add "Kat" as a name for the black Town Cat


Duke Fishron
I know it's a bit of a stretch to ask this but I figure I may as well ask since there's no harm in doing so. our family lost our cat today, she was 19 and a half, her name was Kat, and she was a tuxedo. It'd mean a lot to me and I'm sure the rest of my family too if Kat was added as a name for the black cat.
I understand if her name wouldn't be added though, since that could open a whole can of worms of people suggesting names from their late pets too, but yeah, I may as well ask

Sir Snakeboat

Duke Fishron
I don't think it's possible (or plausible) for a town pet to spawn with a certain name if it's of a certain type. Adding a new name for the town cat in general shouldn't be much of a problem (programming wise), but adding a new name for a specific type of town cat is where things would probably get messy.
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