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"A Welcoming Friend" - Immersive NPC Interactions

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by SedrioX, Jul 21, 2015.


After you have read this suggestion, which NPC changes do you like the most?

  1. Guide

    13 vote(s)
  2. Merchant

    0 vote(s)
  3. Nurse

    1 vote(s)
  4. Dye Trader

    2 vote(s)
  5. Demolitionist

    3 vote(s)
  6. Dryad

    15 vote(s)
  7. Arms Dealer

    1 vote(s)
  8. Clothier

    1 vote(s)
  9. Mechanic

    0 vote(s)
  10. Tinkerer

    5 vote(s)
  11. Wizard

    1 vote(s)
  12. Steampunker

    1 vote(s)
  13. Witch Doctor

    0 vote(s)
  14. Pirate

    4 vote(s)
  15. Santa

    7 vote(s)
  16. Truffle

    5 vote(s)
  1. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    *Note: I've decided to give little Truffle something extra since he is quite literally, in my opinion, the most lackluster NPC in the game. Keep in mind that this is the final version of this suggestion. If you like the idea, it's best to get it out there. I won't be reading your suggestions about fixing my suggestion anymore. I think this last edit is much better and should stay like this.*

    Hello fellow Terrarians, I am Sedrio and let's talk NPCs. You see, I personally enjoy the company of NPCs and with the addition to actual interaction like Rock, Papers and Scissors games or just straight up small-talk makes these just so much better. But I still feel like they lack something. Most of you who enjoys this game probably hasn't enjoyed talking to the Angler. This little brat may be the most annoying NPC in the game, yet he serves, in my opinion, one of the best purposes in the game. He gives you quests and things to do. Not only is this immersive to his character, he also REWARDS you and makes you wait until he sends you out to catch him a fish again. That sort of interaction should happen with most NPCs and this suggestion is exactly this. Let's begin with what this post brings to the table.

    1. Actual reasons to talk to NPCs instead of using them as merchants to steal their gold.
    2. New items, balancing current items and removing some.
    3. New Questlines.

    Not all NPCs will be new and interesting. Some of them will keep their single uses but with more interactions.

    All NPCs with a shop have limited coins. Starting from 50 Gold pre-hardmode and 5 platinum during Hardmode. If it ever goes down to 0, it restocks every 6 hours. This is to make it so the Merchant actually serves his purpose, being a merchant. I found it bizarre that you could sell Goldfish to the Dye Trader and he doesn't bat an eye. This will restrict it a bit so the Merchant comes out strong when you want to sell stuff.

    NPCS That will/should NOT change:
    • Angler
    • Painter
    • Stylist
    • Party Girl
    • Tax Collector
    • Cyborg *Except for the interaction with the Steampunker*

    [​IMG] GUIDE
    • Gives the player friendly tips.
    • Shows the player what he can craft with what you give him.
    • Spawns right at the beginning of a world creation.
    • Attacks any nearby enemies.
    • Can die by equipping Guide Voodoo Doll or throwing in Hell to summon the Wall of Flesh.
    With this Suggestion:
    • Spawns 3 minutes after creating the world.
    • Talking to him will open a new questline. (More below)
    • Gives the player friendly tips.
    • Shows the player what he can craft with what you give him.
    • Once he acquires his gear, he will attack enemies like normal.
    • Cannot be killed with the Voodoo Doll unless it is thrown in Hell.(More Below)
    You see, the Guide is too friendly when you open a game. Sure he is there to bring tips to new players, offer them support... but his help is unwarranted. He just does it without a care in the world. What does he gain out of this? Let's begin with his new quest-line.

    A Walk in the Park
    "Hey. Didn't knew anyone was here on this land. Well, you are probably sceptical of me because of how I appeared suddenly in front of you. Well, build us a home and we'll talk" without a home built.

    "Hey. Woah, you must be doing pretty good for yourself. A home and some equipment already, huh? Well, tell you what. I will offer you my services if you let me live with you, but first let's talk". with a home built.

    After 3 minutes of gameplay in Terraria, the Guide will appear in a puff of smoke around you. Talking to him will trigger his main and final quest-line. He will ask you to kill a monster (Green slime, Blue slime or Zombie.) to reacquire his gear (100% drop rate) and will then grant you his services. This quest was made to be very simple since the NPC itself is simple and used by newbies.

    The Guide Voodoo Doll no longer grants you the ability to kill the guide and becomes an item instead of an accessory. Throwing it in Hell will kill him and spawn the Wall of Flesh.

    • Spawns when you have a home and have earned 50 Silver coins.
    • Sells you items and buys items.
    With this Suggestion:
    • Spawns when you have a home and have earned 1 Gold.
    • Sells you limited items and buy items with limited coins.
    • Able to increase storage with how big his house is and completing his questlines (More below)
    • Stock resets every 6-ingame hours.
    • He will purchase anything from you.
    • His coin he gives you when you sell items is limited to 50 Gold per 6 hours, to 5 Platinum in Hardmode and then infinite with his final quest.
    Ahhh... This greedy little old man. Unless you have found your first heart and spawned the Nurse, the Merchant is most likely your first ever NPC, next to the Guide. Well, this makes it so he is more greedy than he seems. He will now require more gold to be earned before he decides to move in near you. Now with the quests.

    Let me sell to you
    "Hello, hello and welcome to my shop. You see, I want you to buy stuff but I can't sell you much with my limited supply. I could use some help with expanding my storage. You won't have any problems with that, will you?" Once you meet him, first ever quest out of 2. *This quest will not appear if his house is already too big.*

    This is the quest that makes it so his storage is bigger depending on how big his house is. You see, a merchant doesn't have unlimited supplies or unlimited coins in order to deal with people. This would make sure that you build his house big so he has plenty to sell to you.


    House on the left: Very limited items. All stackable items (Ropes, potions, throwing knives and such) storage is halves. All of them have 50% of their original stacks. For example, you can only buy 15 potions per 6 hours or 500 ropes.

    House on the right: Well supplied. All stackable items have their storage tripled. All of them have 300% of their original stacks. For example, you can only buy 90 potions per 6 hours or 2997 ropes.

