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Right now the Stylist is the only shop NPC missing from the cutscenes that play during the credits. It seems kinda random that she is the only one excluded especially since less prominent Town NPCs like the Skelton Merchant and Town Pets are included, but regardless she deserves to be added. The easiest way to include her would be to add her to one of the already existing cutscenes.

She could help the Princess and Witch Doctor befriend the Lihzahards using her hairdresser conversational skills…


She could be trapped in some cobweb and have the Skeleton Merchant retrieve her scissors instead of a Slap hand…


Or she could invite the Painter, Wizard, and Dye Trader to a Party alongside the Party Girl…


Another option is for an entirely new scene to be created along with a new portion of credits thanking the other game developers Re-Logic has worked with on crossovers (Klei, Concerned Ape, Motion Twin, Chromatic Games, etc). This second option would be very fitting for 1.4.5 since the upcoming crossover with Dead Cells will assumably be Terraria’s final crossover. The new cutscene could have the Stylist chasing after a Town Slime who has her scissors, the Stylist playing with all the Town Slimes, the Stylist cutting/dyeing the Princesses hair, the Stylist talking to the Dye Trader about different colors of dyes, or the Stylist just relaxing on the beach when a seagull lands in her hair and messes it up. Another option could have the Stylist completely replace the Princess in the scene with the Lihzahards and then have an entirely new scene of the Princess playing with all the town slimes.

Regardless of how it's done, the Stylist deserves to be a part of the Credits!​
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