tModLoader Absalon Mod(Open Beta)(Formerly BMod)

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Well, my 4) have be cuted, oups
I have say that, but i have delete per error that:
add after that: If you question a coder 30 times-50 times ok ( this is maybe many for you, but this is very not.) but if this is for 100+ times, yes ok, here this is too late because you are now a coder, but well? xD

edit: I cannot help you, i have two mods + BMod , if you have a question in coding, use officiel modloader thread help where i can help you. Sorry ^^

My life: Warning, i do not talk english. And no, i do not use google translate.
edit2: When i have begin, in Java, in a mod, i have not idea how function code. I have begin two weeks before begin code study, so, i cannot help you for that. I have study so many things than for me, this is "standard", this is basic, all code is the same thing, just different if you look far, but if you look better, if you try, you see than this is simple.

I am not the best coder, i am very not good, but i am certainly a real coder, because i have study in my life '.' . (I hate C, but i love C#, this is strange, xD)
For know, it is 4 weeks ago, i have never see the C# code of my life and now, if you look my mod and BMod, you can see than, yes.

My life part 2:
I love BMod, because the leader think than he release the mod in 4-6 months, i like sighted people. Ben is a very good leader and the team is very funny.

Well, Barney, rejoin a mod without be coder or spriter is a bad idea for me, but see too hight with your mod is maybe a error ( i am talking about me, ah ah :p ), so, yes, begin coder and give you to maximum! Look my SteelForge and HuntToBoss, this is TWO experimental mod!

Well, i have talk very too, but meh, i like talk.

Ah, so you are a C# lover as well I see. I personally despise Java and C, but love C# and C++.

In my current studies at university I'm learning AI programming and mobile app development, which is a lot of fun :)
Java and C## are the same thing, i do not understand why you do not like Java , ah ah :p

In my current study, we learning programming oriented object, so Java,C# are more simple for me.
Java and C## are the same thing, i do not understand why you do not like Java , ah ah :p

In my current study, we learning programming oriented object, so Java,C# are more simple for me.

While they are both object-oriented languages, Java and C# are very different in quite a lot of ways, features having different keywords, one language lacking features that the other provides, fundamental differences in how things are implemented, and just plain different and sometimes incompatible philosophies and paradigms (such as Java's decision to use the wrapper and adapter patterns over C#'s much more efficient and elegant delegate system). Going into details of how they are different is too far off topic for this thread, but the more you use the two languages, the more the differences become apparent. If you are really interested, google 'java and c# comparison', wikipedia has a fairly decent article that does a basic comparison:, or feel free to create a thread in either the Off Topic section or the TCF Programming Group.
I didn't copy them I just used the same colours which I didn't mean to
[doublepost=1468202180,1468201860][/doublepost]Ok. Fair enough they looked pretty similar, and if you do belive I did plaguerise then think that, cause I didnt. And if I so called plaguerised then look and see if you can find my other sprites and see if there plaguerised, cause there not, neither are the yoyos. If you gonna kick me, then I want my sprites back, cause you can't just kick me and keep my sprites.

You did, sorry to stir up drama, I was debating on using this, but this has to be shown, @RandomPanda you copied @ArmyFrog 's work pixel for pixel shown in this (somewhat laggy) video:
Trust me, I have gone into and compared these yoyos. They are identical.

-I just wanted to prove without a doubt, that he copied
So you guys know our main coder @Snrasha is on vacation which during that time ill be trying to complete the entire set of cursed items.
and I just realized the mod views are OVER 9000!(those who have seen far enough into dbz should know this meme)
over 9000 views.png
Have I got a weapon for you...
SolarFlare Terra Blade.png

Terra Blade+15 Solar Pillar Fragements+Fiery Greatsword

Terra Flame
355 Melee Damage
Extremely Fast Speed
Extremely Strong Knockback
Shoots Flaming Terra Blade Projectiles That leave enemies burnt and has an Ichor effect
"You thought this wouldn't get any Better"

I would love to sprite for your mod
BMod is now more open for recruitment since I found a way around my conversation person limit problem(cause of private forum things)
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