    Hey look, it's Money!
    "You are a very welcomed customer. You buy stuff from here, I profit. You sell stuff to me, you profit some and I get to sell your stuff to other people... I have a deal that could help the both of us" Starts in hardmode-only.

    We fixed one of his problem, limited supplies, but what about his COINS supplies. Once you start hardmode, he will ask you for help about increasing his Coin supply. He will ask you to fetch him a Lucky Coin that is in the possession of Pirates. Giving him the Lucky Coin will reward you with 10 Gold and him having infinite coins to give when you sell stuff to him.

    Discount Card is no longer an accessory but instead an item. Its uses are infinite but it has a twist. When giving them to an NPC, they will give you a small discount for 12 in-game hours. After that, they will not accept the card for another 12 in-game hours. This is to make it so discount cards actually serve their purpose of being limited while keeping great gameplay. Do you want some stuff from the Goblin Tinkerer NOW? Give him a discount card. Do it now otherwise, he won't accept it again for a little bit.

    [​IMG] NURSE
    • Heals the player fully, if the coin is there.
    • Spawns when you increase your total health by 20. (1 Heart Crystal)
    With this update:
    • Heals the player fully, if the coin is there and if she has her equipment. (More below)
    • Gives a random buff when healing IF located near a Dryad.
    • Spawns when you increase your total health by 20. (1 Heart Crystal)
    This NPC already does what she is supposed to do. Heal you when need be. But her training and experience shouldn't be just for fixing up wounds. What if she has help from her other NPC friend? For example the Dryad!

    I <3 You!
    "Hello. I heard you found one of those heart crystal. They look pretty and increases your longevity, which means more money for me when YOU get hurt. Yes, I am a nurse and can heal your wounds. I won't do it if you're broke, I have much better things to do. Bring me some equipment to get started, huh?" When first talking to her.

    You see her model? Yeah, there's no way she carries a magical bag of stitches, cloth and things like that. She will instruct you to get some materials before she can start healing you. (Silk 10-15, Iron/Lead bar 1-2 and 5-10 mushrooms.)

    Nature's help
    "You know that weird girl with the plant hair? I think her name is <Dryad's name>. Anyway, I found a way that could make it more effective when healing you, if the coin is provided. Change my room's location to be near her, will you?" When the Dryad lives in one of your homes.

    This is pretty straightforward. Let her live near the Dryad and she will be able to give you one random buff when healing you. The buffs are combat-oriented.

    • Sells dye and dye vat.
    • Exchanges Strange Plants for Strange Dyes.
    With this suggestion:
    • Sells dye and dye vat.
    • Exchanges Strange Plants for Strange Dyes.
    • Is able to switch the colours from dyes (More Below)
    • Now unable for the Player to sell stuff to him that isn't dye-related.
    This guy already does what he does best. Sells you dyes and things you can use to make dyes yourself. Not much will be changed but we will add the ability for you to switch dyes to make your equipment look the way you want... mostly.

    A reversed combination
    "This area is pretty neat. Your suit is not. How would you like some of my dyes to make your suit more beautiful? I can also help you change the way your combined dyes work so your dye combination is just the way you would like it. Just bring me a Magic Mirror and buy one of my dye vats." When he first moves into one of your houses.

    This is straight-forward, again. If you give the Dye Trader a Magic Mirror and you have bought one of his Dye Vats he will be able to reverse the dyes. For example, if you put a combined dye on your parrot (black and white) and the bird has more black colour then white, you can ask him to reverse the dyes so the white will take the place of the black and vice versa.

    • Spawns, when you have an explosive in your inventory and the merchant is in a house.
    • Sells you explosives.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when you have an explosive in your inventory, have used more than 5 explosives and the merchant is in a house.
    • Sells you explosives.
    • Is able to send him anywhere on the map to destroy everything in that area. (More Below)
    • When his house is underground, he will start selling a small stack of random ores. It stops at Cobalt/Palladium. (Cannot go Mythril/Orichalcum and up)
    • Can no longer buy stuff from you that isn't related to explosions. (Every weapon that goes boom will be okay. For example, Solar Flail explodes, which makes it so the Demolitionist will buy it.)
    • His stock is at 50% but will rise when you help him. (More Below)
    This little guy is great. He sells you explosives... that's what he does. Let's make it so he actually blows stuff up and makes his name "Demolitionist" be actually what it's worth.

    "Hello, I'm a demolitionist and I love when things explode! If you provide me with a handful of wiring tools and explosives, I will clear an area whenever you want me to. Not free of charge! I will demand money depending on how big the area is." When you first speak to him.

    Giving him a handful of wires (30-70 wires) and some explosives (10-20 any explosives.) will grant him the ability to blow up an area you want him to when you do something else.

    Signed Contract
    "My stock is always running low and making gunpowder by myself is a chore. Deliver this to <Merchant's name> and tell him I need to buy something. It will benefit us both, even ya.

    Pretty straight-forward. Demolitionist will give you something and you have to give it to the merchant. HOWEVER, the Merchant has a 40% chance of declining this offer and you will have to wait 20 real-time minutes before the quest starts over and you get another contract.

    [​IMG] DRYAD
    • Spawns when a Boss has been defeated.
    • Sells anything Corruption/Crimson/Hallowed plant-related.
    • Sells plant pots.
    • Tells you the percentage of Crimson/Corruption VS Hallow
    • Casts a protection bubble when enemies are near her.
    With this Suggestion:
    • Spawns when a Boss has been defeated.
    • Sells anything Corruption/Crimson/Hallowed plant-related.
    • Sells plant pots.
    • Tells you the percentage of Crimson/Corruption VS Hallow
    • Helps the nurse with her healing if she lives near each other.
    • She will buy anything that is nature-related. Anything else, she will not buy. Her stock is infinite.
    • Casts a protection bubble when enemies are near her. It can be improved. (More Below)
    • Ultimate sacrifice (More Below)
    I like this NPC man. She is very pretty, simple and is not afraid to tell you how bad of a job you are doing when it comes to Nature. Even if you are doing a bad job with Corruption/Crimson, she is willing to protect anyone around her.

