Adding Glowing Mushroom and Sky Boss to make low-tier HM Gear useful


Hi guys!

I guess we all noticed that almost nobody uses Mythril, Cobalt, Orichalcum and Palladium stuff for anything else than in order to craft Adamantite and Titanium gear. The armors and weapons of those bars are rarely crafted.
I think it would be great if that will be changed.
I have figured out that a good way to give them some use is by implementing content between the Hardmode Bars.
There could be two bosses that drop items that are needed to build a new Mythril and Orichalcum Anvil necessary to craft Mythril and Orichalcum (+post) gear and the Adamantite and Titanium Forge.

There are quite a few small biomes that could fit in a boss but I would choose bosses for the Sky and the glowing mushroom biome (two of my favourites).

I feel like there are already enough weapons in Terraria. I usually cant decide which ones to use because there are so many great options. But I believe a few more accessory options would be awesome! So I think the bosses should drop only accessories.

First boss:
Foggy froggy, A big frog with glowing mushrooms growing on it.
It spawns randomly in the glowing mushroom biome at night. Killing many enemies in the glowing mushroom biome increases the chance of it spawning. A spawning item can be crafted by using glowing mushrooms and souls of night.

It attacks by jumping at the player and also attacks with its tongue. If the players gets hit by its tongue, the player is slowed.
In second phase it causes small blue dusts that poison the player.

Items dropped:
100 % - improved anvil (material needed to craft Mythril/Cobalt anvil)
one of those items:
Shockroom (accessory): If players health is below 50 %, shockwaves pulse from the player that slow all hit enemies - material: can be combined to craft shellshock by using frozen turtle shell granting both effects
Mushpoison (accessory): If the player gets hit, poison is released and the next incoming damage is cut in half - material: can be combined with star cloak grating both effects
Hideroom (accessory): If the player stops moving for at least 3 seconds, a blue shield is created that blocks the next attack and creates a mushroom fog for 5 seconds. Standing inside of the fog decreases chance of being attacked by enemies slightly.
Shockshoot (accessory): Hit enemies are slightly slowed. Debuff stacks only 3 times. (could also be material to combine it with something. I couldnt think of anything. Do you guys have any ideas?)
Trippy shroom (accessory): If an enemy hits the player, he gets confused and attacks other enemies for 10 seconds. (60 minutes cooldown).

Expert only: - 100 %Shiny Mushroom: a light pet that glows brighter at nighttime

Second boss:
Harpy Phoenix, a big red bird that, the God of the harpies.
It spawns randomly in the sky biome at day time. If there are a lot of harpies alive, the chance of it spawning is increased. A spawning item can be crafted by using feathers and souls of light.

It shoots big feathers at the player and circles around the player. Every 4 feather explodes and small feathers are released from the explosion flying in all directions. The explosion can cause burnt debuff to the player. In the second phase the Phoenix also shoots big fire waves that cause a burning spot. It also can cause the burnt debuff. When its health is below 1 % it explodes and becomes an egg with an own health bar. If the egg is not killed, the phoenix respawns with 50 % of its health. If the reborn phoenix is down to 1 % again, it explodes again, becomes the egg again and has the remaining health of the egg (egg-health doesnt recover).

Items dropped:
100 % - Improved Forge (material needed to craft Adamantite/Titanium Forge)
one of the following items:
Explosive Mind (accessory): enemies that got hit by the player in the last 10 ten seconds explode when they die and cause 90 damage to other enemies
Phoenix power (accessory): grants 2% more damage for each enemy killed in the last 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Material: Can be combined with shark tooth necklace: for: Phonex shred: Increases armor penetration by 2 and damage by 2 % for each enemy killed in the past 15 seconds, stacks up to 5 times.,
Phoenix flight (accesory): pressing up causes the player to hover 6 blocks above the ground for 30 seconds. Players can move in any direction, but will not fall down on the ground.
Rebirth (accessory): If the player is below 10 % health, health is recovered to 50 % very fast (Cool down for 120 seconds - material: can be combined with cross veil granting both effects.
Revenge mood (accesory): each time a player of your team is hit by an enemy, damage and movement speed is increased by 1 %, stacks up to 12 times, each stacks lasts 5 seconds.
material - used to be combined with avanger emblem to create Revenger emblem with the same effect as revenge mood, but stacking up to 15 times

Expert only - 100 % Phoenix rocket: (mount): Can launch very fast vertically or horizontally

How do you feel about the general idea?
What do you think about the described bosses?
What about the suggested loot? Do you also have a few good ideas for items that could be dropped and do you think my ideas could be of any use? Can you think of any crafting ideas for the accessories in order to make the items even useful in late hardmode?
Feedback would be highly appreciated and thank you very much for your attention and time.
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