Game Mechanics Add an Indexer type in Terraria, to easily search chests for a specific item


Just like a mod that exists in Minecraft called: Extra Utilities. There is an Indexer that you must place and pipe the chests together and connect them to the Indexer. To be able to search or place objects quickly. In the same way, you could add a type of block that you must put and join with cables or tubes with your chests and when you open the chest in the menu you could quickly put it and it would put it in a chest. And you could also quickly search for an item in your chests, Example: torches, and have the types of torches you have in your connected chests appear. If it could be done it would be very useful. Since searching through all your chests and always organizing is a frustrating process, the truth is.
This idea wouldn't fit in Terraria conceptually. This kind of mechanic doesn't have any precedent at all, and also sounds quite complex.
(You could also just organize your chests properly instead of dumping things randomly)
I could see the addition of a search mechanic, either in inventory or as a single block, that highlights all chests within a clearly visible area that have the item you're looking for. But that idea sounds way too much like modded content, it wouldn't feel vanilla at all.
Esta idea no encajaría conceptualmente en Terraria. Este tipo de mecánica no tiene ningún precedente y además suena bastante compleja.
(También puedes organizar tus cofres adecuadamente en lugar de tirar las cosas al azar)
Yes, but even with your chests organized you have to go to this specific chest, or rather the appropriate row since you will not be able to put everything related to it in one chest. Example: blocks. And you'll have to check each chest in the row to find a specific item. As someone said with a search in the area it would be quite useful. Or at least write what you want and mark which chest it is in with an arrow.
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