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akrobeau's Terraria Comic


Skeletron Prime
This one's a short one.
the guide.png
the potion.png
spelunker potion.png
copper armor.png
the zombie.png
the zombie pt. 2.png
the evil presence.png
the eye of cthulhu.png
light's bane.png
Sorry this one took so long, I was on a break from comic-ing. I recorded this one for a video, go check it out (
the eater of worls.png
golden bunny.png
voodoo demon.png
For some reason I can't upload an image so I have to paste an imgur link, sorry.
the hallow.png
This comic is being worked on currently and will be updated soon.
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10 / 10 Best art, this should go inside of Tate Modern in London. I'm crying right now, it's so beautiful...

( Did i get Lord Garak's sarcasm right? )
No, not close
Only Lord Garak may do Lord Garak Sarcasm
[doublepost=1515259049,1515259031][/doublepost]This is actually better than mine
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