    Nature's Blessing
    "May Gaia protects you, my friend. If we may ask, could you bring some plant-life around our house? We would appreciate their company and we're sure they would enjoy helping me when it comes to protecting our other friends." When you first talk to her.

    Every plants-related blocks around her house will increase the protection on her Buff-bubble, up to 10 extra Armour. (Pots with seeds or grown flowers gives +1 per pots. Leaf/LIVING wood blocks will also give +1 per blocks. Walls do not work.)

    The Ultimate Sacrifice
    "My friend, we have prepared ourselves and have come to this decision. Bring us the souls of every major beast of this world and we will... sacrifice ourselves to destroy all crimson/corruption in this world. No worries, you will not miss us. Our spirit will still live on and help you with your continued journey." When every boss has been defeated, even the Moon Lord.

    She asked for your help to get rid of every evil in this world. But it is a task that requires too much work for one individual. She will be willing to sacrifice herself in order to get rid of every crimson/corruption if your world, to do this she requires 100 of every soul (Fright, Might, Sight, Flight, Light, Night and 100 of every Lunar fragment. She also requires the Moon Lord's soul: Soul of Delight*.)

    *New Item: Moon Lord now drops 20-40 Souls of Delight when killed. These are used only for the Dryad's quest.

    After she has sacrificed herself, every single block in this world will be rid of crimson/corruption/hallowed. It goes from the surface and underground; absolutely everywhere. Not only this but every grass block will have their vines/grass fully grown, all plants (dayblooms, pumpkins and glowing mushrooms) will be fully grown.
    Once that is all done, she will occupy a home as a "spirit" and you will only be able to talk to her during the night or solar eclipse. She offers her services like normal.

    Clarification: If you have previously cleared your world of Crimson/corruption/hallowed, the quest will still appear. You are not obligated to complete this quest. The reward is the world fully cleansed, not some pets or permanent buffs or anything else. Just the purification.


    • Spawns when you find a gun/bullets.
    • Sells you gun parts and ammunition.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when you own a gun AND bullets. Also, when the Nurse is in a house.
    • Sells you ammunition normally. Illegal gun-parts becomes available when you "help" him. (More Below)
    • He will not buy any explosive-related items and only gun-related items. His stock is at 75% during pre-hardmode and 250% during Hardmode.
    • He will be the only one able to reforge guns and launchers of the sorts after you help him.
    This NPC is probably the only one that I haven't talked to that much. Since he is a gun dealer, let's make it so we keep it that way. Or the other way around, he will keep to himself more often and the only way he will talk to you is when he needs something or you want to buy something from him.

    Ain't that a kick in the head!
    "Hey you. You look like a good follower. <Nurse's name> is good-looking and I want a date with her but I don't trust ANY of you with leaving my stock unattended. Find <item> and ask her to meet me, will you? You still won't do it? Hmm... I have something special for you to buy if you do this. So?" When you first talk to him AND the Nurse is also in a house.

    Items he will ask you to get (Only one from this list and is random):
    • Daybloom
    • Fireblossom
    • Moonglow
    • Green Mushroom
    • Teal Mushroom
    • 1 Strange Plant
    • Heart Crystal
    • Yellow Marigold
    • Pink Prickly Pear
    • Bunny Cage
    • Frog Cage
    • Gold/Platinum Shortsword
    • Any gem
    Completing this quest will reward you with the ability to reforge ALL weapons with triggers (Guns, Launchers, Bows and Repeaters) . Along with this, he will also trust you enough to buy some Illegal Gun Parts.

    • Sells random vanity sets and threads.
    • Spawns when you defeat Skeletron.
    • Can be killed and when he does, Skeletron reappears.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when you defeat Skeletron.
    • Sells random vanity sets and threads.
    • Cannot be killed but has an insanity meter. (More Below)
    • He will not buy anything unless it's vanity-related. His stock is infinite.
    This guy is cool and creepy. Not only does he grips onto you when you free him of his curse, but the curse reappears when he dies. How is that a thing? Let's change it.

    Insanity Meter
    CLOTHIER VOODOO DOLL is no longer an item. Insanity Meter replaces it.

    When he lives within the dungeon's proximity, he will slowly turn into the Old Man. By Dungeon Proximity, I mean the dungeon walls, bricks that were generated by the world. Going down the dungeon while he is back as the Old Man will not trigger the Dungeon Guardians to spawn and attack you since he is free of his curse. If the Cultists are there, the Old Man will not get hurt by them and you can very well spawn the Skeletron without killing the Cultists. Just be careful where you aim!

    • Spawns when saved from the Dungeon after defeating Skeletron.
    • Sells you wires, wrenches, and triggers.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when you kill Skeletron and rescue her from the dungeons.
    • Sells you wires and wrenches.
    • Will not sell you triggers (pressure plates) until she trusts you with the wiring. (More Below)
    • She will not buy stuff unless it's wire-related. Her stock during pre-hardmode is at 50%. Rises to 200% when Hardmode comes in.
    This character has its uses but is mostly useless when you buy every wrenches and wiring tools. You would only buy Wires after that. Let's make it at least more interesting when it comes to her stocks.

    A Small Task
    "Your house looks nice with all these torches. Hahaha, pathetic. Tell you what, I will sell you more stuff if you show me how good of an engineer you are. Build something and I will judge you." When you first talk to her and lives in one of your houses.

    Her wiring-quota will be random. She will sell you the triggers once you have placed enough wiring equipment (100, 200 or 300). That goes for wires, lamps, lights, traps, statues, anything that requires wires.

    • Spawns when you free him from the caverns. The Goblin Army must have been defeated before.
    • Sells you basic accessories and the Tinkerer's Workshop.
    • Reforges your equipment randomly to make them better/worse.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when you defeat The Goblin Army, have 5 accessories equipped at once and free him from the caverns.
    • Sells you basic accessories and the improved Tinkerer's Workshop.
    • Reforges your equipment with the extra materials you give him, along with a handful of money. (More Below)
    Once the Tinkerer's workshop is bought, he is only used for Reforge. People love him cause of his looks and people hate him because of how bad his reforging skill can be. He is able to turn a Legendary weapon into a Shoddy one. Why should that be a thing?

