Story After World

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Empress of Light
After World

Uranium News

18th August 2019

High Radiation in Sunland-Tujunga, LA

High Radiation in Sunland-Tujunga, theorized down to 1982 and was only checked a month ago after 43 year old Elliot Thomas tragically died to radiation poisoning.

There was an incident back in 1982 where an alien had landed in the forest at Sunland-Tujunga.

Not much is known about the alien, but what we do know is that the radiation is caused by the plants that the alien has collected, the plants are known to be from other planets.

Nothing else is known, except for the fact that the rest of Los Angeles is not evacuated.


“Hi my name is Levi, I live in Los Angeles, I have a family of 7(Too much for a small house :/), I’m a normal 15 year old gamer and parkourist. A parkourist is someone who does jumps over obstacles, does tricks and run on rooftops… Wait… why am I explaining who I am? It’s just a story… You know what!?” “Yeah?” said Jack “Can we just cut to the first chapter!?” Said Levi

Chapter I: High Risks

25th June 2023

“I live on the edge!... How does that sound jack?” said Levi “Quite good! Now we need to edit the sound a bit and upload it to YouTube!” replied Jack. Levi started saying how good he was and then was suddenly interrupted by their sister talking about the news, “Have you guys read the news!?” said Angela “No!” Replied Levi and Jack angrily, Angela explained about the news, so they went in to get proof of it

Uranium News

24th July 2023

High Risk of Radioactive Creatures Ambushing Whole of Los Angeles

All Citizens of Los Angeles at risk from radioactive mutant creatures! A radioactive area explorer had seen something in a rotting building, he thought that it was a girl 14-17 years old but her clothes look all ripped and rotten so he clicked to the fact that it was an old mannequin, freaked out he ran away and encountered a mutant boar and it rammed into him severely hurting him. He is currently in hospital. Nothing else is known, except the government is not evacuating Los Angeles.

“You know what it’s… getting late… let’s just go to sleep…” said Jack “Yeah…” Sighed Angela. They all went to bed but Levi was being restless but eventually went to sleep.

Chapter II: The rotting Girl

Levi found himself in his house, only had just woken up. He started walking around. Only to find it wasn’t his house for the fact that it was rotting away. He walked down to the hallway, he saw a girl, she turned around… Levi was horrified he was looking at a girl that is rotting away, the girl had the left of her chin up to the eyes rotting away with her skeleton in easy sight. She laughed, it made a big echo rumbling the house. The girl started talking and said “You shouldn’t be here in the alter world. It’s not good for people like you, you’re just a weakling. Maybe try getting stronger… You are nothing…” she turned around and walked away. Levi quickly asked “Wait, wait what? Alter world? Not strong? Nothing? Where the hell am I!? I don’t understand!”. The girl smiled demonically and said “This isn’t a dream, you are awake and I don’t understand why you’re here.” She pulls out an old rotted knife out and starts running towards him. Levi started to stop her with words saying “Wait, wait, NO! Don’t do thi-… Argh!!!” Levi had been slashed horribly in the hand but with the rottenness of the knife it felt like it had poisoned his whole body. He fell the ground… He got back up after a few moments, only to notice that he was in a black abyss floating. He was on a small one meter floating island in the black sky of the abyss. He looked down and saw some kind of black hole, it was moving towards him at an insanely high speed, so fast that it looked like it was super tiny and now it looks like this great big piece of Greek pie. Levi thought of that since the Greek letter of pi (π) was in the middle of the ground of the island. In a matter of seconds he noticed that he was being sucked in by the black hole… and then he’s gone… Ok…Erm…Did the story end?... No?... ok… Next chapter!

Chapter III: Wake from Hallucinations

“ARGH!!!!!” Screamed Levi, “What the hell!” Shouted Angela. “Holy crap! Look at his hand! It’s pouring of blood!” Screamed Jack in fear. Their oldest sibling, James who is 17 came rushing in. “What the hell! It’s three in the morning!” Shouted James angrily, “Levi’s hand is pouring of blood!” Shouted Angela, James went and looked swiftly. “Alright dial 911!” said James. Jack went on his phone, he dialled 911 and explained what was going on. Eventually the ambulance came and took Levi to the hospital where he was treated for his wound on his hand… Levi hadn’t spoken or walked for 5 days ever since the cut. But for the first time he started to walk, as soon as he walked away from his bed he started to hallucinate of everything he saw in the alter world especially the girl… then he just collapsed all of a sudden…

