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TCF Suggestion Address to the Community: Videos by Staff Members who Handle the Articles Index to Explain the News


I've been thinking (although this idea was with me for quite a while): for every new post on these forums' home page, there should be a short video by the poster that gives a simple overview of what's going on and include inputs from other users who happened to be involved in them (if they can be available).

If this course of action cannot be enacted due to time and financial constraints (as well as privacy concerns), I understand. Moving on, there are a couple benefits that can arise from doing so. For example:

  • More physical appearances by more popular Staff members (based on The People of TCF).
  • Potential for skits and other forms of comedy as the show goes on.
  • It saves time for those who don't have the time to read a particular thread.
Overall, I think that the inclusion of videos to accompany postings of news threads by the Staff would be an interesting idea that is worthy of further examination; if anything, I believe that it will help bring everyone together to make inferences about Terraria's future and where it would be.:)
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Based on my experience I do not see how this could be at all feasible. Most of the staff members do not live at all close to each other, (I think myself and Doylee are the closest at about a two hour drive), and as such the logistics of organizing things like this would be a nightmare. Discounting that, time would be the biggest issue here; almost all of us on the moderation side have a day job or are full time students, between that and moderating there wouldn't be enough hours in the day to get videos pumped out consistently. I don't know how time would affect those on the dev/Re-Logic side of things, but from the small glimpses I've gotten of behind the scenes it's more or less the same issue; just replace jobs and/or school with coding and all that stuff.

The idea is an interesting one in concept, but logistically I don't see it happening any time soon.
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