    How to Tinker for Idiots
    "Hey, who are you? Don't matter. Do you have things you want me to reforge or build? Just ask me. Actually don't ask me, pay me. If you want me to make something stronger, bring me it with extra materials. Simple, isn't it?" Auto-completing Quest. Just a welcome message to Reforging and Workshopping.

    ITEMS IMPROVED: Tinkerer's Workshop. When you create an accessory, it will randomize its modifier. Placing the workshop inside the Goblin Tinkerer's home will remove some low modifiers so you have more chance to get a higher-grade modifier.

    Anywhere but the Tinkerer's home:
    • Every possible Accessory Modifiers available to get.
    Inside the Tinkerer's home:
    • Every possible Accessory Modifiers BUT these selected few
      • Hard
      • Jagged
      • Brisk
      • Wild

    REFORGING CHANGED: Goblin Tinkerer can only reforge Melee weapons and is the only one to reforge Accessories and Tools (Pickaxe, Drills, Axe, Chainsaws, and Hammers.). Arms Dealer, Witch Doctor, and Wizard are not able to do so. No longer random but costs more materials to get to Legendary, Godly, Unreal or Mythical. Example: Copper Shortsword requires 1 Copper bar for each reforging status. Daybreak, the Solar spear will require more Solar fragments. This affects all weapons in their respective categories.

    Once you put a weapon, whether it is with the Wizard, Arms Dealer, Witch Doctor or the Goblin, they will ask for a little bit of gold with their respected items required to reforge.

    Examples of weapons:
    • Star Cannon: Iron, Fallen Stars, and money.
    • Coin Gun: Silver/Tungsten and more money than usual.
    • Horseman's Blade: Spooky Wood, Pumpkins, Iron, and money.
    • Meowmere: Soul of Light, Pixie Dust, Unicorn Horns and a lot of money.
    • Waterbolt: Water Candles, books, and money.
    BREAKING WEAPONS: Goblin Tinkerer is the only one able to reforge Melee weapons and tools, isn't he? Well, thanks to plantszaza for reminding me, I completely forgot that Broken weapons are sometimes used for certain things. Well, this makes it so you're able to break a weapon up to a certain point, but don't do it too much or you'll need to repair it again.

    Goblin Tinkerer, Wizard, Witch Doctor and Arms Dealer will be given a new prompt "Break this weapon". Once you agree to break the weapon you put in, free of charge, they will reduce said weapon to the Gray Modifiers. BUT BE CAREFUL. Going beyond Annoying, the next is the Broken modifier; It's now truly what it seems. Getting the Broken modifier will now render all ranged and magical weapons useless (Impossible to use) and melee weapons will have their damage reduced by 99%. You may repair the weapon back up, but it will turn back to normal and with no modifiers.

    This makes it so finding a broken weapon is no longer "Oh this does less damage."; it will now be "Oh, I should probably repair this.".

    • Spawns when rescued from the caverns. Only in hardmode.
    • Sells magic-related items.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when rescued from the caverns. Only in hardmode.
    • Sells magic-related items and *some* potion ingredients (Random)
    • Can reforge Magic weapons for a small cost and materials.
    • Ability to sell a limited amount of Fallen Stars every 6 hours (More Below)
    WIZARDRY! I've decided to give this little guy a better purpose, thanks to DoktorDare. This guy will now be the guy you want to speak them in order you reforge Magical Weapons and purchase potion-ingredients such as a random amount of Daybloom or Deathweed. Even Fallen Stars! Of course, those are locked behind quests.

    Bibbidy bobbidy boo
    "Good health, my friend. I have nowhere to go so I have come to help you on your journey, at a cost. If that does interest you, you could do something that would benefit us both. Bring me some night souls and I will be able to reforge your magical weapons." When you first talk to him in his home, not when you find him underground.

    The amount of Night Souls he will ask you is between 10, 20 and 30. Doing this will activate the ability reforge Magical Weapons.

    When you wish upon a star...
    "You seem to be really interested in these stars that fall from the sky. YOU BETTER BE, those stars are the base of every mana-related properties. You should give them the attention they deserve... as a matter of fact, how about you give me a really big handful of those and I'll be able to inspect and maybe clone them. I'm sure you'd like that, wouldn't you?" When you have defeated one Mechanical boss and have completed Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo.

    The Wizard has given you the task to collect a huge amount of Fallen Star so he may find a way to clone them, so you may purchase them from him. The stars quota is between 90, 100 and 110. Completing this quest will add an extra item to his inventory, Fallen Stars. The amount goes between 5-10 every 6 hours.

    I first want to apologize for not giving this little guy the love he deserves. I've added some minor things from a feedback that I strongly agree with in his quest lines and store inventory. Now, about the potion ingredients he sells. The list is quite small but he sells these every 12 in-game hours, randomly chooses between 5 of them and the amount in the store is all between 3-10.

    This is the list of ingredients the Wizard will sometimes sell (Only 5 at once):
    • Daybloom
    • Moonglow
    • Waterleaf
    • Cactus
    • Mushroom
    • Glowing Mushroom
    • Blinkroot
    • Shiverthorn
    • Deathweed
    • Fireblossom
    This is to make it so people first going into hardmode has a way to get easy ingredients before fighting bosses. Although they are quite limited, they certainly give people an extra boost if they wish to purchase these.

    • Spawns when you have defeated one Mechanical boss.
    • Sells you steampunky stuff including Solutions that helps spread their respective biomes.
    With this suggestion:
    • Has a 50% chance of spawning when you have fought one Mechanical boss. Killing a mechanical boss will guarantee her spawn. (She will still spawn if you haven't beaten a mechanical boss but fought one.)
    • Sells you steampunk stuff including Solutions. (More Below)
    • The clentaminator's range can be increased with the quest including the Cyborg.

