Absorb The Non-Issue

Was that a Paper Mario TTYD reference?!?!
It's a scary movie that puts you on edge, so you fill your basement with lethal gas to get rid of anything that might be living down there. I was living down there.

I sell an old book.
I haven't played that game but I'll call it an accidental reference
I buy the book and eat it, then I die from book poisoning.

I give some coins to a homeless guy.
This confuses a driver, causing them to crash. Unfortunately, I was standing nearby when it happens, and get crashed into.

(I confuse people with having a mute character for my profile at the moment.)
they get confused into accidently launching the Apoclypse Missile™ into the sun, destroying the universe

someone puts a sock in a water bottle for some reason
19203th time summons the spirit of Ghostbuster buster, and it kills me since I like ghostbusters.

I stop time for few seconds to fart without making noise.
a burger is way too small for your hunger, so out of frustration you eat everything in existance.

I press some random keys of a piano.
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