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Afkk farm dosnt work


I had done a afk farm, in total i have 3 but in 2 of them i dont now why the corressponding mobs dosnt spawn in the mob farm.Its a MULTIPLAYER world. Some idea?

The fisrt image is in underground altitude and i am trying to create blessing biome, the background is not changed but the water and music yes, correct enemies dosnt spawn into the farm but outside yes (second image).

The third image is in surface altitude an the objetive is the same, in this case the backround changes an the music too but this time not crimson enemies spawns, not into the farm and not outside too.


  • terra1.PNG
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  • terra2.PNG
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  • terra3.PNG
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I dont know the solution to your problem. I would recommend checking your farm is the EXACT same size as the design you are working off. If you are not working off a design, look one up and see if yours is different from the design
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