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AI Dungeon Crossover

Should Ai Dungeon Work with Terraria

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • What's Ai Dungeon

    Votes: 2 40.0%

  • Total voters


If you dont know their is a app called Ai Dungeon 2, it's a text adveture game powered by well a really advanced Ai, using prompts you made including what character you are and what your adevture is, the most advanced version can even make good sounding poetry, this application has a lot of potential for other game genres and when I think of a franchise that should experiment with this technology terraria is the first that comes to mind

Here is my argument onto why :)

(Note this argument may have some personel opinions of mine, reader caution is advised)

Terraria has the benefit of being easy to learn for the AI
Terraria is a 2d platformer rougelike, a 2d game would be a very good start for the ai to process and the random generation makes it easier to generate structures

All the world info is their already

Terraria as of Jouney's End added a bestiary of all mobs and npcs among others, each with an entry and stats, this matches with how world info works in AI dungeon so they just need to insert a modified bestiary into the AI to help it learn

Terraria has a rising modding community
Ai dungeon is mainly used to create either orginal adventures or the occasional fanfic, with you generating the prompts and the ai generating the stats and junk, this would benefit modders as they just need to type what their trying to make into the Ai and the Ai will make behaviors for that mob, then the modders can just iron out the kinks

Working with Terraria will benefit both platfomrs
Ai dungeon is privately owned and as such needs a constant stream of revenue, should the creators of Terraria work together with the Ai Dungeon developers it will benefit both platforms with Ai Dungeon getting more revenue and professional improvements and Terraria getting a more approachable modding fanbase

In conclusion Ai Dungeon should work together with Terraria on the grounds on the potential that these two companies can bring, with both the maintainment of AI Dunegin and a more approachable mod space.

It would be nice for both creators of the applications to read this and consider the idea

Would you like this to happen, If so do you have any questions???


that would be a good idea, but the idea is still minor and something else has a higher priority I think ^^
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