Additional Wiring Mechanisms


A very simple suggestion for some wiring add-ons to add more control over mechanisms in the game, so I'll hop right into it.

~Delay Pass~
Looks like a timer but can be set by the player to delay a signal (this would be achieved by wiring the switch to the Delay Pass with one color of wire, and then the Delay to the desired mechanism with another color of wire). When the delay receives a signal, it will pass the signal along to the desired mechanism after a delay. Can be placed on any surface and even walls.

~Wireless Transmitter~
Oh boy, this is a big one. A small object taking up only a single tile of space that can be placed on any surface (including walls). One would right-click the transmitter in order to set a 3-digit "frequency number". If you send an on signal to a transmitter (by, for instance, wiring it to a switch and turning the switch on), the transmitter will send an on-signal THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MAP to any other transmitters using that frequency. A transmitter recieving a signal on that frequency will send an ON signal to whatever it's wired up to!

The transmitter would likely be very expensive to craft considering it saves on wire consumption and allows easy connection of teleporters across great distances.

~Laser Emitter~
A special kind of player trap that emits a continuous scorching laser for as long as the laser is receiving a signal. Unlike most traps, the Laser Beam ignores neutral players (and players of the same team color, as it can be set to Red, Blue, Yellow and Green). The laser may likely have a reach limit which can be adjusted by the devs if they choose to add this. I'm thinking perhaps the laser emitter requires a second laser emitter within a certain tile range, as if they hold the beam between each other. Right clicking the Laser Emitter changes it's direction.

~Trigger Track~
A Minecart Track piece with a trigger on it. Functions like a Pressure Plate.

~Smart Sensor~
This is actually a whole category of mechanisms. Smart Sensors are special triggers for sending signals that can be placed on floors, blocks, and even background walls. ANYWHERE you want them (like switches).

Smart Sensors detect targets within a limited radius (which can be adjusted by crafting more effective sensors, similar to how faster timers are made of better materials). When the target is in the sensor radius the sensor sends a constant signal to whatever it's wired to, activating those mechanisms and leaving them in an "on" state.

Smart Sensors come in a variety of flavors, depending on what you need them to do, and are named based on what metal they're made of and what they detect.

For instance, a Copper/Tin Friendly Sensor would activate when a passive NPC (like a bunny, or a Guide) enters it's very short detection radius (2 blocks).

A Silver/Tungsten Player Sensor would activate when a player enters it's 6-block detection radius.

And a Gold/Platinum Threat Sensor would activate when an enemy monster (even a boss) was detected in it's much larger 10-block detection radius.

And of course there would be every possible combination of metal/trigger Sensor Types for whatever you need.

Once the player had also befriended (aka obtained) a Cyborg NPC, the Mechanic would offer "Sensors" for sale in her inventory, which are merely a component needed to craft the other sensors.

A Threat Sensor would be crafted using Deathweed and the desired metal.

An NPC Sensor would be crafted using Daybloom and the desired metal.

And a Player Sensor would be crafted using Blinkroot and the desired metal.
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Does Terraria wiring system works that way? I thought it is always a one tick pulse that toggles the output.

Though I'd like any kind of wire delayer in the game.

And that trigger track, isnt it Pressure Plate Track ?


SUPPORT!!! Amazing ideas, what about a motion sensor?
NOT A BAD IDEA. In fact I was just thinking how handy that would be in helping make a more secure base with sniping posts enemies can't easily sneak in through (because goddamn Deadly Spheres squeezing in through my shooting holes).

Smart Sensors have been added!
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