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Ahndrek Li'Cyri

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Ahndrek's Basic Firearms
(Ahn's Basic Firearms)

Current Version: v1.1.0
Avalible on Mod Browser - Github Link
Hello and i welcome you to my Basic Firearms mod!
It currently adds in 9 new pistols made from Pre-HM metals and wood, 3 SMG type weapons, and 2 crafting components for the weapons.

It's a rather simple mod, but I noticed there was a gap for ranged users in the fact that the earliest guns they could get were the Undertaker or Musket, and that requires going into the Crimson or Corruption, respectively. This could take WAY too long for my taste, so I decided to fix that!

Here's a List of all the current new weapons:
Note: All weapons SHOULD get the Arms Dealer to spawn. Please report if you have one of these guns and it does not!

Rickety Wooden Pistol - 'Barely held together...'
Copper / Tin Makeshift Pistol
Iron / Lead Makeshift Pistol
Silver / Tungsten Makeshift Pistol
Gold / Platinum Makeshift Pistol
Machine Pistol - 'No more tired trigger finger!'
Mac-10 - 'Not a burger!'
Mac-10 Fade - 'Look at that fancy fade!'

For those who are into numbers, here is the approximate DPS of each weapon:
Wooden: 12 DPS
Copper: 28 DPS
Tin: 30 DPS
Iron: 33 DPS
Lead: 35 DPS
Silver: 36 DPS
Machine Pistol: 38 DPS
Tungsten: 40 DPS
Gold: 41 DPS
Platinum: 49 DPS
Mac-10: 62 DPS
Mac-10 Fade: 80 DPS (Current Highest DPS item in-mod)

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Fancy Pistols:


Thank you for downloading and showing interest in this mod!
This is my first mod so please, if i have done something weird or wonky, please let me know!

Version History:
v1.0.0: Initial Release
v1.0.1: Fixed missing Logo in ModBrowser
v1.1.0: Added new Mac-10 Variant, Updated some sprites, buffed Machine Pistol a bit, removed auto-fire from most weapons (was accidental), added in recipe to craft Musket Balls


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Latest Update Log (v1.1.0):
- Updated Sprite For Mac-10, Spring, and Speed Ejector
- Added new variant of Mac-10: Mac-10 Fade (Does more damage)
- Buffed Machine Pistol from 1 damage to 2 damage
- Most weapons accidentally had Auto-Fire still on from testing, this has been removed (Machine Pistol and Mac-10 Variants unaffected)
- Added in a recipe to craft Musket Balls (1 Iron Ingot at Anvil makes 30 Musket Balls)
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