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PC A toggle button for switching between Hammer and Pickaxe mode


Staff member
Some players play Terraria by having their tools in their hotbar all the time, while others play with their tools in their inventory and shift-click to use their pickaxes and axes. For Shift-Click Players there's no issues when something needs to be mined or a tree needs to be chopped down. However, when they need to use their hammer to change a slope or break down a wall. They need to bring their Hammer or Hamaxe to their hotbar if they have autopause or keep their hammer/hamaxe held while they do their project that requires the hammer.

To make it so shift-click players can use their hammer like their other tools without needing it to leave their spot, I propose a new button that allows the normal pickaxe mode to knock down blocks and place torches on walls like it does now, and the other mode to hammer blocks to make slopes and break walls in the background.

If the player has a hammer strong enough to break a Demon/Crimson Altar in hardmode, this new "Hammer Mode" would use the 1st hammer that is capable of breaking it if the player has more than one hammer in their inventory. In all other cases, the hammer used is the one that is 1st in the player's inventory.

Anything that classifies as a hammer would be affected by this. This includes Hamaxes, Jackhammers, Fish hammers, and normal hammers.

This could default to the "z" key or any key that seems suitable for this and can be changed like the other hotkeys.


I have them in my hotbar because smart cursor master race, but this is an interesting idea that would help a lot of people.


Always kind of frustrates me that I can hold shift to dig out a basement, but then having to switch to my hammer to bash out the walls :p
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