that were first posted here (ie, not on TO) or something.
    Anyway, these are all awesome!
  9. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    That would take sooo long though. T_T

    There are a few I decidedly left on TO, though, so I'll underline those.
  10. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    That was pretty unlucky
  11. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    lol :D
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  12. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Posts like this are unacceptable on these forums. This post has shown:
    1. Disrespect towards the topic creator.
    2. A lack of content in your post, relevant or otherwise.

    If it was too long to read, then don't post. If you do post, respond with supporting encouragement if you approve of the suggestions, or constructive criticism explaining why if you disapprove.
  13. Wåterdémon 西瓜

    Wåterdémon 西瓜 Steampunker

  14. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    I'm going to start doing these again. If I can do 5 every day, I should be done in about 2 or 3 weeks.
    Dart Expansion.png Hell Expansion.png Shortswords.png Yin Rang.png Spectre Heagear.png
    Dart Expansion Small.png Hell Expansion Small.png Shortswords Small.png Spectre Heagear Small.png Yin Rang Small.png

    If I don't post another five in under 36 hours, someone poke me with a large, virtual stick.
  15. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    Cursed Masonry.png Hell Ammo.png Kusarigama.png Lihzahrd Temple.png Mob Armors.png Red Probe.png Scanner + Flashlight.png Skeleton Marksman.png Unorthodox Sets.png Vamprire Staff.png
    Cursed Masonry Small.png Hell Ammo Small.png Kusarigama Small.png Lihzahrd Temple Small.png Mob Armors Small.png Red Probe Small.png Scanner + Flashlight Small.png Skeleton Marksman Small.png Unorthodox Sets Small.png Vamprire Staff Small.png

    I did ten this batch to partially make up for all the lost time. :)
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  16. That's a lot of suggestions and I want all of them to be implemented to the game. If that happened though, I would frikking win this :red: out of me.
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  17. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    Got another small batch done:
    Bone Charm + Snake Eyes.png Coyote.png Dye.png Housing.png Toad.png
    Bone Charm + Snake Eyes Small.png Coyote Small.png Dye Small.png Housing Small.png Toad Small.png
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  18. stormconure

    stormconure Golem

    Most* of these are really great! Full support! Would love to see these in the game, especially the lihzahrd one!
    *the old acid rain conflict But never mind that!
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  19. Drdragonfly

    Drdragonfly Skeletron

    All of this looks great, love most of your suggestions. If you need help with some of the icons, I can always lend a hand and make a few (or a few dozen), and you can see if you want to use them.
    SzGamer227 likes this.
  20. SzGamer227

    SzGamer227 Golem

    I'd prefer to make all the icons myself for authenticity's sake. I kind of want to finish what I started myself. If I hit a wall and can't figure out what to do with one, I'll let you know, though. :p
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