    SOLUTIONS PURCHASE LOCATION CHANGED: The steampunk's location is more advanced if you wish to buy crimson/corruption or hallowed solutions. The Purify (Green) and the Hallowed (Blue) solution will be able to be purchased like normal. Except that the Red and Purple solution cannot be purchased when the Steampunker is living 200 blocks near the Dryad. Make sure that she lives away if you wish to buy Crimson/Corruption solution.

    Beep Boop!
    "See this Clentaminator? Yeah, it can change the world around you. If you ever decide to purchase it, be sure to talk to <Cyborg's name> when you can. I'm sure he will give you some extra range on this bad boy. Make sure to give him some juices so he can do these things." When you first speak to her and have enough to buy the Clentaminator. This is continuous, every time you buy a Clentaminator, the quest will appear again and you can make another Clentaminator Mark-II

    The clentaminator is nice but let's make the Cyborg's beep boop power stronger by adding electricity to the Clentaminator. You'll need to feed the Cyborg some "juices". The things you need to give him is metal-related items, such as ores and things like that. The amounts can go from 10 to 55. Adding this upgrade will turn the Clentaminator into Clentaminator Mark-II, adding +5 range.

    • Spawns after Queen Bee has been defeated.
    • Living in the Jungle gives him more items to sell.
    • Sells you summoner-related items.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns after Queen Bee has been defeated and currently have one summoner item in inventory, whether it is an accessory, armour or weapon. Needs to be related to summoning.
    • Living in the Jungle gives him more items to sell.
    • Sells you summoner-related items and is now the only one who can reforge Summoning Summons.
    • His Water fountains now require you to also have the Dryad currently in a house.
    This NPC is rather suspicious. He spawns when you kill a giant bee and he sells you poison and things to help with your summons. He's rather creepy if you think about it, but all Witch Doctors are. Since he is so fascinated with summoner things, let's make him the new guy to bring your Summoning-weapon for reforging.

    Who do you voodoo, Witch?
    "Oi, you, <Player's name>. You know how to summon, yes? Buy stuff from me and I will help you reforge your summon weapons." When you first meet him and has a home.

    Oooh, fourth NPC to reforge weapon is the Witch Doctor, but he wants to see that you are passionate about summoning as he is. Buy 50* gold of stuff from his store and he will allow you to reforge Summoning weapons when talking to him.

    *Gold has been increased due to the Tiki Set requiring 1 Platinum and 50 Gold.

    • Spawns when killing one Pirate invasion.
    • Sells you cannons and things related to pirates.
    With this suggestion:
    • Spawns when killing one Pirate invasion and goes near the ocean, like the Angler. Does not immediately occupy one of your houses (More Below)
    • Sells you things related to pirates.
    • Is able to craft Golden Furniture given the right material and money compensation.
    This NPC is literally the Pirate Captain. Why does he join you when you defeat his shipmates? Doesn't make any sense. Let's bring Pirate rivalry into the mix! Defeating his pirate invasion will make it seem like he has lost the battle and recognized your strength but orders you to kill his Rival.

    A Pirate's Life for me!
    "You destroyed me ship! It doesn't matter, I be too weak t' fight. Now that I be stranded, I need you t' kill me rival "Blackbeard". Kill him and I'll sell you me wares at a price." When first meeting him, completing this enables him to your house.

    Once the Pirate has spawned, the chances for Pirate invasions rises to 15% and doesn't require the Goblin Army event to fail. During the event, Blackbeard* will be a guaranteed spawn once you destroy a Flying Dutchman. He has 5,000 health and the same attack power as its Captains, however, he is unable to be staggered (Hitting him will not stop him from shooting you, unlike the regular Pirate Captain). Killing him will complete the quest and enable the Pirate to live inside one of your houses, he also can create Golden Furniture if you have the right amount of money and gold (Platinum will work as an alternative).

    *Blackbeard will be removed from the Pirate's name list.

    • Spawns once the Frost Legion is defeated.
    • Sells you Christmas-oriented items.
    • Stays from 15th to 31th December
    With this suggestion:
    • He will spawn once you have opened 10 presents and the Frost Legion has been defeated.
    • Sells you Christmas-oriented items depending on how high your Goodwill's level is. (More Below)
    • Stays from 10th to 31th December
    MOMMY KISSED SANTA CLAUS. WHAT? Oh well, there he is. The glorious white bearded little coca cola fellow who gives presents to every child in the world. Except now he is inside a fantasy world. That doesn't matter, it's the Holidays! In order for him to spawn, you need to find AND open 10 presents and must have defeated the Frost Legion.

    Silent Night, Holy Night.
    "Oh ho ho. Good morning kids!... hmm, I teleported to the wrong world. Oh ho well, I guess I'll have to live here until next year. I hope you're generous because I want you to give presents to your friends! Depending on how much presents you give out, I will allow you to buy more decorations! Ain't that great? Oh ho ho!" When you first talk to him.

    You heard the guy when you find presents you have the option to give it to your fellow NPCs. This can only be done every in-game day and each gift given will add +10 to the Goodwill meter. Giving presents to other players can only be done each 1 real-life Hours and will give you +15 points.

    This will affect the stuff he sells, depending on the current level. This meter applies anywhere, even in other people's servers. What Santa Claus sells you depends on YOUR goodwill meter. For example, you have 200 goodwill and someone else has 50. They cannot buy Level 2 items even if you are in their world. You can, however, buy it for them.

    Level 0:
    1. Christmas Tree
    2. Red/Green/Blue light
    3. Star Toppers
    4. Bow Topper
    Level 1 (50 Goodwill):
    1. Garlands
    2. Eggnog
    Level 2 (150 Goodwill):
    1. Coloured Bulbs
    2. Santa Shirt
    Level 3 (250 Goodwill):
    1. White Bulbs
    2. Santa Pants
    Level 4 (350 Goodwill):
    1. Christmas Tree Lights
    2. Santa Hat

    • Spawns during Hardmode and requires a surface Mushroom Biome to spawn.
    • Sells Auto hammers, a Shroomite Bars crafting stations and multiple mushroom-themed items.
    • Will buy anything from you.
    With this suggestion:
    • His spawning is entirely changed. You must now grow him. (More Below)
    • His shop now requires you to give him glowing mushrooms so he can create those items he used to sell. (More Below)
    • Can only sell plant/mushroom related-items from him.
    Didn't think I'd come back to this suggestion, but I was pretty bored and thought of new ideas for the NPCs I didn't add. Truffle was the only one which SHOULD get a part in this suggestion. I also decided to give him the true meaning of being a fungus, regarding his spawn and his shop. He now requires you to grow him from a baby to a full-fledged adult Shroom.