Chapter IV: Blood Vial

“Levi wake up! Levi!” shouted Angela. Levi woke up only to hear nuclear sirens. “What the what!?” questioned Levi, he saw the news that the mutants have breached the radioactive walls and they’re taking down everyone in sights and then the news suddenly cut off and then collapsed again. But this time he woke up in the alter world. “Oh god here we go again” sighed Levi and he saw the girl come to him, she stopped at 1 meter away. “You’ve proved yourself, you survived the knife attack… Well I have a gift for you… and no its not another knife attack…” Said the girl as she passed him a potion with red liquid in it and it has gold on the top and the cork has the letter B on it and is made of full solid gold, Not a single substance of rot is even there. “Enjoy one of the finest drinks…” Levi had a deep look into it when it was passed to him, he drank it… All of a sudden he felt immense power go through his veins. He could jump higher, run faster and so much more. “Whoa this is great!” said Levi excitedly. “Calm down… We don’t want a ruckus here” said the girl “Sorry…” replied Levi “Now I have invited you to come here whenever you want, also you can knock on my door if you need me… Oh and by the way you’re in your own room in the main alter world house, forge the room how you like it… Goodbye for now…” said the girl, she then walked off…

Chapter V: The After

“Levi, Levi, You alright?” said Angela “Ugh… I’m ok just a crazy dream.” Replied Levi tiredly. “That would probably be the reason why you were shifting around on the bed” mentioned Angela, “Why am I no longer in the hospital? And where’s Jack?” questioned Levi. Angela answered saying “The hospital is under attack from mutants, we had to evacuate everyone out of the hospital. Also Jack… he seems to have disappeared, I don’t have any clue where he is. Though I have to stay here, you can go looking for Jack if you want.” Levi didn’t reply and left the house. A few hundred yards away from the house he started to get horrifying hallucinations, it was like he was in a video game where the game had what they called graphical glitches where strange things would happen that isn’t there or happening. So Levi found himself throwing up after seeing the hallucinations of the world collapsing around him, so he went in a rush to the alter world. He arrived there but couldn’t hardly walk to the rotting girl’s door. He fell onto the floor with a loud thump and couldn’t get back up. The girl heard it and came out in a rush with her knife drawn out, she noticed Levi and said “Oh it’s you… I guess your suffering from the after.” “The after?” questioned Levi, “Yes the after is a side effect of the vial of ichor you drank from that bottle. The after is big and powerful hallucinations where you see what the aftermath of the world is going to go through, I recommend that you take a rest here.” Answered the girl.

Chapter VI: Preparation

“Wake up! We got work to do!” said the girl “Work?” replied Levi “Yeah work! We gotta make you a better room! Like come on look at this dusty place with a bunch of crates! We just gotta make it liveable!” said the girl excitedly “Erm?... Alright? But how? There’s no resources to do so.” stated Levi “Use the for- Ha-ha! That joke never gets old! But seriously use your mind to manipulate anything you want. Hey! You could even make a time machine if you ever wanted!” said the girl. Levi thought of something he wanted in the room and then it suddenly appeared. He was on the right track towards future change. After half an hour Levi had finished his room it had a healing station and all that kind of stuff, Levi was ready for battle! He teleported to the real world and then was instantly forced back to the alter world. Only to be face to face with the rotting girl. She said “You know before you out to battle maybe getting weapons in which would do good against the mutants. What’s your favourite knife?” “Butterfly knife is my favourite and best knife for me, I’m quite good with it!” answered Levi, the girl replied saying “Ok now imagine it” Levi imagined it and it appeared. “You are ready for battle… Almost… you just need a crossbow and a dual grappling hook, then your set” said the girl. Levi imagined the crossbow and dual hook and it appeared to be an auto reload crossbow with around 80 bolts in it and the grappling hook could hook onto two things at once. The girl said “You’re all set! Now let’s show them what for! But… before we go… I want to tell you my name… My name is Alice I was killed by poisoning from entering an unknown place called the cut and then once I was badly poisoned and couldn’t move, a rotted person killed me… he looked very similar to what I look like right now.” “Oh I’m sorry to hear that but we better get going now.” replied Levi. Alice put on a leather coat on her and grabbed an automatic crossbow and dual hook like Levi’s. They both headed off to the real world. They arrived on top of a tall 10 story building. “Whoa this is quite high! Is this where were supposed to start?” Stated Levi “Yeah! Feel free to fall because we’ve both drank that vial!” Replied Alice as she smiled. Alice then went to the ledge and looked around and said “Safe. Let’s go.” Alice went on the ledge turned and faced Levi then she spread her arms out and then… she leaned back and fell, she successfully landed without any pain at all. Levi nervously tried, he fell… Only to successfully land on his feet without him even realising. Suddenly they were both surrounded by mutants…

