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PC Add an accessory that makes Prismatic Lacewings more common


Queen Bee
Basically what the title says.

I'm currently playing through the game as a summoner, so naturally I want to be able to use the Terraprisma. However, it's becoming increasingly tempting to cheat/duplicate for Lacewings, since I'm typically only able to acquire 2-3 of them each night due to the low spawnrate and small time window that they are available.

Even with the use of beds, the amount of time spent on doing absolutely nothing but waiting is quite big. And considering how difficult it is to nohit the Empress, I personally feel like I need that time on trying to learn the fight. Therefore I suggest that a new accessory should be added to the EoL's drop table that increases the spawnrate of the Lacewing by quite a lot, as long as the time requirement is fulfilled. Most summoners (the people who benefit from beating the daytime Empress) would probably take on the normal Empress first regardless to get the Kaleidoscope, so it's a pretty suitable place in the progression to get it.


Official Terrarian
With Water Candles & Battle Potions I'm usually able to get around 4-6 in a single night, sometimes more, if you haven't tried it yet give it a try! If you still have trouble, summoning a Blood Moon may help too, though I haven't tested that so it may not. Also, something increasing Lacewing spawn rates could probably work better as an item similar to the Guide To Critter Companionship than an Accessory, sold by the Zoologist at a certain bestiary completion percent for either 50 gold or 1 platinum, it could have more benefits such as making Truffle Worms slightly more common as well as taking slightly longer to run away, as both Truffle Worms and Prismatic Lacewings are used to summon tough optional bosses. Regardless of how it'd be implemented though, something that makes boss summoning critters just a little more farmable would definitely be something I'd love to see in Terraria.
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