    Loving Care:
    In hardmode, you must create a surface Glowing Mushroom biome for him to set home in. Doing so will have a 50% chance for a glowing mushroom to grow into a Growing Truffle. Once you have harvested the Truffle, you will have to place it on the ground and wait an entire in-game day for it to grow into the Truffle we all know and love.

    That'll do, Pig:
    "Hello <player name>, I have taken an interest in making random objects out of the unoccupied shrooms nearby and thought of something. What if I could help you with this skill? Bring me some glowing mushroom and I'll see what I can do!" Once he has become an adult Truffle, you must wait 1 in-game day for him to pick up on this skill. Then you can give him glowing mushroom so he can sell you his wares.

    His shop requirements work a little something like this, once the quest has started, he will currently sell nothing to you. For him to sell stuff to you, you must give him the required Mushrooms for him to practice and eventually master an item, which will result in him selling that item forever.

    Mushroom Cap

    10 Glowing Mushroom

    Dark Blue Solutions
    25 Glowing Mushroom

    100 Glowing Mushroom

    Mushroom Spear
    150 Glowing Mushroom

    50 Glowing Mushroom

    Loving Care Pt.2:
    "Hey, I have a bit of an issue. I've seen you give me so many glowing mushrooms so I can craft so many great things! But it's time for me to take care of something... while I'm gone, could you bring me some regular mushrooms for when I return? I'd really appreciate it." Once all the shop item requirements have been met, he will leave for 2-3 in-game days.

    Wait a minute, didn't I forget the Strange Glowing Mushroom in his Shop Items Requirements? Well, no. You see, that thing is another living truffle. Truffle's baby truffle boy/girl. During the time he has left, he will go somewhere (who knows where) and you will have to give him a small bunch of regular orange Mushrooms for him once he comes back so he can fully recover. Doing so will grant you the ability to purchase the Strange Glowing Mushroom.

    Closing words: I hope you had a fun time reading that. It literally took me One and Half hour to type this. These are the NPCs I thought of something extra they should have, whether it is repurposing or extra quests like Strange Plants or Fishing. Quests that matter and bringing life, even if small, into the current NPCs.

    Feedback Credits:
    Thanks to OptimusAndrew for reminding me that the Witch Doctor is the guy that should reforge summoning weapons!
    Thanks to Warpshard for balances that I agree with!
    Thanks to Grand Paladin Tyrux for his extensive feedbacks!
    Thanks to DoktorDare for his extensive feedback, even though I only agree with one of them!
    Thanks to plantszaza for reminding me about the uses of the Annoying/Broken modifier!

    If you like this suggestion and wish to spread it around even more, please go ahead and use this banner! *Updated 16/07/12*
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
  2. [Deers] Koliberal

    [Deers] Koliberal Terrarian

    i don't support this
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  3. J-50N

    J-50N Terrarian

    Very cool. This would definitely improve the game, particularly if it were added alongside the AI enhancements someone suggested a few days ago. I particularly would like the Ultimate Sacrifice ingame, because even with the Clentaminator it is still a fairly major undertaking to cleanse the world.

    Quick question though, if I have done the Ultimate Sacrifice and stored plenty of Corrupt/Crimson/Hallow blocks and placed them, what would happen? Would they not spread at all or be instantly cleansed? Or what if I smash a Demon Altar, creating one of those single blocks of evil?
  4. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    Any blocks that are in containers or other things like that will NOT be cleanse. They must be placed somewhere on the map. The ultimate cleanse goes from the Space to Hell; just take it as like a world-wide Clentaminator. After it's done, you can still spread the crimson/corruption if need be. It won't permanently stay purify'd.
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  5. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Koliberal, posts in this section, when negative, are expected to provide some sort of constructive feedback, or at least a justification for it. While you weren't rude (thank goodness!) I'd ask that in the future, provide some reasoning behind your nay vote. :)
  6. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    This is amazing! It could use some general tweaks, and maybe make the Witch Doctor do something (reforgements for summoner weapons, if there were any...). Other than that, amazing, and hope the devs see this!
  7. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    • Added Santa Claus
    • Added Pirate
    • Added Witch Doctor
    • Reduced the amount of items required for some quests, like the Engineer's and the Nurse's.
    Thank you everyone for your feedbacks.

    Please, if you have any negative comment, do make them constructive and thorough so I consider fixing/rebalancing my ideas if I find it proper. Thanks again!
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  8. Crablegs10

    Crablegs10 Terrarian

    I really do like this, The new NPC Interactions were good, but these could make them much better.
  9. Warpshard

    Warpshard Retinazer

    Wow. You obviously put a lot of effort into this post, and it certainly shows. I will gladly support you changes to several NPCs. I do have several critiques, though.

    1. A lot of these use random number values that have ranges that can vary widely. I'd say make the range in which the random number can be determined much smaller, with a range of about 10-20, as opposed to the 40 that a large amount of these seem to have.

    2. I think that the Goblin Tinkerer should continue to sell the Tinker's workshop, and all of his other junk (Ruler, Rocket Boots, Spiky Balls, etc). While there are other NPCs that could sell that stuff, the Goblin Tinkerer has been selling it for long enough that removing it would just make him feel awfully generic. In addition, all Accessory combinations are done at a Tinkerer's Workshop, so unless you already have a new crafting station for all of those recipes, the Workshop needs to stay.

    3. For the Arms Dealer Quest, I don't think that he should be able to request you to give her anything that you can obtain at that point. I think it should be restricted to a list of items that can be obtained relatively easily, such as a normal Grappling Hook, or a potion obtainable in Underground Chests and Pots. Any piece of armor or equips should not be on the list, since pieces of armor cost a lot of ore, and equips can be very hard to get (All pet items, and a lot of the mounts).

