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PC About Not the Bees


Recently, I have finishing a playthrough in the secret seed "Not the Bees!" (large, master, corruption) and would like to share some experience about this unique map.

First of all, although it is more like a joke map, it is still possible to finish a playthough normally and provide some unique experience.

At the very beginning, it is even more difficult than the master FTW seed map, the jungle bats can two shot you, the honey everywhere hindered your movement and digging around is also difficult due to the honey blocks. Also, Queen Bee can spawn any time and is likely to crush you in one or two hit. The stone and dirt are very rare, so you can't easily make furnace, arrows or potions, also it will be difficult for herb Daybloom and Shiverthorn, as well as difficult for potions. The snow and ice are also very rare and the snow biome are almost non-exist, neither is the loot from ice chests. Water is also difficult to find, which makes potion and fishing difficult. Finnally, there are no spider caves, so the Spider set and Stylist are impossible to obtain.

In general, certain resources in this map are limited and need some manual work to get around. Some experience to overcome these problems:
The merchant is very important for this map, he sells useful items: the bug net can be used to can frogs for some early money; the sickle can be used for hay blocks to make bridge on honey pools for easier surface exploring, it can also help defending bats; the arrows, torches and ropes are useful in early exploration; and he sells furnace in jungle (added in 1.4, perhaps just for this map) is a life saver in this map.
Then, once you get enough hay blocks, you can make a bridge for fast travelling, and in this map the Jungle parts would be the easiest part to explore as there are almost no hive blocks.
If you want to fight queen bee early on and you are not good at dodging, you can make a minecart and a 45*4 diamond-shape tracks, then use magic mirror or recall potion to get back and go on the track, if you are lucky, the queen bee will float in the middle of the track and doing nothing, you can then defeat it with any ranged weapons (I managed to do so at 100 HP, with iron bow + 2000 flaming arrows, but did get crushed sometimes if it doesn't enter that state).
For the dirt and water, finding the float islands are one of the ways, from there, you can mine the dirt and make them a one-block-thick layer for grasses and make it easy to harvest mushrooms and dayblooms for potions.
Then, for the fishing, if you enter the ocean, you can make a one-block-thick layer of sand (on mud perhaps), and the angler should spawn. Then, you can dig down for some waters and use bucket to fetch it on the sand to get coral spawns. Then, you can either wait for the angler giving complete-able quest for fishing (like from space), or you can craft some sonar and crate potions, go to the hell for some lava critters and fishing obsidian crates (it may take some time), if you are lucky or persist, you could get some wet bombs; then you can buy more from the Demolitionist, and then you can make fishing locations everywhere (for the surface forest, build it higher than the original surface so that you can hear forest music; for the snow biome, use a shovel to fetch 1500 snow blocks in the cavern layer below the ocean, the snow is also important if you want to craft Terraspark Boots). Also you should make the sand layer high enough so you can hear ocean music rather than jungle music, so you can summon Duke Fishron later.

Once entering hardmode, there will be two stripes of new biomes, but since the map is mostly hive/crispy honey blocks, none of them can easily spread, you only need to use some hay to block the grass near the evil biome, as well as possible to tunnel in the desert.
Also, if you want to get Frozen Turtle Shell, you need to build an artificial monster farm with 1500 ice/snow blocks, as the ice tortoise spawns in underground ice biome rather the ice blocks.

You can ask any question about playthough in this map or share any experience if you finished one.


Duke Fishron
Damn no spider caves that is unfortunate you would think they could at least generate one somewhere wish there was a way to get sounds like an interesting special seed and I particularly like the idea of a Jungle world but the Not the Bees might be a bit far with all the changes but good to know a full play through is doable.

[✚] Dr.Shadox

Official Terrarian
Few additional tips :
-the Dryad allow you to buy normal grass seed and acorn (before that you can break evil biome tree for few acorn)
-if you manage to get the extractinator (forgot how i get it sorry) , you can mix gems and acorn for farm stone.
-if you manage to get vilethorn , you can break honey block and kill mini bee safely while out of their range.
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