Chapter VII: Genesis

“You protect my back and ill protect yours!” Shouted Alice as she put her hood up for a battle style. Levi did what she said, just as they were away to shoot their first strike, BANG! All the mutants suddenly fell to the ground and approaching was an army of armed carrying high powered rifles, all pointing towards Alice and Levi. “We have a problem, got any ideas?” stated Levi “Act natural that’s all we can do.” Replied Alice. The army stopped coming towards them and opened a passage way for some scientist looking person. The scientist walked past the passage way and behind him was Levi’s Siblings, all tied up and dull, Levi was shocked. The Scientist interrupted Levi like he knew he was going to speak “Don’t speak… Just listen… My name is Dr. Roberts founder of The Genesis Project, I have captured your siblings for a reason… You have made contact with this very dangerous girl, one wrong move and I will blow their brains out including both of you two. So I recommend that you shut you god damn faces before you say or do anything.” Alice started to get really angry. Dr Roberts commanded a soldier to take off Alice’s hood, the soldier took off her hood. Dr Roberts reacted saying “What the bloody hell! How? How does one capture Alice! Ahaha! Hey guys we’ve captured Alive! Someone take these kids to my containment room!... We have won basically!...Now… Shoot her!…” “Oh crap run!” Shouted Alice

Chapter VIII: Run, Fight and Die

*Pant* *Pant* “What’s your next plan Alice?” said Levi. Alice looked around, she saw a corner turn. “Grapple onto the corner of that building and keep running forward, it should swing us around” said Alice “Got it!” replied Levi, as they both suddenly latched onto the corner of the building and then swung round within seconds. All of a sudden while swinging, Alice’s wire snapped and she smacked down at a high speed onto the floor, injured, she couldn’t barely get back up but she did slowly, only to get repeatedly shot. Alice fell in a twist after she was shot many times, Levi came down to surrender after the attack. All of a sudden Levi was knocked out cold… “Ugh! Where the hell am I!?” questioned Levi in shock. “You’re in the chambers of Genesis Labs, very deep underground” Replied Alice in almost no pain at all. She took out a book, she read through it page by page by page… She even started to cry about it. Suddenly the back wall started to open, in the matter of minutes 4 guards came rushing in towards Alice with high powered electric stun sticks and they all smacked her with them at them with a great power of force. She started screaming towards Levi saying “Read day 297! It’s important! Stay safe with it!” Alice eventually was smacked out cold and dragged away. Levi took a deep look into the book and then picked it up and went to day 297.

Chapter IX: Day 297

‘Dear Diary, me and my sister have been playing dress up again. Dad said we could explore the woods this time. My older brother who is 14 said that he found something in the forest so he came to guide us there. I’m not sure if I should go there since I am 9 and my sister is 7 but like any young kid we just have to see it. Well I’m gonna start writing in this book when we get there.

We have arrived in this… freaky… purple… place. This place kind of scares me. I have decided to call this place “The Cut” since this place is cut from the rest of the world out of sight. My brother has just noticed a village off in the distance. I’ll write more when we get there. We’re here and this is even freakier since we are further in and the sun doesn’t seem to be shining onto this place. We are currently in a building, sitting… This building is all rotten and purple. It looks like it’s going to collapse any moment.

Something fell from the roof onto my sister just now and she is covered in this sticky purple goo now. She’s crying because she thinks her princess dress is ruined. All I think it needs is just a wash, nothing special. I’m just annoyed because she is crying so loudly, more when we get back home. We got some explaining to do…


Chapter X: Tortured

“I wonder what happened after that. There’s no more pages or days after that” said Levi in third person. Levi suddenly thought to go to the alter world but couldn’t seem to be able. The walls suddenly opened and some guards knocked him out. He woke up and found himself trapped on a metal like bed. Suddenly a great big circular saw pops up and is now heading towards Levi’s head. In a rush Alice came in and turned the saw off and let Levi out of the metal bed. She was covered in blood and was holding her knife. “Come on we have to go now!” Said Alice. They started to run out of the facility. All of a sudden the doors closed. “I’ve been waiting for this moment... The moment of morning for your family… After I brutally killed them… but you… you ran before we could get you… You ran into the cut… You almost died. I just want to know. How did you live for 20 days in the cut! And you even still wear the same dress as you did back the! Quite magical since you and the dress grew! WHO KNEW!? Im gonna give you the chance to give yourself to me! Or I will do it myself!” Said Dr Roberts “Never!” Shouted Alice “Well goodbye Alice and hello lil Alice!” Yelled Dr Roberts. He suddenly shrank Alice into a cage and Levi was blasted away out of the facility…

-The End-
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