    4. For the Pirate Captain's Quest, I think that Blackbeard should be a guaranteed spawn in the next Pirate Invasion that occurs, and the Invasion should have a 10 percent chance to occur each morning after defeating the first Pirate Invasion as to make obtaining the Pirate NPC a bit easier.

    5. Make the Santa Claus Goodwill Goals a strict number, as opposed to a range, that is a multiple of 10. In addition, possibly make giving presents to NPCs give 10 goodwill as opposed to 5, and giving to other players give 20. As presents have quite a few items that people will want to get from them (Red Ryder, Snow Globe, Toolbox), anyone going for Level 4 goodwill will have to get a lot of presents to give in order to get the top-tier Santa Claus items. Reducing that grind will probably make it a bit more desirable.
  10. Robot Scout

    Robot Scout Terrarian

    Well, I found only one problem. The discount card is a material for the greedy ring, a mixture of the gold ring, discount card, and lucky coin. Otherwise I support.
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  11. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Mechanic

    My only problem with the nurse is that your extra interactions make her sound far too friendly and kindly.

    She's already been established as a no-nonsese, would-rather-be-out-partying-with-the-Arms-Dealer-than-putting-up-with-your-whiny-:red: kind of character.
  12. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    I love this idea, but there's some things I don't like

    -Overall, I think the quotes need to be redone, most of them don't seem to fit with the character/are worded strangely

    -If the guide spawns 10 minutes in it will already be night time. I think he should be there as soon as you join in
    -The Guide should die when you use the Voodoo Doll. Its an iconic part of Terraria, and is something that actually carries some weight and shows you that your actions can have consequences.
    -Discount Card change isn't a great idea, if its a consumable it needs to drop in numbers and be a bit more common, I like it better as an accessory
    -Not a big fan of NPCs having a money cap, it just restricts gameplay. (Gameplay > Realism)
    -The Demolitionist contract doesn't make sense, him and the Arms Dealer have a rivalry, they wouldn't even think of helping each other
    -The Ultimate Sacrifice is amazing! However the Portal Gun seems kind of random, I don't support that part.
    -The Arms Dealer's item shouldn't be random, it has the potential to majorly screw someone over (what if they get Night's Edge? Or Arkhalis?). I think you should have to acquire a Jungle Rose.
    -The Tinkering changes aren't a great idea, it makes it overly complex, as well as making it even more of a grind to get extra materials.
    -Solution purchasing should stay how it is, and the 1k block Dryad thing is just annoying. Clentamina-Two isn't a great name, and I don't like the idea of it being a random item, it should be its own Quest Item, like the angler fish (most of these items should be new Quest Items honestly). How about Clentaminator Mark-II?
    -For the Pirate spawning, I think it would be better if he fell out of the Flying Dutchman once its destroyed.
    -For Santa, why wouldn't presents stack? Makes no sense. Also not a big fan of some NPCs not accepting presents, its just restrictive.
  13. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    I have reduced some of the requirements and limited them but I mostly let them stay random just for the heck of it. Thanks for the feedbacks! Look for the edits I made.

    It doesn't need to be an accessory for it to be available for construction. It would just much more restricted. Take it as a nerf, if you will.

    I fixed some of her quotes so she sounds slightly more offensive. :nursenaughty:

    1. I don't really hope for those quotes to make it into the game. It's just something I made to entertain myself while I wrote all this. I wouldn't mind them changing the quotes but the over-all idea is how the quest is given to you.
    2. Reduced the Guide's spawning timer to 3 minutes. Give the new player some time to do things before he appears.
    3. He will die from the Wall of Flesh from now on but you can no longer equip and kill the Guide yourself.
    4. Discount Card change will stay but no longer disappears when using it. See Merchant for the edits.
    5. The money cap is there to make sure that the Merchant has it's full uses. I've increased the money cap a little bit so both you and I can agree on. It is just there to make the Merchant better.
    6. The demolitionist contract's now involves the Merchant instead of the Arms dealer.
    7. The Moon Lord doesn't have any "souls" per say, but he is from the moon and he drops the Portal Gun every time. I deem that to be a part of his soul.
    8. Arms Dealers item has already been limited but still randomized, thanks to Warpshard's feedback.
    9. Reforging's changes should stay so the RNG is completely removed from it. How would you like it if your Godly weapon turned into a Shoddy one? It would be much more interesting and adds more gameplay to get extra materials to add unto the weapons in order to say "I worked for this Legendary weapon!"
    10. Solution purchasing has been reduced from 1,000 to 200. I still believe the Dryad will hate you if she catches you buying corruption/crimson solution to spread unto the world.
    11. Name has been changed to Clentaminator Mark-II and has never been a random item. It will always be given to you once you complete the quest regarding the Cyborg. If you possess the Clentaminator in your inventory and you complete the quest "Beep Boop!" it will change it into Clentaminator Mark-II. It is a continuous quest.
    12. Agreed, he now drops from the Flying Dutchman after you destroy it.
    13. Present's stacking has been reversed. You may give presents to all NPCs.
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  14. TheDeviL234

    TheDeviL234 Terrarian

    great idea, well written, i support it
  15. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    I think you should be able to give NPCs new weapons, to some extent (e.g. the Guide uses a bow, so you can give him any kind of bow, or giving the Dye Trader any kind of sword, maybe excluding some of the most powerful of their kind of weapon (after all, an automatic Meowmere turret is kind of OP, no matter how end/post-game you are). Also, maybe the ability to make NPCs "adventure" with you. Completing quests, giving them a big home, and upgrading their weapons would raise their opinion of you, while attacking them with NPC-hurting weapons, giving them a small home, and taking back any gear you lent them would lower their opinion of you (by half of their opinion points gained by giving them a weapon). You could check their opinion of you, and there would be some ranks of opinion. The important bit here is that at the "Good" rank (ranks can be sorted by you if you think this is good) would allow you to make them adventure with you, but they will stay away from dangerous biomes (except the Truffle in the mushroom biome). At the "Very Good!" rank, they will follow you anywhere, but will flee from dangerous biomes and, when out of sight, teleport home if below 50 health. This will decrease their opinion of you. The Dryad, who uses Dryad's blessing as a "weapon", can instead be given a Dirt Rod if preferred. Instead of Dryad's blessing, she will fire chunks of 1-10 dirt blocks at enemies, which pierce up to five enemies and break on block collision. It does not use nearby dirt, but she must be within 50 blocks of dirt. She cannot use 10 dirt if less than 10 dirt is in her range. Yes, the weaponised Dirt Rod is a reference to the Legend of Maxx.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2015
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  16. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    I wanted this post to add some sort of "Happiness" and also an "Opinion" feature like you mention here; but doing this will remove some gameplay from the game and just like Grand Paladin Tyrux said "Gameplay > Realism". It would instead make the NPCs a chore to deal with. I also don't agree that you should be able to bring NPCs on an adventure, like a companion or something. They would literally get wrecked by any hardmode/bosses and would make you look after them more than anyone cares to.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  17. [Deers] Koliberal

    [Deers] Koliberal Terrarian

    Guide is supposed to help completely new players with his tips, like telling them what can thay do with pickaxe etc.


    Merchant was always used (especially in pre-hardmode) to quickly get full stack of torches, arrows or potions, it will be really annoying to be forced to wait those 6 minutes every time I want to prepare for some boss fight, increasing the amount of money he needs to move in also won't help much.

    It seems this whole idea's goal is to make early-game even slower and more annoying, nuff said.

    Also making NPCs not buying certain stuff is nothing but annoying, It have no practical use besides making me run to merchant everytime I want to trade, instead of making it with the nearest NPC out there...

    Nah, can't she just sell us some magical purification machine or whatever, I mean, we already sacrificed the Guide to make our world look like a mess, It would make our character look like even bigger douchebag.

    No. I just want to use my gun without worrying about another super-annoying quest, just please, have mercy, man.

    Too much effort.

    Yeah, what about my Beam Sword, Chain Guilotines Blue Moon Starfury (the list could be too long)

    Another annoying and unnecessary change.

    Now I'm going to get some teleporters and asphalt so the Mechanical bosses won't even touch me.

    Again, too much effort for some not so important change.

    So, about the whole thread, It would be nothing but annoying and boring, making me mess with NPCs just to make them sell me something, and I wouldn't probably even trade with them, just burn them with lava because of my growing hatred.
  18. SedrioX

    SedrioX Skeletron Prime

    1. Guide is supposed to help new players, yes. But why is he the only one without SOME restriction? He just gives you his services without any efforts. His quest would be the easiest of them all. Also, this was suggested in mind if everyone knows common sense when it comes to games.
    2. Just "No?" Please explain, I would like the feedback.
    3. Please read the Merchant's category again. You can increase his stock so he carries 300% of his regular stock right at the START when you meet him. It will surely take more than 6 minutes to use 297 torches or 2,997 arrows.
    4. Not everyone will be fighting bosses when you use your first Heart Crystal. You won't need that much use of the Nurse healing you when you have potions and you're careful. The amount of stuff to create her equipment is small, easy and adds SOMETHING to her other than just healing you.
    5. We sacrifice the Guide to make the world look like a mess. Let's sacrifice the only NPC who wants to get rid of that mess. Remember that this is literally end-game. She won't give you this sacrifice idea until you've defeated every boss, including the Moon Lord.
    6. You read that wrong. He sells you everything normally, his Illegal Gun Part comes after you finish his ONLY quest.
    7. Too much effort? Why is it okay that the Clothier makes the Skeletron appear when the Player kills him? Doesn't the Clothier admire the Player? Changing the housing into the dungeon will ensure that he becomes insane again after a little bit.
    I do not do balancing. I only provide the suggestion, but I guess you want some ideas on those weapons you mentioned.

    Beam Sword: The material used for reforge is Cobalt or Palladium (To keep it world-friendly), along with some money.
    Chain Guillotine: Chains and Iron/Lead bars, along with some money.
    Blue Moon: Gold bars and Water Candles, along with some money.
    Starfury: Falling Stars and Iron bars, and of course Money.

    I wanted Reforging to actually feels like reforging something, adding materials unto the weapon to make it stronger. Not just randomizes for the heck of it. It makes the gameplay strong but it can get really weird sometimes if randomize stays.

    8. Wiring-quota is there so she doesn't immediately trusts you with her wiring equipment. Also, I think you read that wrong again. You don't always go to 300. It randomizes between 100, 200 and 300. It's like that because you use a LOT of wires when doing things like that.

    9. One of the reasons why I made it so you simply have to fight one instead of killing one. It will give you an advantage on your next encounter. Also, you might even reach that Wiring-quota that the engineer has.

    10. This is to make the holidays ACTUALLY the holidays. Give presents and be rewarded with extra things to buy. As it is now, you can literally give presents to noone, yet Santa is pleased with that. It's boring. Give the Holidays Event an actual holidays meaning.

    Thanks for your feedback and I hope my reply gave you some extra explaining.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2015
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  19. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu King Slime

    Yeah, I guess the opinion thing would kinda make it a bit worse (Although, maybe only include good opinions, so all the services you can already get will always be accessible. It doesn't make it required that way, because you could still do anything you could already do. I dunno, it's your suggestion, and it's already great IMO), with the adventuring thing, I mostly meant for exploring rather than bosses, so that you have something to at least distract enemies behind you if they're about to kill you and you don't realise, or if you run out of healing potions somewhere dangerous and have plenty of money, you'd want the nurse with you. Yeah, I suppose it would be kind of annoying to have to protect them, which is why I suggested being able to upgrade their gear. Thanks for the feedback feedback, sometimes I don't really think about convenience>content.
  20. ClaireValle

    ClaireValle Steampunker

    I like this, but I feel as it is a way too radical change for terraria. I like some parts, but others are just... Weird and not terraria-y. It would spice up the game, sure, but it would be very confusing and I don't think it should be implemented. Still a great suggestion.
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